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  1. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    Actually forgot about the China Exchange interview...what a bizarre occurrence lol. Figures that when it comes time for Axl to do a real interview he does it through such an obscure and random channel.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I would love to see what "unbiased coverage" of Trump would look like.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I honestly think the assault on knowledge that Trump and his supporters have initiated will be one of the worst things to ever happen to this country. Democracy is impossible when 25-35% of the country believes in a literally different account of reality than the rest of the country and the president encourages this by calling real news "fake news" while simultaneously propping up ACTUAL fake news outlets and stories. There cannot be any debate or informed voting for as long as this goes on. If Trump were to be impeached, these people would all call it a liberal conspiracy initiated by the deep state and not based on any real evidence. It's an epistemological crisis like no other. Discussing politics in public was already difficult, but now it's near impossible in a lot of social settings because it only takes 30 seconds before someone brings up something which I know to be a fabricated story. And they'd never believe me if I told them that, it's interwoven into their tribal identity and worldview already. I have no idea how we will solve this because I'm sure these people are teaching their children not to believe the "mainstream media" as well. It's fucked up.
  4. I can pick out Adler for sure, I'm not positive if I can distinguish the rest from each other but I think I could.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/11/trump-believe-putin-when-told-me-face-to-face-didnt-meddle-in-elections.html Trump still defends his belief in Putin's word that Russia didn't meddle in the election. Trump believes Putin over the CIA, NSA FBI, and several other intelligence agencies.
  6. The unhealthy American patriotism

    While I think that patriotism is irrational and based on primitive tribal instincts, I recognize that it is clearly a legitimate feeling and crucial. There could be no nation states without patriotism.
  7. I am sorry, I have not read the research methodology (although I plan to) but there is simply no way in hell this is true. Absolutely no way. I am of college age, lived in Philadelphia all my life, nearly my entire peer group are liberals, attended a liberal high school and an overwhelmingly liberal university and have never encountered a single person who would even consider calling these people heroes.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Were there any examples listed of how Clinton influenced the DNC? Just curious of what mechanisms were used to tip the nomination in her favor.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Please tell me someone just saw Sarah's tax system-drinking analogy during the press hearing
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trumpers are drawing completely wrong implications from the Fusion GPS story, it's honestly baffling. What evidence is there that Fusion GPS itself is linked to the Russian government? Is there any? I feel like I'm missing something.
  11. Axl singing with some emotion in the second and third choruses of Prosititute, cool to see.
  12. They always debut for Philly.
  13. Sick! I had to work and didn't think it was worth taking off for...