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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I could very well see Trump responding to Axl, he'd have a lot of material for him. I wonder what his nickname would be (trump gives all of his enemies cartoonish nicknames)
  2. This will be very little GNR, very much The Conspirators
  3. Eminem - Kamikaze (08/31/2018 Surprise Album Drop)

    For me (and I think many) it's not so much offense at his use of the word but moreso just like a... "seriously? You're still at this?" It feels like we're all just past it. It comes off as at least a little preying on shock value which really isn't there anymore because it's Eminem. And it's one of countless moments on the album where he's lashing out at others for rightfully criticizing the garbage music he's been putting out lately. That's really the main theme of the album. Like someone else mentioned, Tyler just put out an incredible album, so what Em said was also poorly timed.
  4. Going Down is, to me, the most boring song ever released under the GNR name.
  5. All that Soul Monster has been trying to argue is that humans will have a TENDENCY towards being xenophobic due to our genetic makeup because it was once an advantageous survival trait, not that we absolutely must turn out xenophobic. There's a lotttt of research centered around how much the human psyche is geared towards group mindedness. It doesn't mean it can't be overcome (through one's environment, culture, other genetic factors, etc), but it's just a force pushing us in a certain direction. Humans long to have a sense of group and community, often attached with that is a skepticism or dislike of the "other". Xenophobic feelings are not limited to nations or even tribes... look at sports fanbases.
  6. A lot of really weird parts in this interview.
  7. The Weed Thread

    I've been smoking every night for a couple years now, I'm starting to lose some of the enjoyment. I spend more time feeling shitty and burnt out than I do being just "high" in the good-feeling sense, like how it was back when I first started. Might just need a short break.
  8. And Evadur based his remake off of what exactly?
  9. I don't understand how that General clip could've been fan made/recreated.
  10. Is it common knowledge who Alfred is?
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I feel embarrassed as an American after this Trump/Putin conference. Trump is either committing treason or is truly such an imbecile that he actually believes Putin and is just getting played by him. Truly unbelievable.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Wasn't there like 4 versions of the travel ban? Did the original one go through or one of the less severe ones?
  13. This is awesome!! I like the vocals in the Piano demo version better though
  14. Silkworms is so fucking good here