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  1. The 'Halo' Thread

    I'm also expecting some kind of Destiny like experience for Infinite. Also, they'd be crazy not to do Battle Royale.
  2. The 'Halo' Thread

    Halo 5's sandbox had a lot of issues (sniper is an auto noscope, automatics were too powerful off launch relative to the rifles), Warzone is garbage compared to actual BTB, and the speed of map movement afforded by the abilities being chained together took away the unique Halo flow of each game (teamwork and methodical map control became less important), but what makes it fun for me in the end was that the abilities at least created a cool individual skill gap. Individual battles were fun and satisfying for me. But it wasn't worth the loss of the general Halo feel. When I say it's a great shooter, I only mean that its better than most of the market (which is trash). My rankings would go something like: Halo 3 - the complete package. Forge and Theater were revolutionary for their time and the gameplay was fun. Fantastic custom game experiences, from Fat Zombie to race tracks. In retrospect, the BR hit registration sucked and the movement was too slow but not bad enough to ruin the game. Halo 2 - just such a sick game. The beginning of XBL. In many ways the gameplay was better than Halo 3. Halo CE - This game has the smoothest feel of any game ever for me. The aiming and movement are near perfect. However, doesn't work as well beyond 2v2 due to the spawns and stuff. Halo 5 - see above Reach- With reticle bloom, this game never had a chance. Also, Bungie's worst map design ever and the beginning of Halo's worst trends. Halo 4 - In my eyes, pure garbage. The death of Halo. Shamelessly copied COD in ways which weren't even necessary. Launched without a ranking system for no reason. About Infinite being a "spiritual successor" - 343 tells boldfaced lies sometimes.
  3. The 'Halo' Thread

    Huge Halo nerd, it still makes up 80% of my gaming time. I'm primarily into the competitive side of it nowadays but Halo is the best for the variety of gameplay styles it hosts. This PC launch is Halo's last chance to be as huge as it once was (or close to it) after 343 destroyed the series. While they've gotten better with each release, it is too little too late and there's still core aspects of Halo which they just don't grasp. I'm a hardcore believer in the classic style of Halo (no sprint, less abilities, more difficult weapons), but I accept that 343 is too market-driven and shameless in their trendchasing to release a Halo game without sprint. My realistic hope for Infinite is that it improves upon the multiplayer formula established in Halo 5, which while it deviates greatly from the classic Halo formula, was still a really good shooter IMO.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Bernie Sanders appeared on the Breakfast Club and Charlamagne, as irritating as ever, kept grilling him on his thoughts on literal cash reparations for descendants of slaves, which Bernie Sanders obviously did not commit to because it's ridiculous as an actual policy proposal (not in terms of principle but political and logistical feasibility). Bernie spoke of how other policies (criminal justice reform, investing in low income communities, etc) will achieve the aim of reparations better. Charlamagne and some portion of the black community weren't happy with his answer. Charlamagne doesn't realize the damage he might have done to Sanders reputation when it comes to race, despite him being probably the black community's best hope when it comes to serious candidates.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What an exercise in political futility. Thank you, U.S Lawmakers, for getting together to sign a paper without any utility reminding us that you think racism is bad.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What is happening to Ilhan Omar is one of the saddest non Trump related things to happen in American politics in a while.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    @OmarBradley I wouldn't personally argue for the effectiveness of his approach, although I do think it's worth considering that nothing else has really worked better. Your post was criticizing the approach on the basis that the leader he is complimenting is in fact horrible, which everyone including Trump knows. It's not as if Trump doesn't realize Kim treats his people terribly, but how is bringing that up and publicly shitting on him going to help nuclear disarmament negotiations? Furthermore, regardless of NK's human rights abuses, how could it hurt to butter the guy up a little bit? There is just nothing to lose. It's not like if Trump publicly condemned him as repugnant, tyrannical, etc, that this would have any effect on NK's treatment of its people.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump compliments these leaders as part of his negotiation strategy, I think it's off mark to criticize him on that.