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  1. Interesting. While it's certain that Russia tried to meddle in the election , it wouldn't surprise me too much to learn that the DNC hack specifically was falsified as being Russian in origin.
  2. Good question, I guess it's because, for better or worse, society is paying a lot of attention to black issues that were considered trivial (maybe they sometimes are?) or never really considered at all before. It is kinda fucked up that black people have to live around monuments that were erected to glorify the Confederate cause and effectively reaffirm that blacks were still second class citizens. I have a few black friends who have moved up from the South who have told me about how the legacy of racism and slavery is sorta always lingering, like you walk around and there's buildings and parks named after former slave owners, confederate monuments, etc. There's parts of the South where racism is still really dark and prevalent, I think today a lot of people tend to view stories of the KKK/white supremacists as sort of just "ghost stories" when it's very real in some parts of the country. While I agree it's a slippery slope, I don't think statues that embolden them should be kept up outside of museums.
  3. The issue is that many of these monuments were erected partly with the intention to intimidate black people. It was far more a message to black people that although the South lost the war, this is still "their" land. It is no coincidence that the majority of then were built during times in which there was more racial conflict.