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  1. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    I think that the trans joke mightve gotten less attention if it were funny. By Chappelle's standards, it was really cringey and not well thought out, the whole comparing it to an asian guy being stuck in a black body is like a drunk guy at a bar's go to tirade about trans people. I've heard that joke made many times in different ways
  2. The Leak History

    Is that Soundcloud chat still up somewhere? Assuming it has no music in it.
  3. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    GNR is back, the real reunion tour begins now
  4. I like the melodies on here, very dumb lyrics though.
  5. I had lost hope after waiting for new music for so long. I eventually figured that most of the song songs that are out there are leftovers that weren't good enough to see the light of day. These songs have reminded me that Axl is my favorite songwriter. I'm so happy to hear these, but still pissed off that this much good material is being stuffed away.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Something that's been on my mind lately - can a true libertarian even exist in 2019 in the United States? Each and every person is the beneficiary of an untold amount of government programs and initiatives. Unless the standard for libertarian is simply someone who wants less government spending (no matter what quantity "less" is representing), I don't know how to take self proclaimed libertarians seriously. I guess I just don't see where the line is drawn.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If gun ownership is the one thing, or even one of several, that maintains one's identity as a "rugged individualist", then that sounds like a pretty shallow sense of identity. The government controls all of us equally, and if they wanted to exert even more control, that force would be applied equally across the board. The little gun or two or 17 in your house doesn't mean a single thing. It's a fantasy, man. In their striving to stand out as "individualists" going against the grain of "modern groupthink", they have actually only just conformed to a different set of ideals and groupthink. It's only idealism, that whole resisting big government stance is total bullshit in reality, it has no meaning grounded in the real world. I do take your point about the statistics of gun violence, @Download, primarily that it is given a disproportionate amount of attention given how much of an issue it actually is. But if we could prevent even a third of the mass shootings deaths just by taking *some* toys away from what truly amounts to a HOBBY GROUP, then I think that's worth it.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump winning was well within the margin of error of the polling in the couple of weeks leading up to the election. The polls weren't wrong, the media just doesn't know how to report them accurately. The average person doesn't have enough of a grasp on statistics for them to do so, really.
  9. Damn, I need to start visiting this section again lol. I hope to hear this soon.
  10. I wish that the part in between the cheesy intro and the first verse went on for longer. New GNR never released a more head bopping guitar part.
  11. I just saw Ringo Starr live and he didn't do Octopus's Garden, is that fucked?

  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If the intended message of #AbolishICE were in fact "hey, our immigration enforcement agency has turned out to be engaging in a lot of abuses and not doing its job very well, we should reform it" then it is up to those people to say that and make that argument. Instead, they're simply just hashtagging out "Abolish ICE", which, without any sort of even slightly fleshed out alternative, is not a serious proposal but instead just a catchy rallying cry. Can you point me to a serious policy proposal accompanying the abolishment of ICE? Are there democratic politicians who have laid out a plan for what would be done with ICE's responsibilities after it is dissolved? Have policy academics done any work on it? The movement might do as much to stifle real immigration reform as Trump does with his own hysterics.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's a shame because I think that there really is a common sense bipartisan consensus to be made about immigration reform that is in between "#ABOLISHICE" and Trump's wall, but the discussion gets drowned out by those two positions. Trump's pandering to his base through his tough immigration stances ends up stifling real immigration work because, being the president, his stances often set the agenda for discussion. And when the discussion is beginning with something as stupid (but salient for the media and people to argue about) as building a wall, you're not going to get anywhere. On the other side, young Democrats hashtagging AbolishICE don't realize that this is not a real policy proposal and that they are painting Democrats as being unreasonable about our borders. The median voter still wants more secure borders.