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  1. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Your wish is a really good one I must say, but given its probability of taking place, you're beating a dead horse
  2. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    Alrighty, my first post in a while, here we we go: AFD: Welcome To The Jungle / Think About You Lies: Patience / Used To Love Her UYI I: Coma / Bad Apples UYI II: Estranged or You Could Be Mine / My World CD: There Was A Time / Riad N' The Bedouins Ps. I left out The Spaghetti Incident? for it is a purely covers album
  3. I'm a big follower of ambient/electronic/space music, that sort of music that is mentally, psychologically and spiritually deepening. Buckethead being a guitarist, I hadn't thought that it is possible to make such music with a guitar, for most I had listened to are/were produced electronically ie Enigma, Bjoern Lynne. Nonetheless, after listening to Buckethead's take on such music, I am beyond amazed! This is ambience in such mellow fashion that it is beyond soul-soothing
  4. Thoughts on Madagascar?

    The song has incredible depth and emotion to it; Axl really did manage to convey what it was that he wanted to come across through this song, to the fans, to the world, and to that one particular person. It is one of his babies and given its good performances on this tour, I'm glad that it's been retained as a setlist standard for sometime now.
  5. What a pair. Which makes me wonder whether Richard anything to do with Slash's return, given how much Slash liked his style as a guitarist that he tried to recruit him years back.
  6. That's pretty cool and happy for the South Africans! I love the artsy venue that Gn'R will be playing at!
  7. Let's hope it isn't the upcoming setlist and that we do get some refreshments, Shadow Of Your Love included!
  8. I personally like it - quite vivacious, has a groovy rhythm to it. More or less stands for what Gn'R were in their early days. Pity it seemingly won't make it into the setlist; Axl could easily pull this number off and many fans would feel reinvigorated by it alone.
  9. That's quite a vivacious selection to add! With the helpful suggestions from Gackt, here is my idea for a setlist: It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Shadow Of Your Love If The World Welcome To The Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live And Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Street Of Dreams Civil War Locomotive Sweet Child O' Mine November Rain Knockin' On Heaven's Door Nightrain I.R.S. Prostitute Paradise City
  10. Clearly that is not a "politically correct world" but an anti-white world we live in.
  11. If this is played live on tour it would be an excellent choice!
  12. It does sound quite fishy I do remember reading somewhere that he flew so many thousands of kilometres, without first consulting with the band, then appearing at gigs & forcibly requesting to perform a song or two with the band, at which Axl was annoyed/irritable, but allowed out of guilt at the thought of denying him after so much effort of travel. Knowing this, I would be beyond certain that Frank was the meant-to-be drummer & Steven was just thrown in for a few random appearances. Other than that, my personal feeling about Steven is that he's just stuck in the past & hasn't in any way evolved with drumming; he was perfect for Appetite For Destruction, but past this point his style has shown to be outdated.
  13. Hey how do you all feel about the idea if they played Locomotive live instead of Coma? Coma was sorely missed during the UYI Tour all the way until it was properly played live for the entire NITL Tour so far. It feels more or less like it had done its justice live; how do you feel if Locomotive replaced the song live to give it some justice too? Personally, I grew up very much with this song & one of the things I desire most about it is its several-minutes-long last solo. Frank Ferrer also seems like the guy that would fall in love with this type of song & give it even more justice than originallly deserved. Although Coma is UYI I & Locomotive is UYI II & deeper, more intense, would this affect the balance of the setlist? Personally, To hear This I Love, Civil War, then Locomotive instead of Coma would not matter overly, but then during the Sydney 10th February 2017 concert they didn't play Coma anyways. Nonetheless, as a small child in the late 1990s, I grew up heavily with Locomotive; it was only during the Japanese Live Era realease that I had gotten to know Coma & seeing that Locomotive is during the studio version a more fade-out song, wouldn't everybody be more curious to see how it would sound properly finished in a live scenario? Also, although some wouldn't highly rate Frank, most seem to really like his takes on You Could Be Mine & Coma; doesn't one think that Locomotive might also be within his line of expertise?
  14. Although I voted "Admiration for making amends with Slash and the reunion", I think that it goes much further in depth than just that & it'd be a bit too one-track-minded to exclusively feel this & only this. My general feeling is that Axl has thrown away years of potential & may be (I hope to be proven wrong) taking the easy route by embracing perhaps the last few years of his musical career by taking one last shot at playing at least partly with those with whom he shot to sky high fortune & fame. Chinese Democracy is a very admirable album with a lot of depth to it & of all the original members, he has proven to have the highest potential & ability to release a memorable album. But sadly, going back to what I was saying, only one single album of authentic new material released between the 1991 Use Your Illusions & now, is just too little commodity on his part. Additionally, his Appetite For Democracy live DVD release is for the most part a disappointment; too little Chinese Democracy material, not his best performance period, cheesy title with very little reason for one to purchase. If he was to release a double album worth of material, whether with Slash & Duff, or DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot & Tommy, with quality music like Chinese Democracy & tour it, I think that it would bring him back a lot of dignity in the music sense & a lot more respect from his fans. In fact, I would be extremely disappointed if he did not release any authentic new material before hanging up his boots once & for all.