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  1. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    I was watching Terminator 2 as a child when it came out and remember hearing Axl's voice and the rocking attitude of You Could Be Mine for the first time as I saw the scene when John is revving up his bike and taking off. "She's not mother Todd!" 😂 Then I was further intrigued as it was played when the boys ride in the canal, rocking out to it. Then at The ending credits of the film, when the film's title track ended and You Could Be Mine kicked in, that drumming and gusting totally took me away! Then Axl's voice adding rock n' tool venom into all this; I couldn't believe myself what I'd heard. Years down the track, as I'd take a deeper interest in Terminator 2, the track pulled completely took me away, as I would play the film's ending day after day on an endless basis, until I'd finally purchase most Gn'R CDs, yet still remain obsessively playing You Could Be Mine over and over again and it remains by far my favourite Gn'R song; I'll spend part of my spare time finding quality live versions to listen to repetitively.
  2. Show Opener and Closer

    Perfect Crime would be a great opener if you ask me; it's short, energetic & blasts through, delivering that seriously fast-paced no-screwing-around-here rock n' roll attitude right within the core of the fans! Paradise City is fine for a closer, however to the fans wanting something more in-depth & mindblowing, I'd pick Coma for a perfect candidate! To finish the night with such an epic & thematic tune, I couldn't possibly ask for more.
  3. Why exactly is Frank called "Thunderchucker"?

    Oh god I wasn't expecting THAT haha but hey...I guess you learn something new and valuable each day?
  4. Why exactly is Frank called "Thunderchucker" if his drumming has been described as "Toe-Tapping"? Personally, I don't think that he's a bad drummer or anything & in 2009-2010 he did go a fair bit harder. All I see missing in his drumming are a thunderous sound to his kit & that extra bit of force he gave, but perhaps that's due to years upon years of not playing original material?
  5. This day 1991- YCBM video is released!

    My favourite Gn'R song! I remember obsessively watching it in the ending credits of T2 countless times, and nowadays as a spare-time obsession I search for high quality fan recorded versions from this last tour Here's an ass-kicking quality one I found:
  6. If GNR headlined an important world event

    You forgot Think About You