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  1. Just wanna put one more request out... This was one of the first concerts I ever attended, and I believe there is audio of this show floating around. I was at both of these show and would love to have this audio bootleg if anyone has it and is willing to share... ...again thanks in advance if anyone has this and is willing to share.
  2. Hey, just wanted to say, downloaded these this evening. Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks very much, I really appreciate this. I will download them when I get home tomorrow. Thanks again
  4. Just wondered if anyone here has these and would be willing to share... I was at both of these shows and have seen that in both cases the whole shows were captured on video. I have seen them available for download before but I think the links had expired. Thanks in advance if anyone has and is willing to share them.
  5. Ahh really need to hear these. 😫 Cool to know they have surfaced. How different is OMG to the version previously released?
  6. jizzy pearl recommendation ??

    He is an awesome singer, with a really unique kinda voice. He was a good singer in Adler's Appetite, though I never saw him live with them, I got the EP they released with him singing. Was due to see that lineup perform back in 2006, would've been killer as it was by far the best lineup he has had, with Jizzy on vocals, Keri Kelli on guitar and Robbie Crane on bass. However some point during the tour something happened and Steven sacked the entire band. So when I Steven saw perform live, he played with a GN'R tribute band (did see Adler's Appetite with another lineup sometime in 2012). Anyway back on point, Love/Hate are angreat band and they have some fantastic tunes. If you go to see Jizzy you will hear him play a lot of great Love/Hats hits, and some of his new solo tunes which sound pretty good. He puts on a great show, I have seen him like five times live; 2 Love/Hate shows - one with the second of the two classic lineups re-united and one with a newer but none the less awesome lineup and 3 solo shows. The tickets for his solo tours are pretty cheap, bargain for a great night of entertainment. I would have gone to see him on this tour, but a family illness meant I couldn't go. Listen to Blackout In The Red Room, and Wasted In America, the first two Love/Hate albums... 👍🏻