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  1. I truly believe that Axl blew out his voice during his time in AC/DC. Soon after they wrapped up their shows in the fall of 2016 and Axl returned to GNR, his vocal delivery completely suffered. Here’s a full 2016 concert with a very solid vocal performance, right before the AC/DC tour. Every other performance with GNR since has been drastically reduced in vocal delivery.
  2. My overall impression is that it sounds like a more streamlined and cohesive record than the last two. WoF, and AL had more highs and lows, great moments mixed with some clunkers. This is one sounds very deliberate and safe, and lacks a lot of swagger and grit as a result. Ps: I don’t like that Myles recycles lyrics and melodies a bunch. “Soooooo looong”
  3. With the removal of a very large amount of concerts, fan vids, and general performances as of late, one can’t help but speculate if this is the way things are going to continue in the future for all things GNR. I don’t want this topic to seem like an overreaction, but consider the silence of the camp (amidst a few taunting jeers from gnr staff on Twitter.) as a statement in itself on how the band and management are handling the censorship that is rampant online. Consider The Eagles deal on copyright. Almost every live concert, and fan videos taken at the venues are the most part, nowhere to be found. Why? Simply because The Eagles don’t want it up there. Good luck finding their music online at all. You will need to buy the albums. Imagine if someday GNR release more music with a similar approach to censorship. GNR could release another nauseatingly expensive new box set containing leftovers from Chinese Democracy part 2, and maybe live performances of NITL, of which people could have in the past easily found uploaded to YouTube already. Unfortunately, you have to pay the piper his $1,000 bucks to hear Axl sing live in 2016.. If this sounds far fetched remember when Axl wanted all unflattering photos of him to be removed from the internet?
  4. I never insinuated Axl, Slash, Duff can’t tell a good drummer from a bad one. It’s their choice to have frank play. There are probably reasons to keep him around like loyalty to Axl over the years, he is paid as an employee rather than an original member, as well as others we can only guess about. Good for frank that he has the endurance to play for almost a 3hr set sometimes. That’s really commendable. However, you can tell from the first song of a set, how musicality and dynamics are so important for drummers. I’m not saying Frank isn’t good at what he does, but there is a missing ingredient that becomes very apparent when a different great drummer pushes a band like GnR like what we heard in that it’s so easy performance. It’s like night and day. Power and endurance is fine, but dynamics, drum kit tone, and musicality is so much more important. Especially for a band like GNR.
  5. That was cool. So nice to see the guys actually having fun together on stage. 👍
  6. What a difference a great drummer can make. Killer energy, it’s like the band de-aged 10 years.
  7. If “Management” was so concerned about image projection, why havent they ordered Axl to lose weight or fix the voice?
  8. Axls performance I think, seem to be a mix of no/low prep for touring/fitness, and negligence of taking care of his vocals with the right technique. Watching any videos from 2016 on, he’s basically yelling and screaming to even get any bit of raspiness in his voice.. His vocals are shot, and it’s not going to get any better with time if he continues this way. I don’t know why they would want to keep Axl in the position of touring when he’s not prepared vocally and is probably continuing to damage his vocal chords this way.
  9. I understand. I suppose it would make sense to just drop the thing entirely. I invested a lot in the band for a long time. It’s hard to let it go completely (even lurking the forums). I guess I’m holding on to false expectations. Like I said, I’m done investing in them with money for live performances. I think these tours are just an act of cash grabbing and there is no potential or desire to move forward as a band or musical force.
  10. Well I guess I’m more interested in the setlist at this point than anything else. I’m not going to watch it at this point, and I’m not going to rush out to buy tickets for a show anymore. I’ve already done it and learned my lesson.
  11. I’m interested to see how the show progresses. That being said, Axls vocals continue to decline, and he’s more out of shape than the last run.