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  1. Apu Will Be Removed from the Simpsons

    A few months from now, they will complain that there is not enough diversity in the Simpsons.
  2. I remember Scott Weiland saying he had to tour just so he could afford his two previous divorces ( 60k a month… ). Guy married a third time and what did that third wife do almost as soon as he died ? She sold Scott's wedding ring... And that, folks, is why you don't get married no matter how good your relationship is, especially without a pre-nup. Just my honest opinion...
  3. Jonathan Davis

    Drugs really did take a heavy toll from this band. Sad stuff...
  4. "I really want to do this... "
  5. GN'R Ex-Guitarist Busted for DUI SWEET MUG O' MINE!

    I kinda miss the guy. Not having him on stage, but y'know, his overall excitement and cringy antics. Demented lulz were had when he was around. Whatever he's going through, I wish him well.
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    I like Brain and Melissa but I wish they'd picked an actual cyberpunk / synthwave musician to do the score.
  7. It's better but the coop is pretty much pointless as you can't share any objectives with your friends, meaning, you are in the same place and that's cool, but you can't actually do shit together as ever player is locked to his / her own Campaign objectives… So you can collect ressources together ( exciting… ) and build shit together ( that's cool I guess ). If you want No Man's Sky to actually look and feel like another game, wait for the NEXT version of this mod :
  8. Loved WOF. Apocalyptic Love...not so much. So I'm pretty okay with this single sounding the way it does.
  9. Any of my fellow liberals gonna #walkaway?

    I lean more left than right but I found myself adopting more and more conservative views lately exactly for the reasons quoted in that video as they slowly creep their way in the political life of my country. I am an egalitarian but I value free speech more than anybody's feelings.
  10. The Predator

    We'll see...but the teaser kinda looks like shit. It reminds me of AVP Requiem in terms of general tone and setting so far. Also is it me or having several predators in the same movie kinda dilutes the tension ? The first movie worked because of the isolation of the characters and because there was one, unknown creature observing them and hunting them. There seems to be none of that in this movie. Hope I'm wrong but...
  11. Nic Cage: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    Equally love good-actor Nic Cage and overacting-troll Nic Cage. Crank with him would have been absolutely hilarious.
  12. My interview with Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal!

    Ron is in a much better place creatively in Sons of Apollo, surrounded with musicians who are into the same type of approach than playing other people's songs in GnR ( with DJ Ashba by his sides ). You just have to listen to his lead work on the album, better, freer and more inspired than it ever was with GnR, including live. Took him some time but he's now surrounded by world class musicians in a real band dynamic and I'm willing to bet that he's way happier now than he ever was despite the big checks and going places with Axl... I don't recall his playing being as impressive as that with GnR :
  13. Slash Solo, Rocket Queen 2014

    That was boring as fuck... As much as Slash is probably the best at what he does and the best suited for GnR by far, watching him jamming for half an hour on Rocket Queen is frankly boring for the same reason watching Angus Young jamming for half an hour on Whole Lotta Rosie would be a gigantic pain in the ass. He is an amazing blues-rock guitarist but not much more so when a blues rock jam lasts for half an hour with zero change of tonality, modality, scale, no surprises whatsoever just basically the same song for half an hour, then yeah it gets stale real fast.
  14. In b4 a pissed off teacher shoots a student sitting front row for refusing to shut up during class...
  15. The real joke is that you'd be fine with any other guitarist on the planet playing a cover of that song but god forbid someone who has been in GnR for almost seventeen years dares touch it with a ten foot pole because somehow that would be him appropriating Izzy's work ( instead of just, you know, him playing the song like anybody else )...