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  1. Looks a bit like the World on Fire cover. Seems I'm the only one to love it
  2. Holy shit it does look awesome.
  3. I find even the remote possibility absolutely hilarious and kinda wish it would happen just for the lulz. What would be even funnier is having both DJ AND his top hat back.
  4. And his guitarist ( Robin Finck ), and his drummer ( Chris Vrenna ), and his producer ( Sean Beavan )...
  5. Terminator Judgement Day is coming

    Through cloud learning, robots were able to teach themselves how to walk, how to beat hardcore super mario levels by actually playing them ( being plugged into the game, not sharing code with it ) and stuff like that. In theory, if someday a nation was bound on building an army of evil robots, it could let those robots teach themselves how to kill through a cloud learning marathon with war prisoners, or slaves. Given enough time, you'd face an army of killer robots with insane reflexes, aiming etc... Some scientists believe that AI is the next logical step in consciousness evolution and I don't think they are necessarily wrong. Through cloud learning, machines can outperform us at more or less every task if given enough time to practice... I used to laugh at the idea of AI taking over but now that machines can teach themselves how to do a task and excel at it faster than any human can, I don't think that eventuality is a laughing matter anymore.
  6. Stone Temple Pilots Announce New Singer Jeff Gutt

    Dude has a great voice but that's not how you replace a legendary singer... He's going to get bullied by STP fans no matter how good his performances are...
  7. Was he "being free" or was he just avoiding any responsibility ? The line frankly is not that blurry ...
  8. I agree with you but I think it's being covered the way it is because in the past there have been way more devastating attacks and even though this particular one "only" killed nine people, given the right tools and preparation, followers of that same putrid ideology can be way more dangerous. Attacks aren't being covered as separate incidents but as different episodes of an ongoing war,which I'm afraid it is. Each attack is also a preview of the next one, that's how terrorism works, by creating a feeling of unpredictability and unsafety among the population. That being said, I agree, giving each attack massive exposure is encouraging more attacks to happen, but I suppose it's only human not to brush them aside as we maybe should.
  9. Yeah it depends through what lense you are looking at the situation. In the grand scheme of life and the universe, nuking North Korea wouldn't matter at all either. For the same reason, statistically, terrorism has very little reason to scare us. But it's not about us and our unimportant lives in the grand tapestry of reality, it's about the human tragedies of the families that were unjustly impacted by this and what can or can't be done to prevent others to experience that as well. No self-respecting nation can rationalize people plotting to massacre its citizens simply because the casualties aren't through the roof just yet.
  10. Nice pubes. Also, If Allah were so akhbar, maybe he'd help you in your pathetic quest with actual godly power and you wouldn't be forced to use cars, knives and imitation firearms in your quest for total annihilation of us infidels *sigh*
  11. Not fond of the singing on the album but Ron's playing on SOA is ridiculously good and you can tell he actually took the time to write solos that complement the songs and what the other players are playing. He restrained himself a bit, didn't go full BBF mode, and it really does wonders for the band which actually sounds like a band rather than BBF playing with other guys. After following his career for the last fifteen years, it's actually refreshing to hear him play in a band and actually sound like he's part of said band.
  12. Damn... RIP Daisy Berkowitz. Between that and Twiggy Ramirez being accused of rape by his former girlfriend...
  13. World's first head transplant

    Quantum physics has actually been investigating the possibility that the brain is just a receiver and that our thoughts and memories come ( and are stocked if you will ) on the quantum field that surrounds us and constitutes the reality we experience...( hence why some patients wake up from a coma speaking foreing languages they never learned before and that sort of stuff ). So even in that case they won't totally be debunked yet.
  14. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    While I think asking for money to make a movie about it is a bit tacky, I understand asking for money to pay for protection for his family. The guy has been hinting at the existence of a pedophile ring in Hollywood, pretty disturbing stuff ( other former child actors like Elijah Wood and former FBI agents have hinted at the same thing ). I believe the kind of people involved in these circles wouldn't mind going the extra mile to shut him and his family up so I get where he is coming from.
  15. Free will?

    Our free will only goes as far as our inner child allows us to. We are a societal construct, the product of our childhood traumas, no need to have had a shitty childhood to have them. The sooner you learn how to integrate those wounds, the most free will you can reclaim for yourself and the more your real personality reveals itself.