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  1. Need your help!

    I'll keep it simple. I'd love a CD version of the live performance of Coma from Chicago in 1992 that I've watched way too many times on YouTube over the years.
  2. Duff sighting --AEW

    Claiming that the Road Warriors are a poor man's Demolition is like saying Led Zeppelin is a poor man's Wolfmother. There literally would not have been a Demolition tag team had it not been for the huge success of the Road Warriors. Wrestlers today still use the phrase "Road Warriors pop" to describe a massive crowd reaction to an entrance. Not trying to be a dick, just providing a bit of background. A lot of wrestling fans who saw Demolition first assume that the LOD were the ripoffs because they arrived in WWE/F after Demolition was created. It really speaks to the massive popularity of the WWF back in those days.
  3. I'm in cheaper ticket mode. I broke the bank for the last tour and enjoyed the hell out of the experience, but I viewed it as once in a lifetime (yes, for Not In This Lifetime). I'm sure I'll be fired up by the time the tour stops in my area, but I've never felt so blah about a GNR tour announcement, and that includes the era without Slash and Duff. I consider myself a glass if half full type when it comes to GNR compared to a lot of folks on the board, but I definitely share in the feeling that I need new music to be truly excited about this tour. Fingers crossed.
  4. Huge fan of GNR (obviously) and I love The Cult. I believe they are one and two on the list of the bands I've seen most over the years. I'm all in for Sorum's book.