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  1. I hate it when bands talk about how they’ve evolved or grown as musicians. The best rock music is always a simple guitar riff backed up with a good rhythm section and some cool vocals on top. Raw is better than bloated. When VR talked about evolving, we got Libertad.
  2. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I personally hope it’s nothing like CD. I’d prefer a raw album, guitar / riff driven. Maybe an acoustic song and maybe a ballad. I do worry that a new album could be heavy on piano, keys and synths with the guitar taking a subtle backseat
  3. Axl has clearly been in charge since 96. Hasn’t really done/achieved much since then. At least in terms of releasing material. Was practically forced against his will to release the stuff he has. Weird situation. I’d love to understand the actual reasons why but maybe we never will.
  4. They’re recording the Seeker as a bonus track for a new Best of album. seriously though, this is great news!!! Hopefully we get something soon. Even a new single for the small tour
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Nobody in Guns was excellent on their own. But together, they were amazing. Izzy was a great songwriter but a fairly ordinary guitar player. Steven was a fairly ordinary drummer but his sound just fit the band and was never properly replaced. Slash is a beast on guitar but can’t write great songs. Duff is a good all around musician but not particularly a master of anything. Axl, the man had insane talent as a singer and songwriter and front man. But he couldn’t really make great music without the others.
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I always got the feeling that Adler's drug problems were kind of an excuse to fire him and not work with him again. Personally, I think they just all find him to be really annoying. He seems like a very intense person to be around.
  7. Many people on this forum are wrong when they say Guns needs a new album to do stadiums. Maybe in the US, but they could come to Europe and other parts of the world every year and fill stadiums with their current catalogue, Most casuals don’t want to hear new songs anyways. It would be a piss break between the hits.
  8. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I don’t want to get my hopes up... I can easily see them coming back this year and playing the exact same set. Never ending in this lifetime tour
  9. The sad thing is that Guns N Roses have all of this footage and haven't done a thing with it in close to 30 years. They released 1 official live DVD of the UYI tour and it was a fairly average show in Tokyo. Literally every other show we've seen was better than Tokyo.
  10. Of all the Slash interviews, this one was probably the most negative. There is now more shows and new material for SMKC. And they're gonna sorta try to focus on a Guns record. hmmmm.... Last time he spoke he sounds more optimistic that they were going to focus on the album after he was finished touring.
  11. Perla selling Slash memorabilia

    You are a very disturbed individual if you’d pay money for a love letter. Why on earth would anyone care about these things?
  12. Axl: We’re gonna try something. Fans: losing our shit Band: New Cover with Axl mickeying the life out of it In all seriousness though, I can’t wait for the show. I love the whole excitement of a first show.
  13. I'm sure Slash would have received a phone call by now if what he is saying is not wanted by others (Axl). Axl knows damn well that Slash / Duff saying something like that has much more impact than Fortus, Dizzy or Frank. I think he would have politely asked Slash to tone it down if he wasn't at all interested in doing the album.
  14. What response do we realistically expect though? If Slash said, "Yeah, we are definitely doing an album, its coming out in 2020" All of a sudden, headlines in all of the media would read that a Guns album is due next year. That creates a lot of pressure that they just don't need.
  15. Slash just posted a pic on Instagram of Tower Records. Quite strange considering his usual posts