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  1. So that's it? We never hear Chinese D Era Tracks?

    CD era is dead. The music wasn't that good and people didn't relate to whichever players were in the band at any given time. The band had fallen apart before Slash and Duff returned.
  2. I chose Berlin for that element of potential surprise. I hope with 6 months off that something will be different. Hopefully not too much CD. I'm not expecting much change. Axl to tickle Melissa instead of Slash maybe 😂
  3. Rio 2017 was worst show on the NITL tour. Rio 2001 was probably the most exciting Nu Guns show. I think Nu Guns fans deliberately make these threads looking for validation. 2017 is still better. But Frank and fortus ruin that song by adding their own touch
  4. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    I'm not sure TB would be Axls family if he was a plumber or something. They were quite fortunate to find an extremely talented rockstar with no direction in his life at the time. So they started working / caring for him. It helped him out and them out.
  5. Probably depends on how sober he was or wasn't. Accident waiting to happen 😂
  6. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Don't really buy it. I'm sure Duff persuaded Axl and Fernando just made the calls. Wouldn't surprise me if Fernando was there for the dinner though.
  7. GNR were a hard rock band and people loved them for it. They lost sight of that and things got bloated. Skin an bones tour an spagethi incident showed signs of returning to their roots. But then CD era started and the bloat returned 10 fold.
  8. Question about Axl.

    Not sure if serious... Not that it's any of our business, but I doubt he would make a comeback with cancer. Being rich and lazy also causes weight gain.
  9. I've glanced through this thread on and off for the last few days. What show are we getting and roughly when? I've seen about 3 mentioned.
  10. When I was around 7 years old... I remember seeing Lald on TV and Slash was using a double neck guitar. I remember that moment clearly because my Dad thought Slash was really cool with the double neck guitar. Years later I became a bigger fan and don't recall Slash using that guitar much for Lald. Did he use it for Lald a lot during 93? Perhaps I saw this version before, 24 years ago 😂
  11. Never had a big interest in demos, b sides, merchandise etc so I won't be buying. Would have liked some live performances. An 80s show, unseen 90s show and a NITL.
  12. He did. Hatred aside, I think he respected Slash and Duff for working hard and having active careers as musicians. Whereas Steven and Izzy didn't do much after Guns. People will point to Izzy's albums, but he has barely done any PR or touring. The albums are as low key as Izzy. He seems happiest in that environment.
  13. I don't think there is any big conspiracy against Steven and Izzy. Nu Guns was falling apart. Axl needed a permanent bassist and guitarist. He knew it would be a joke to hire a new batch of hired hands. They were already a Vegas act by then. He was already back friends with Duff. Duff and Slash are very close lifelong friends. Duff helped Axl to see that Slash wasn't evil and Axl reached out. Basically the same band with Slash replacing Bumble and DJ and Duff replacing Tommy. It seems like some effort was made to get Steven and Izzy involved. Izzy wanted more money. Steven wanted more involvement than he was offered. But Axl wanted to keep the band going with just Slash and Duff joining.
  14. Plans after July 2018

    I don't see a farewell tour anytime soon. They are mid 50s and most in really good shape. I think they'll keep the door open