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  1. A new Guns album is kind of a read between the lines thing. Just like we knew the reunion was happening way WAY before it was actually announced. It's happening unless something changes.
  2. Swedish interviews are great, always a big reveal 😂
  3. Slash's work ethic, productivity, sobriety and professionalism are certainly some of the main reasons that Axl brought him back. He said himself a few years ago that a reunion with the original 5 would likely never happen, and it would most likely be him, Slash and Duff. They are the ones that proved again and again that they can handle a long tour. He obviously respects their work outside of Guns. Whether or not he likes it is a different question. I'd say he probably likes bits and pieces. I doubt Slash would be back in Guns if he hadn't of toured in 20 years and wasn't sober.
  4. There are loads of topics about this, you must be living under a rock to have missed all the drama. There is a basically a crazy fan called Alfred who claims to work for Team Brazil. He takes down all the content because he is angry at the fans.
  5. "It" factor is an important thing. Axl and Scott had it, whatever it is. That's why Guns and VR were successful. Slash's solo album was interesting as the songs were different genre's etc. I never enjoyed Snakepit at all though. I did love SMKC but I'm kinda getting to a point were the songs are sounding the same.
  6. Prefer MYM to DR. It's a pretty cool rock song. Hope the album is stronger though. The frustrating thing is, the band are really tight and kick ass. Sometimes you just need that frontman that's a bit fucked up to make good music. Slash can play great guitar but songwriting is not his skill. Myles doesn't have much to say as a singer.
  7. He already said it will probably be 3 Guns, 1 VR and the rest solo stuff. SCOM, PC, and Slither I'd assume.
  8. 30 second snippets can often be Very misleading.
  9. You guys are so funny sometimes, reading really old interviews and looking for contradictions or hoping things stated perfectly match with what happened. Time changes everything though. Slash was really into VR between 2002 and 2005. Something went wrong in 2006 though. Slash ended up with a drug habit again and even visited Axl while intoxicated. Libertad flopped and the band failed. We don't really know why these things happened, they just did. Using the above example, it's not surprising that Slash spoke highly of VR previously and now speaks negatively about it. Shit happened. I don't believe for one minute that he doesn't still have strong opinions on the whole Guns / Snakepit material. I'm sure it was discussed with Axl before the reunion. It doesn't matter now, they made their peace. It's just easier to dodge the question.
  10. I always thought this album was quite weak. There are much better live versions of most of those songs. I wish there was a Guns live album that was actually like one of their live shows. No LALD, Civil War, Double Talkin Jive etc on live era
  11. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    Irving for wanting CD to fail and get a reunion. His plan kinda worked 😀 Missed his payday though
  12. Anything is possible with this band. I think the AFD5 reunion may have been discussed for Coachella. But I don't think they really trust Izzy / Steven for a long term commitment. We'll probably never know for sure. They've all spoken publically since and it's still not clear what actually happened.
  13. I wonder if AFD5 was something that was on the cards for Coachella only. Slash seems to be saying that originally it was just a few shows, although I'm not sure I believe that. Maybe that's why Steven was rehearsing before Troubadour before he hurt his back. Maybe that's when Izzy couldn't agree terms and said he wasn't involved in the upcoming shows. That's just a theory though. Realistically, I think Axl needed a guitar player to replace Bumble and a bassist to replace Tommy. Duff was an obvious choice and probably convinced Axl to call Slash.
  14. If I was Slash, I would be quite angry at that interviewer hitting him with the snakepit question. That was obviously one of the main sore points in the Axl/Slash relationship. He really did his homework and tried to catch Slash out there.
  15. The sad part of these interviews is that he never gets to mention much about his new album. I read the interviews today and I still don't know anything about the songs. I didn't even hear him mention a release date