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  1. I think people are just excited to see a cool Guns show. The crowd were awesome. Axl in good form and good vocals compared to some other shows in 2018. I wonder if the crowd motivated Axl to do better?
  2. The intro is one of those things that made me hate Nu Guns. A fairly cool song ruined by adding more guitar parts than necessary and an unnecessarily long intro.
  3. Were are yous watching this? I only seen Gibbos video above
  4. Does anyone do links anymore? Haven't followed a show in ages
  5. Fúria Metal: Slash Interview 1995

    Think he's always felt the same about stadium show's.
  6. For me, CD doesn't sound like a GNR album. There's actually very few guitar driven songs on that album, no real stand out riffs. I might have appreciated it as an Axl solo album, but it was released and judged as a Guns album. I'd be happy if they dropped those songs and Slither and focused on stuff they done together.
  7. There is a YouTube video that compares his 92 voice with his 2017 voice. It's a really sad watch. Especially when you consider he is struggling even more in 2018. We need at least 2016 Axl to enjoy these shows.
  8. He didn't even sound that good in Guns in 2016. It's just that the bar was so low after the final years in Nu Guns. The first leg was quite good, particularly Houston, been going further downhill since then.
  9. VR were a really cool band at the time. It was the last time that any of these guys lived up to the "dangerous" label that they have. Contraband was a fantastic album, my favorite post Guns album. I'm a huge fan of Slash and i was so excited to finally see him live back in 2005. However, it was Scott that stole the show. He was absolutely mesmerizing. In fact, i'm not sure I ever attended a show were the front-man grabbed my attention as much. And Scott is not my favourite singer / frontman. But VR is done now. It would be distasteful to continue without Scott. If Slash and Duff fancy doing another project outside of Guns, it should be a whole new project.
  10. This is the most depressing thread ever because it led to the band breaking up. Axl is so confusing. He wanted to evolve but at the same time wanted to jam AFD and eventually rerecorded it and toured it for decades. After finally releasing Chinese, he seems to have scrapped Chinese 2 in favour of ACDC and Guns reunion. I don't think he really knows what he wants. And that's the reason nothing ever happens.
  11. Axl needs to be honest with himself. We have been baffled for some time on this forum, wondering what is the matter with his voice. If he can fix it, well then do it. If not, thats fair enough. its understandable that singing like that can be tough at his age. But what they need to do is start tailoring the show around that. Get Duff to sing some more songs, cut the screams in LALD, drop the songs that sound terrible, add songs that fit in that lower register, make an album of new songs that fit your current range.
  12. Axl's 90s net worth

    Why would anyone care about this kind of stuff? They're all very wealthy people with ample opportunities to make even more.
  13. Video is awesome, song is ok.
  14. I typically never buy merch at any concert, its just not my thing. I also have no interest in autographs or photo's or anything like that. I did make an exception for Guns though. They are my favorite band and finally back together, so I bought a hoodie. It was expensive but I wear hoodies a lot since the weather is so cold in Ireland