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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    Fortus is technically a better player than Slash, Izzy, Angus, Malcolm. But those guys are all rock god's. They wrote some of the best riffs, solos, songs, albums in history. When somebody picks up a guitar, do you want them to play a rocking song or watch them sweep pick some arpeggios? This is an issue that comes up again and again on this forum. Bucket, Bumble and Fortus are great players who barely have a good original song, riff or solo between them.
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    Rumours of an Axl/DC album and tour. He will be the ultimate Rock villain if that happens. Kept Guns going when it was no longer Guns, finally did a reunion but was more interested in joining the band that are no longer really AC/DC 😂😂😂
  3. Guns became popular as a hard rock band. The Illusions era was still great but the word Bloated describes that era well. Fighting, ego's, late starts, piano, keyboard, expensive after parties, big budget videos. The band needed to get back to basics. But Axl wasn't interested. He wanted more bloat, more guitars, more keyboards, industrial sounds. He lost the support of his band, fans, label, management etc. CD is the sound of a man in self pity, who lost all support but pushed on, copying and pasting music together from lots of musicians to fulfill his vision. Unfortunately for him, nobody was really interested in that vision for Guns. They wanted Guns to be hard rock. Axl should have released CD as a solo album in 1997 and then got Guns back together for a Guns album.
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    I keep going back to the fact that Slash talks a lot when he is doing something himself or with SMKC. Social media, radio, magazines, talk shows. Silence = GNR
  5. If Izzy and Steven were involved, I don't know that the reunion would have lasted this long. I don't think any of them particularly like Steven. They've matured and Steven is still the same over excited child he was back then. Nothing wrong with any of that, it is what it is. They probably enjoyed having him out for a guest appearance though. With Izzy it's more of a trust thing. Will he do a tour? Would he have learned CD songs? Would he stay for a 4 hour show? What happens if he gets bored of the whole thing?
  6. That right there should end this thread. Axl, Slash and Duff love Izzy but he just isn't reliable. They've all said as much, including Marc canter. The evidence is there for us all to see. He left GNR, left VR, was never all that interested in being in a big band. No way could they trust him to do 4 hour shows on a 2+ year tour.
  7. Axl needed a lead guitarist. He was friends with Duff again who was sort of back in Guns. Duff convinced him to settle things with Slash. Slash was happy to join. He basically joined the existing band. Nobody had worked on a serious project with Steven since 1990. It's likely that nobody wanted him full time. Nobody really trusts Izzy either. He bailed on Guns back when they were getting huge. He bailed on VR when things started getting going. He hasn't toured much since the 90s. The situation between Axl and Slash was probably very fragile and took time to repair. It seems like they decided to just see how things went and offered guest appearances to Steven, Izzy and possibly Matt, Gilby. Probably nothing malicious intended.
  8. Axl, Slash, Duff: Criticized for doing what some consider to be a cash grab tour. Playing all over the world for almost 4 hours a night when 2 hours would suffice. Izzy: So cool, only cares about the music... Yet Axl had to pay him a huge fee to get him out in 2006. And now he wanted an equal share of the loot, despite not lifting a finger since the early nineties. Maybe Izzy is the one focused on the wrong things? I mean, can anybody actually see him playing a 2 year world tour at 4 hours a night? Based on what evidence?
  9. Why I think new music is coming

    They're a band of musicians, they obviously would like to make music, regardless of how well it sells. Axl is probably the toughest to get on board though, as he is a sensitive perfectionist. With Slash and Duff involved, there is much less pressure on Axl and more support overall from management/label's etc
  10. Why I think new music is coming

    A SMKC album would be at least an 18 month full time project. Slash likes to promote and tour each album. Don't see how they can make time for it with the Myles solo album, Guns summer tour and Alter Bridge in 2019. Unless a few tour dates this summer are the only plans Guns have and Alter Bridge starts later in 2019. If that's the case though, why is Fernando saying 2018 is going to be big for Guns? There is no way Slash can juggle Guns and SMKC.
  11. For me, the writing is on the wall if we read between the lines, similar to how the reunion happened. Evidence? 1) A 6 month break. I know NITL ran for a long time, but a 6 month break is very excessive. 2) Axl has expressed interest in releasing new music and even played some for Slash/Duff. 3) No SMKC. Myles just released a solo album and is doing alter bridge in 2019. There is no time to do a SMKC album. Slash won't release an album and not tour, promote it. 4) The silence - All Slash fans will know that if he was doing SMKC, he would be excited and sharing various things on social media. But he has a gag order for GNR. Even Joe Perry and Nikki knew not to press further. 5) Walking Papers have a show in Seattle coming up, no mention of Duff being there. All the signs are there... For now at least 😀
  12. Something doesn't add up here. Myles is working on his solo album right now and then Alter Bridge in 2019. But Megan said Slash will be working on SMKC record... Doesn't seem like there is any real window to do SMKC any time soon. Either Slash is doing Gun's stuff and Megan is throwing everyone off the scent or Slash needs a new singer. Or there won't be any Gun's or SMKC new music in the near future
  13. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    The solo is defenitely Slash. Nowhere near his live solo but 100% him. Izzy wasn't much of a lead player and why would he be using Slashs set up/guitar?
  14. I always loved this song a lot but I think the album version is really weak. 91 live versions were ok. 92 and 93 versions were fantastic, Slashs solos were mind blown at times. 16/17 is consistently good but I don't think Slashs cleaner tone and being lower in the mix works as well on that song. Anybody got any thoughts? Favourite versions?
  15. "Where Do Guns N Roses Go From Here ?"

    Megan said that Slash has no break as he is going to recording a SMKC album... So likely Slash will work on that and then your with Guns in summer. Although, surely he'd tour a new SMKC album? Can't see how he'll get it all done.