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  1. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I know they’ve given us little to be optimistic about but new show sounds cool. Even without new music, I imagine they’ll change things up a bit. They kinda seem to know they have to at this point. Maybe some more deep cuts added.
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Is it weird that Slash/Duff post on social media about single shows but nothing for a European run...
  3. Well, I know we've had a bunch of these threads previously but I can't easily find the last one and we have new information now. So last we heard Slash said that they only had a few SA dates this year but would be really working on a new album. Now they've announced some extra dates as well as a whole European leg. Were does this leave us in terms of new music? Do you think a surprise album is actually ready to drop soon? Or has the can been kicked further down the road? I'm personally excited about getting an Irish show next year but I imagine that means nothing new for some time, all things considered...
  4. Has Izzy retired?

    Fair play to him for that. It’s the media/PR and touring that make it a full time commitment. It’s easy to make a bunch of albums as a hobby if you aren’t gonna tour or promote the thing. Music has been a part time thing for Izzy for years. I’m not knocking him for it. Fair play if you can practically retire at 30.
  5. Has Izzy retired?

    Izzy essentially retired in 91. I don’t think he’s done anything full time with 100% dedication since. Well for him.
  6. European Leg

    Would love if this was true!
  7. Slash hands down. Helped write and contributed to 90% of the catalogue and overall band image. Izzy deserves a mention for his writing. Buckethead is talented no doubt but a small footnote in GNR history. He knew Nu Guns was going nowhere and bailed. Finck and Ashba butchered so many solos. Fortus is a talented session player with cringey bad stage moves. Ron was a good player and the only member of Nu Guns with enough balls to complain about the lack of band activity. He knew Nu Guns was a joke as well after a few years.
  8. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    I almost did things in reverse. My Dad owned UYI 2 so I was familiar with that album and Civil War first. Then I bought “him” UYI 1 for Xmas. It was a few years later when I first heard AFD.
  9. Guns N Roses with Axl and Slash will always sell out huge shows. They could easily do Europe again next summer if they want. Another run of Australia/New Zealand and Asia. The band don’t even need new music. In fact, most fans outside the hardcore wouldn’t even want new music in the set.
  10. Slash is the star of the show. He does noodle a little more than he used to but I feel it’s very exaggerated on here. Most of the solos stay close to the original recording. I think the criticism is a combination of people getting sick of the same show, Nu Guns fans looking to get a dig in, Axl fans looking to deflect attention from how poor his voice is these days.
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    I think there is enough evidence to suggest that Axl is the issue. I mean, Slash and Duff have always been very fan friendly with their solo acts and love doing smaller shows, getting close to the crowd. But Axl wanted to keep the Guns name/brand and remain in big venues. He’s the one that went to war with the media years ago. He set the tone for how to treat fans with the madison rant. He’s the one that won’t release material and wanted pictures removed from the internet. It’s not hard to imagine he doesn’t like the YouTube vids. He’s the one that surrounded himself with the likes of Yoda and TB. I don’t think that Axl really wants to make new music or release anything like live DVDs/CDs. I don’t think he really wants YouTube videos or hardcore fans commenting on the set list. I think he’s happy to just tour and make money and would probably prefer not having to deal with the inconvenience of hardcore fans. The casuals are easier to please anyways. TB and Del are nothing more than yes men. If Axl says call Slash, they’ll call Slash. If he wants YouTube videos down, they’ll go down. Axl lost all motivation for Guns somewhere around 2008.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    I tend to avoid the whole YouTube situation for the most part... So is it Walker or Alfred that does the takedowns? Or they are the same person? Beta and Fernando seem like real douche bags.
  13. I must have heard a fake so You couldn’t see the singers face. He did sound like Axl though.
  14. You all realize there is a recording of Hardschool soundchecked, right? It sounded absolutely awful, not surprised they haven’t played it.
  15. Axl's St. Louis Rant Before YCBM

    It’s actually sad watching him talk about changing the set and not just jerking off playing appetite. And the comments about burying appetite. wonder were that hunger went?