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  1. Hmmm, if I get a 2nd nightrain membership I can probably get 4 on one account and 1 on the other. I'm just concerned that the seats won't be together :S
  2. Anyone know how many tickets I can buy in pre sale? I need 5 but have a feeling 4 might be limit
  3. You can't have a Guns show without the hits... They would be destroyed by the media and casuals if they did a set of deep cuts. So the setlist will likely remain similar. I'd like to see less CD songs but Axl won't allow it. Also, most people outside of the US have only seen the show once so wouldn't be bothered that much.
  4. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    Anyone know what happened to McBob intros? I love him introducing the band. Sad that it's stopped.
  5. I'm so torn, I want to go... but its going to cost me a lot it would seem. Living in Ireland. Surprised there aren't more in Ireland / UK I'm thinking Berlin. If its the first show in months there could be so much anticipation about setlist and so on. I don't mind if Axl isn't at his best.
  6. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Maybe they are waiting for the 1 year nightrain memberships to expire 😂 Mine expires in a few weeks
  7. Europe 2018 *Poland rumor*

    They're too big for arenas in Europe. They'd probably sell out at least 3 night's in Ireland alone.
  8. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Based on the Poland rumour and the "We are just getting started" announcement... I would say Europe dates could be announced soon. Tours always start with rumoured dates
  9. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    If Slash goes back to SMKC than Guns are done until at least 2020. Slash would need to get material together, go in the studio, promote the album and tour the world. That's at least 2 years work even with Slashs workrate.
  10. Hi All It's always great to see Axl having fun on stage. On this tour, he has been goofing around quite a bit... Scaring and tickling people. Is anyone able to post some gifs of these? It would be good to have a thread with some of them
  11. Great show! Makes it baffling when people say Robin is their favourite guitarist or the 2002 line up was best. All 5 are on fire and the chemistry is brilliant.
  12. I'm a huge fan of Guns and Slash in particular, but I have no real desire to get a picture with them. If I saw any of them, I wouldn't ask. Or any celebrity for that matter. They are people that have things to do in their lives and go through different emotions like all of us. Even if they are polite at times, I'm sure its really annoying having people you don't really know asking for photos. Especially people that are bothering you and subsequently taking photos of you from behind while you are just sitting peacefully on a plane.
  13. Has Axl even written lyrics since 2007?

    We'll probably never know for sure... Even new music could possibly have lyrics written years back. A lot of the Illusions were written in the 80s. A lot of CD in the 90s. A new Guns album could have songs from nearly 20 years ago or even more.
  14. I have a read of the forum almost every day and its sad to see it so full of negativity. No izzy or Steve, Axls voice, setlist, Melissa, Frank, ticket prices, ticket sales, no new music, cash grab.... We more or less knew from the start that it was just slash and duff rejoining. We've known for years that Axl is struggling with rasp/midrange. The setlist is really awesome IMO. At the end of the day, they are going out there and playing 3+ hour shows with almost 30 songs. If it was just a cash grab, they'd be playing a 2 hour set with way less songs. I for one am enjoying the tour. It's great to see my favourite band out there playing huge shows to huge crowds. It's great that Guns are relevant again. Of course I would love to hear an interview, or new music or a new drummer but I'm going to enjoy the reunion for what it is and not worry too much about what it's not. If Guns read the forum, it wouldn't surprise me that they steer clear of the online community.
  15. I think its great. The show I saw was amazing. I was always a big fan of Aerosmith, not hardcore like Guns but I really like them. Their latest tour sucks. They played a very tired 2 hour show with no energy or flow. (Granted they are the wrong side of their 60's) Made me appreciate Guns so much more. I hope Guns make new music or call it a day though. I don't want to see touring forever.