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  1. This is why CD tends to divide people. Id be more of the opinion that straight up rock or metal is fantastic. Simplicity is key. Listening to CD is a real buzz kill for me. Too much whinging from Axl about how everyone wronged him.
  2. Just watching some videos from the UYI tour, mainly the Saskatoon show. (Thanks Gibbo) Can’t believe how awesome Slash’s tone was on that tour! He is obviously still a beast today but that tone was just unbelievable. These days I think he has a cleaner tone and is a bit lower in the mix.
  3. No doubt Izzy is a great songwriter. But Slash and Duff have released lots of albums without him. Whether they’re any good or not is subjective. GNR don’t release music because of Axl. None of us fully understand why but that’s just how it is. So Vicky is basically just incorrect. If Izzy was in the band, no doubt he’d write some good songs. But they wouldn’t be released anyways.
  4. I voted it’s still great. It’s fantastic to see Axl, Slash and Duff on stage together playing those songs. Axl is really the one who destroyed the band though. He was firing mangers, doing media bans and drawing up contracts even in the early days. This along with musical differences pushed the band apart. Axl tried to recreate the band but eventually just kept firing managers and pushing band members away. He doesn’t seem interested in new music, live DVDs or anything like that. Doesn’t seem interested in doing media or communicating with fans. Doesn’t seem interested in rehearsing or working on vocals. Insists on 2 keyboard players. Insists on playing CD (regardless of what Slash/Duff say publicly) Slash and Duff would be in the studio the the minute Axl was ready. And yet, what could’ve been and what could be is still what makes this band so intriguing.
  5. Absolutely not. Axl is the main road block when it comes to all things GNR.
  6. Wasn’t it Rolling Stone that interviewed Slash a few years back and gave him a tough time, not following the script. And Slash whinged about it afterwards? Some bad blood there perhaps.
  7. To be fair here, the band never promised to be working on a new album. That’s just straight up lies. They’ve made some vague noises about hoping to do something or material being there. The band do kinda deserve this though. They’ve barely changed a thing in 14 legs. The set list is basically the same as it was in 2016. An article like this from a big magazine is not good for the band or the public’s perception of the band.
  8. Dead Horse is a train wreck. I’d just instantly drop it if I was them. Axl is terrible on it. And Slash is not even playing the solo that well either. It’s just not working, neither was Locomotive. Probably they don’t rehearse together anyways.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    I reckon the “new album” is not coming soon. The shows are starting very soon and surely the point of the album would have been to boost excitement/sales for those shows. The fact that it’s not out yet suggests to me that touring is on the menu until late this year at least. Remains to be seen what happens beyond that. Surely a lengthy enough break from the road will be due? Probably SMKC then.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    I also find it a bit hard to think of when Slash could have worked on a new album... Over the last 4 years, he has toured the world more than once with Guns, released a full album and world tour with SKMC, contributed to albums such as Ozzy, many guest appearances at various shows, Lots of PR for SMKC, Guns rehearsals which apparently last a few weeks. Not to mention all the other things he must do... animal rights, family time etc. Difficult to see were he got the time to complete a Guns album. I mean, it is possible... but I would have thought they’d need to disappear for a few months to get it done.
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    If you reread my OP, I created this thread the day the European tour was announced. I was deflated that day as Slash had said in late 2019 that they’d only have a few dates in SA in 2020 and they’d be focusing on a new album. So naturally, It sucked to hear European dates announced and then more US dates. I briefly got my hopes up that just maybe a new album was all ready to go for these dates. Especially with the “all new show” advertising. But now I believe that Slash was been truthful in 2019. New music is still far away and getting even further every time more dates are announced. The all new show is simply going to be adding a song or 2 to the set and switching the order a little. These new dates are not connected to new music IMO. New music may come at some point, but probably only when sales drop or they actually come off the road for a bit to focus on it.
  12. It really sucks to add to the negativity on the forum. I love GNR and the reunion has been wonderful overall for me. I enjoyed the 2 shows I attended and look forward to the third this summer. What’s frustrating at times is that it could easily be so much better. We can all accept the fact that new music can take time, but give us an update on how it’s going once in awhile without trying to string together a vague non informative response. Put out a live DVD or album. Change up the set completely once in awhile. The band are not stupid. They’re advertising new shows as “all new” because they know themselves the set has gone completely stale. Even casuals are on social media asking for new stuff. Eventually they’re gonna be hit were it hurts the most - ticket sales. I don’t know any band in the history of music that played the same show for 4 years. There is footage of Axl back in 91 talking about changing the set and not constantly playing the same show twice. There is also footage of him saying he wanted to bury appetite. Where is the hunger gone?
  13. GNR 2020: “New chapter, All new show, except for Miami as it’s a one off snoop a loop cash grab, and we have lots of new songs but no idea how to release them so they probably won’t get played in the all new show”.
  14. If I had to guess, I’d say the band probably haven’t even seen Axl since the last show. I reckon they send him a list of all the songs they rehearsed and once in awhile he gives the nod to add one. They probably had an after party last night and they won’t see him again until next show. Probably why nothing ever happens.
  15. Their social media had “ new chapter” PR stuff up yesterday. The band is so bad at communicating that even the hardcore fans don’t actually know when the “new show “ is supposed to begin. If this wasn’t the new show, why not just play some different songs anyways?