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  1. I don't think it's the matter of new gnr fans not wanting it to be true. I think it's that the fans of this band have been disappointed so many times over so many years that their caution and fear of being dissapointed again have grown so big, they will keep on denying facts until they hold that record in their hands And it is sort of hard to blame them... Seriously though - Slash is working on something, doesn't say what, he makes a photo shoot at GNR's rehearsal space, between the GNR cases, definitely not a place where he would record for a side project or photograph himself in relation to a side project. All his Gibson photoshoots so far were without any reference to Guns, so why would it change so suddeny while the band is on hiatus? Plus all the rumors and the talking. There's definitely something going on, at this point it is undeniabale to me, and all the attempts to find other rational explanations that are becoming increasingly irrational, just to avoid admitting it, are slowly becoming slightly funny...
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I don't think any of them talked about this specifically but I remember Duff saying in one of his interviews from years ago that they had some special relationship or special closeness or whatever(I don't remember the specific wording) and that it would be absolutely impossible and unthinkable for him (I think he actually laughed that possibility out or shrugged at it or something like that) to have that kind of relationship with any other man. Sorry, I have no idea anymore where I saw it, I only know it was some short little conversation with someone during some event or something and I'm pretty sure I can't find it now but I sort of recalled that in relation to that cuddling question.
  3. Same here. I feel there's too many little hints and clues that something is actually going on. Plus the logic is all behaind this (I know, logic doesn't exist in GN'R world but still). They apparently loved the tour, Slash stated more than once how it surpassed his expectaions, how much better it turned out than they thought, how exciting, how surreal, blah, blah, blah... If Axl feels the same way, which we don't know as he only speaks about politics but we may assume it's very likely judging by his behavior, being on time, not missing a single show, adding dates constantly, looking happy on stage etc., than it's more then logical they would want to continue and they are not as stupid as not to know that to stay at the level they are on, they have to present some new music to the world or they will soon stop being the number one act drawing stadiums full of fans. Besides they and especially Axl have something to prove to the world still. They've already proven they can be huge again as a live band when they're together and now they still got to prove that they can still make a great record and Axl that he hasn't lost his creativity, that he's not a lazy used-up has-been but still a relevant artist blah, blah and I bet he would want that. Now the conditions for him are better than they have been probably since the first album. The pressure is not all on him, it splits equally, he has the guitar player that, it seems, he always found the best and irreplacable and he is not fighting with him, he has both Slash and Duff to actually lead and control all the works on the album that Axl never wanted to be involved in but at the same time had noone to entrust them with in the new guns era since nobody had a high enough position in the band and also in Axl's eyes to do that, he finally freed himself from all the debilitating bad energy and endless hurt and frustration of the conflict and split with Slash, he has most likely rebuilt some of his self-confidence - all in all I think the circumstances have never been better and it's the best time for him and everybody to give it a try and still make a name for themselves in the present. They must be aware of that. Plus if they find what they're doing as exciting, rejuvenating and as much fun as Slash claims, it's all natural they wouldn't want it to end. That plus all the little hints and rumors including the one in this topic seem to point to the fact that new music is quite probable and definitely a lot more likely to happen now than it was in the last however many years. Of course, it's GN'R, they can always behave like idiots for reasons noone understands, so I remain cautious, very cautious. But I am also (very slowly) beginning to feel deep in my guts that this will actually happen and we will hear new music from them relatively soon, as unrealistic and surreal as it sounds. Anyway, hoping is better I guess than not even hoping
  4. Since when is Abba a rock band though?
  5. In a way I think such move would be brilliant. It would free them once and for all from the problem of Axl having to decide which riff to reject and Slash telling Axl these lyrics are shit or whatever. Neither of them would have that task that could so easily make things sour between them again. That way Slash may consider Axl's song a piece of shit and still keep saying it is very good, God only really knows why the guy doesn't like it, lol. Anyway, weird as it may seem at first, I can see them making that decision just to be sure that the work on the album won't ruin what they so miraculously managed to rebuild. I think it is a good move, on condition they find someone reasonable to be that producer. Also I think we need to understand it with some restrictions. In reality I don't think it would go that far that if the whole band wants a certain song badly the producer can say no or whatever. It would prbably be limited to situations where they're not single-minded or something.
  6. I'm not all that much acquainted with what other bands are doing but this piece of information just screams Guns N'Roses. The money for recent tour, the remembering how good they can be, I mean, who cares about Kiss or Smashing Pumpkins or whatever? This was the comeback of several decades that brought hundreds of thousands of people to the biggest stadiums. As for something they'd never do - well they had said they'd never do anything together again, so it includes an album as well and it could be a reference to that. Half-assed efforts to me relate to what they were doing before the split - Slash doing Snakepit, Axl not showing-up and all this drama. Whether it's true or not I don't know but I feel pretty sure it is about GN'R.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Thank you, that's comforting
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I love the Sid painting, I think it's great, does that mean there's someting wrong with me?
  9. Exactly. And I love it how certain people immediately feel so deeply offended every time someone dares to suggest animals are important. And any comparison between an animal's suffering and human sufferiing is SO OFFENSIVE. Well. Dogs feel pain the same way, dogs also fear and dogs are also loved and mourned when they die, so yes, Axl's right. Dog's lives matter. And whoever finds this obvious fact cringeworthy or offensive can go fuck off. I actually find it hard to believe that so many people are retarted enough to react that way. Of all the stupid things the members of this band do, trying to fight for the rights of animals and for respect for animals is definitely not one of them. If there's nothing else left to like or respect these guys for, I will always respect them for standing up for animals.
  10. Seruiously? Axl doing new material with Ashba after he got Slash back? If that's true, then that guy is still far more ridiculous than I've ever thought and he will never cease to amaze me in this respect. It would be the most pathetic and idiotic thing to do ever Anyway, I'm glad I haven't bought any tickests for the European leg. Even if Slash is there to play new Ashba material, I say no, thank you
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    So is it all over now until June next year? Anything happened on that last show - any big thankyous, farewell speeches, promises to return, promises of new music, tears, hugs and kisses or did they just go home as usual?
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Well, because they werent pissed 24/7 most likely. If you listen to their interviews from the 90-s there are plenty of cases where they mention discussing this or that with the other yesterday or the day before. Both Axl and Slash. And not only album direction but every day stuff.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Me neither but I like this picture
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    How were they not when they had to agree for everything Axl puts on the record, not to mention they had to write their guitars to it? They were equal partners in the band. They were in a position to support and reject everything. Apparently not, considering how hurt and for how many years he felt after what they've done.
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    And in 30 years from now you will all, people of little faith, see that he was right...