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  1. Yeah I love isolated tracks too. I think the only ones previously on YouTube are WTTJ and SFTD. Isn't there something in the boxset that should allow more isolated tracks to be sourced? Would love to hear all the isolated bass tracks, especially RQ.
  2. Are the lyrics on the screen a message to Frank so slow the f#%@ down? Sounded much better than I was expecting.
  3. Showed this to the wife and she's most excited about the skull rings and the temporary tattoos.
  4. What is your favorite GN'R rarity?

    https://youtu.be/JLUSyxRnUGw Always loved the Cornshucker demo. It captures them clearly having an absolute blast.
  5. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Just wanted to add my thanks to troccoli. Absolutely awesome mate.