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  1. Anyone have this?

    The 1992 date looks like BS with that track list. In fact, isn't that the Ritz setlist?
  2. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    So it is, although it took me a while to find it as I naively searched combinations of the show and the date, before I realised how stupid I was being and searched for the bit of the story that grabs the attention of the non GNR fanbase. Funnily enough the Bon Jovi bit is the only uninteresting aspect of the story for me. What I love is just hearing Axl's humour and natural storytelling "they were right - we are scumbags" "these same 5 guys holding ice packs on their heads" "pretty low, right, for a big fucker" "so to distract him I told him to fuck off" and then as I've already mentioned "I wasn't even fighting and it took five fucking assholes to hold me down" which has to be my favourite Axl quote of all time. When I used to listen to this more frequently the whole show was on YT and earlier in the set Axl explains that the doctors told him he shouldn't sing that night. He says he doesn't know what's going to come out when he sings but "I couldn't just stay on the bus". Pretty sure the YT channel where I used to listen to the show was run by Chris Buck, a guitarist well worth checking out. His channel was a goldmine of GNR rarities, demos, live shows etc. Sadly the channel is long gone of course.
  3. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    I miss that Axl description of the incident being on YT. Sure I've got a download of it somewhere. For the benefit of those that haven't heard it what makes it all the better is that it's in the middle of a blues jam, and Axl fits the story around the music perfectly. To this day, me and the wife use a couple of quotes from Axl's story as in jokes. "Typical *insert job* mentality" whenever we encounter anyone over officious and enjoying the small amount of power that their job gives them. And when our young daughter has a really bad tantrum and starts swinging punches at us resulting in us having to restrain her, afterwards we'll impersonate her behind her back using the line "I wasn't even fighting and it took five fucking assholes to hold me down."
  4. GNR references in pop cultutre

    There was definitely a reference in My Name is Earl but I forget the details. I remember it was Randy and he mentioned Axl and Buckethead. And there was an Axl in The Middle, which I think counts as a reference.
  5. I was listening to the bass track from My Michelle today - presumably taken from the Blu Ray - and noticed there's a synth line for about 20 seconds that comes in at 2 mins 28. It's not loud enough to be heard in the full song (at least to my ears anyway). Made me wonder what else people had found that's buried in the AFD mix but can now be heard thanks to the Blu Ray?