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  1. How are you still involved? 😂 10+ years gone...
  2. Pictured? I thought everybody knew wasted is Charlie Sheen.
  3. Yes, they were, but I more inclined to believe these were remastered/remixed/whatever, a job a hundred different guys on this forum could do at least half-decently, rather than these being from around 2000. Where would those even come from? And it even sounds like Bumblefoot here.
  4. Ah, the Bumblefoot Tapes. They finally circulate. Silkworms sounds cool, but it needs the chorus back. OMG sounds like shit. What Bumblefoot does in the chorus has potential, but he shits all over the rest of the song and the mix is so bad it got me back immedately to that good ol' flac version of that song we all have. Anyway, thanks to whoever did this, it's a shame we still have to go after music ourselves because the band simply refuses to share it with us.
  5. Yeah, the production sounds great indeed. Can't wait to hear their next single, Crash Diet, on such quality.
  6. You're Crazy is featured SEVEN times. Let that sink for a while.
  7. Fuck that. This is awful and the song is shit. Looking at the Facebook comments, though... They'll make a lot of money. A 34 year old b-side as the first single of the reunion. It's only absurd until you remember it's Axl. And the song is so shitty, jesus, I wonder why it didn't cut into Appetite in the first place. This band is so out of touch with reality. Just artistically, of course. They are clearly very much on known of how to make money.