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  1. I'm not saying he had the rights to the songs. When I say he got them rightfully I mean he didn't get it the "wrong" way.
  2. Well, still. He wasn't the album producer but he was still Axl's producer, Axl's production adviser or whatever. He rightfully had the music.
  3. Don't lose yourself. Tom Zutaut rightfully had the tracks; he was the producer. Any other artist's producer losing their boss' work to the point of it leaking online would be absurd. Somehow GNR managed to convince us the problem was actually on the people who found it.
  4. It baffles me that Tom Zutaut is so clean after all this. He's clearly the one to blame, if there's someone. I mean, how the fuck do you let something like this happen? If I were Axl or UMG I'd wanna sue him too - point is they're not suing him, the guy who lost the stuff, but the guy who found it. I've been suspecting since day one that GNR is somehow, somewhat behind these leaks, and IMO this goes with it.
  5. Anyone have this?

    Don't know what this is. Last I saw a bootleg with that name, it was simply the taped broadcast of Rio '11, but it was a different art.
  6. You're probably right. I guess we just want to see everyone talking about out favorite band
  7. MyGNR song

    Only if forum member @Dexter does the vocals.
  8. I'd definetly read an email titled A BUNCH OF NEW GNR LEAKS. And sure, I don't know if he'll read it, and he probably knows it already anyway, and of course he wouldn't ask Slash, that's not the point. It's just, why not do it? It took me 2 minutes to find his email and another one to write the message.
  9. Just emailed Trunk. If he didn't know about the leaks, he does now.
  10. So Eddie Trunk doesn't know about the leaks either?
  11. The IRS, Better and TWAT leaks have nothing to do with Catcher and Checkmate leaks. IRS is a special case, though, because it comes from that Piazza CD. Someone recorded it while it played on Eddie Trunk's show; the person who leaked, Darknemus, did not have the original CD. I was mistaken in my first post here. The Checkmate clip does not come from this original IRS, bootleged from Trunk's air of Piazza's mysterious CD. The Checkmate clip comes from Razz, and these people source's are not the same. Razz, says he got the CD from uptownterry, who claimed to be an old GNR engineer. There's then the other version of IRS, that came with Better and TWAT, and the original source, wes, simply said he got the songs from a DJ who burned a copy while Axl played it in some club in Las Vegas. This was all leaked only three years later, when wes sent Saint Seya the stuff. But now that I read that Eddie Trunk post, which I had never read, I see he mentions Axl playing Chinese Democracy at clubs, and it was written in 2003. Hmm. How had I never noticed this? Well, I don't know what to say. I'm thinking... EDIT: Wait a minute, I'm a mistaken or we don't have a clear source for the CITR leak? This is all Darknemus had to say when I asked him: "I am not a fan of taking credit for CITR, actually. You can say that I was 'involved' in it, but not directly responsible. For CITR I was given the file. Not over the phone or anything like that, I was given to me by someone that I can't name. But it was in a very tight knit circle of others before that. People who sent me had the tape but I have no idea where the tape came from. They digitalized and sent me" It's not from the Stripclub CD, and it's not from the Checkmate CD Razz received. I mean, it could be on the Stripclub CD, but Darknemus says he received it separately. Actually, the only reason TWAT leaked is because Darnkemus tricked Saint Seya, trading CITR for TWAT and then leaking both on the same week. I mean, this is the story...
  12. It could still be any one, but this is a good question. It doesn't have to be someone close to him, because any executive possibly mad at him could also easily know what is some famous baseball player's favorite rock band. But yeah, I've been thinking about this a lot too. Supposedly that IRS came from the same CD where the Checkmate clip was pulled from, yes. But remains the question, what CD is that? One of those 20, then? Maybe not. Probably not? I mean, none of those CDs were submitted to Geffen, I suppose, they were, as they it's written, Rough mixes, internal studio use. I''m guessing the Piazza CD is from either higher grounds, or closer grounds to Axl. They are probably not the same source - Checkmate and Hardschool. That's my guess.
  13. You're right. Now that I think of it, the only 'confirmation' was Walker himself saying on MSL's discord that this was, indeed, Fernando. Damn. I gotta say, though, his rant at the poor fella who complained about the stupid toy trucks seemed genuine, but I guess any old GNR fan can by now do a passable impression of angry Axl. Still, there are also enough pictures of Rick at GNR's backstage. Even pictures with Beta. It doesn't add up.
  14. http://www.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/ct9nj9/new_merch_finally_came_in_cant_wait_to_seethem_in/exv5xa2/ jujuhounds is Walker; flebeis is Fernando.