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  1. hey man could you write to me? have to ask you something

  2. The live stream on the Rock in Rio website works perfectly on the PS4 browser.
  3. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    Great post, man. I totally agree. Axl sounds great, Slash is OK, Duff is forgetable - and the rest is awful. Amazing how they turn such a groovy tune into this dull mess. Well, like they do with every other track that calls for some groove, as you said, Rocket Queen, and also Mr. Brownstone, to name a few. On tracks like this, Frank and Fortus are embarrassingly bad. Completely mechanical and spineless. And it's a shame, not to say stupid, that they have TWO keyboard players in the band yet we can't hear some strong piano this song could use. It's true, they need Izzy back, and they should definetly get rid of Frank. The drummer's job is to find the groove within the groove, he can barely find the groove. Bring back Adler, or get Brain out of retirement. Anything. With this new arrengement and the Better intro - which is completely empty and honestly feels like a bunch of school musicians trying to sound METAL - , I feel like Axl and Slash could very well work together right now, but there's not much in between to glue'em together, musically. Axl sounds good when he wants, so it's a matter of getting him interested. But everything Slash does with a weak band just sounds dull and heavy. Like he doesn't know where to go and just shreds infinetely, adding more weight as the phrases go by.
  4. Silkworms OLD leak

    Someone from the camp confirmed The General is the concert intro, don't remember who or when, though.
  5. Great fuckin post, Wagszilla. Brilliant intepretation.
  6. Pick one: - Be a huge rockstar; - Go out peacefully in NYC.
  7. Frank is awful. He has no idea what the vibes of the songs are and he kills some very important momentuns. He plays everything the same way. Steven was the right choice from the beggining, and Axl made good choices with Freese and Brain, but both Sorum and Frank were terrible picks. Though I think Sorum had improved a lot by the time of Contraband.
  8. Drum solos being pointless and boring, lol. Listen to some proper music.
  9. Why is everyone so surprised? It's not like this is the first time they announce an announcement and then the actual announcement is no big deal at all.