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  1. Who says that this photo is really new at all? Where's the proof that this is recent?
  2. Not to mention this fuckin' radio show?! WTF seriously. DJ says "Can you get me instrumental for My Michelle GN'R song that no one ever heard of"
  3. On which sites have you been searching this?
  4. Yeah hope so, but this is GN'R we're talking about video for Better is coming soon too.
  5. Lyric videos are always lame. Pretty sad that they decided to this the easy way. They've should done the video like WTTJ & ISE from Live Era was, a cool live clips.
  6. Shadow of your love b-side on LALD single is way better than this newly released version. Hate those backing vocals on the chorus..
  7. Why in the hell are you thinking that he's talking about Axl? 90's Axl had lacked stage presence?
  8. NITL tour is the 4th biggest tour ever, and it's still going on. So majority of people prefer the 3+ hours shows with chinese stuff. Those who just complain at their homes doesn't really matter much.
  9. How high you must be when you're thinking that Steven, a man who hasn't done proper tour since the AFD days, and who already got injured at the rehearsals could do 3+ hour shows for two years straight 😂
  10. Great stuff! Hope to see that on Dimeadozen one day
  11. Yeah in the UK, so what? Nobody outside of UK doesn't give a damn about Oasis
  12. 1.Damaged (Primal Scream) VS Don't look back in anger 2.High-Heel Sneakers (T.Tucker) VS Get Off Your High-Horse Lady 3.Feel The Pain (Real People) VS Don't Go Away 4.The Turning VS Devil Woman (Cliff Richard) VS The Turning (Alternative) 5.Get It On (T.Rex, Marc Bolan) VS Cigarettes & Alcohol 6.Hello Hello I'm Back Again (Gary Glitter) VS Hello 7.I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (New Seekers) VS Shakermaker 8.Je So' Pazzo (Pino Daniele) VS The Death Of You And Me VS Summer In The City (Lovin' Spoonful) 9.Clean Prophet (The La's) VS The Importance Of Being Idle 10.This Guy's In Love With You (Burt Bacharach) VS Half The World Away 11.How Sweet To Be An Idiot (Neil Innes) VS Whatever 12.Five To One (The Doors) VS Waiting For The Rapture 13.Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles) VS Falling Down 14.My Sweet Lord (George Harrison) VS The Hindu Times 15.Same Size Feet (Stereophonics) VS The Hindu Times 16.Little Miss Lover (Jimi Hendrix) VS Fucking In The Bushes 17.Heart Of Gold (Neil Young) VS The Girl In The Dirty Shirt 18.Nightclubbing (Iggy Pop) VS Force Of Nature 19.My Sweet Lord (George Harrison) VS Supersonic 20.With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles) VS She's Electric 21.Imagine (John Lennon) VS Don't Look Back In Anger 22.Carry That Weight (Beatles) VS Don't Look Back In Anger 23.Uptight - Everything's Alright (Stevie Wonder) VS Step Out 24.Freedom (Wham) VS Fade Away 25.Homesick (The Cure) VS Wonderwall Oasis/Noel one of the biggest rip-off artists of all time. Really don't like these kind of bands that have zero own material, and do nothing but steal from other artists..
  13. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    And the best part is that these cry babies want Adler back, a dude that was in the band for 5 (!!!) years, 27 years ago, guy that hasn't done proper tour since AFD days. and @slash_plocmansorry if I was a little bit harsh on this video, it's cool that you have the passion, keep on learning and making these
  14. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    Yeah, ridiculous and very amateurish editing. And some idiots think this is some how great.