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  1. Some is on eBay, but most is just on a list on my website.... For contact, please use the contact form on my website, so i keep track of all messages by email..... http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/items-for-sale/
  2. GNR comic and tour books

    Just to let some who is into them know.... i have once again put up the gnr comics on my site. http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/my-collection/
  3. Again a little update : new 2019 releases, finally some stuff on vinyl! http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/estadio-nacional-santiago-chile-december-2nd-1992-futuro-radio-broadcast/ http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/river-plate-stadium-buenos-aires-july-16th-1993-fm-broadcast/ http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/5973-2/ And the last one from 2018, http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/the-broadcast-collection/ And for those into a nice read.... at the bottom of the page " My Collection " i have put some books i have scanned. Comics, and some tourbooks. http://www.spookeend.nl/gnr/my-collection/