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  1. THE most overrated GNR song?

    Not to be an insensitive prick, but I’d take the deal — nothing while Axl is alive; everything when he dies. Things are that bleak right now.
  2. THE most overrated GNR song?

    Oh, another one — that UYLI > UYLII
  3. THE most overrated GNR song?

    Novermber Rain. That’s a great start to this thread. I liked it when I was 13, but was disappointed sorta when that’s what they played live at the MVA’s. Great lyrics, great song, and I was born on Nov 29th — the same date as that famous Columbia’s downpour show. It’s weird that that’s the song I’m most tired of. I could listen to Jungle and Sweet Child for lifetimes and they never grow old, but NR...nope. And it’s a lot of people’s’ all time favorite GNR track. I get it, but it’s been one of my least favorites for 25 years now.
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I’m reading that Slash and Duff are a force in this band and their input needs to be taken into account. I honestly don’t think that’s the case at all. Axl called Duff to dinner in 2012; Axl called Duff on stage to play; Axl told his people to give Slash a call. It’s pretty clear to me that Slash and Duff are servants of Axl. Right down to the setlist, Slash was interested in playing Chinese songs and a surprised Axl liked that. Slash and Duff are just kissing Axl’s ass and simply doing what he wants. Touring with Axl in Guns is the money maker they’ve dreamed about. They are all too thankful to go along by his rules. It seems that everyone in his life are complicit in creating this monster that is Axl Rose. Blame Sluff as much as TB. Don’t blame Axl though... they all know exactly what he is. If they really had any integrity about GNR’s music and fans, they’d leave him. They empower his (no) direction of the band. The money is just too good.
  5. Cool!! Tell them both I’m still in love, after all these years
  6. I don’t think this can go on without Tracy.
  7. Marc Canter Live Chat on Discord

    The riots on Melrose Ave were very close to Canters. From the news helicopter footage, his restaurant looked untouched.
  8. 'Scraped' should top this list.

    “Estranged” comes to mind.
  9. RAR 2006 - When the stars aligned

    You’re right! First and last time time he successfully reinvented himself!
  10. If GNR didn’t attempt to profit off cancelled tours, they’d be out of business! (I kid I kid.. I know they’d done like a thousand successful big concerts :D)
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    I’m wrong about my own opinion? Ok.
  12. Guns dicked around with live performances in 00/01. Then toured 02 and did a HUGE VMA “LOOK, here it is!!!” appearance, and all of it was a giant shit show. It led to nothing at all. They had the exposure, and it didn’t work out. Buckets, freaks, braids, and jerseys completely shattered the hopes of what we’re actually a few really good songs. To divert any responsibility away from WAR is well... irresponsible!
  13. NITL live videos on youtube

    His opinion of the band being ‘on’ is going to be different than mine, I can guarantee that. Anything NOT the Houston 2016 concert is a hard pass for me practically.