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  1. I had a code to buy tix for the recent Palladium show, where I’ve seen them before. I passed, and went to the LA County Fair instead. And based on what I read about it and saw on YouTube, I made the correct decision. How sad is that for a fan of 30 years..?!
  2. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    Could you imagine if Beta had half..!
  3. Lies

    Hard to find a shit song on Lies. Mine - Used to Love Her! Everybody loves it, but it’s my least favorite Lies song.
  4. Show me videos of Axl caring about anything since 2010..
  5. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    This is a really fun topic. I’ve always felt that because I heard WTTJ first, and it’s their first song to go big, first song on the first album, etc., my GNR world is in perfect working order. No hysteria and unpredictability in that universe I’ve made up.
  6. No. The most unexplainable thing is that he thinks it’s a Guns album.
  7. Happy Bday CD!

    I reserved my copy at Best Buy. I walked into the store on release day and felt DISAPPOINTMENT cuz there were 500 cds on the prop stand. Nobody was even looking at them.
  8. I get this. But they are so far ahead, what does it matter? It’s not like an album is a money loser for the band. Sure, time and effort is the cost, but as professionals these assholes have to have some bit of music integrity left. They opened every damn show of NILT tour with a great song, It’s So Easy. And in the beginning, it was probably authentic for them. But shit if they weren’t playing that song straight up the fans’ asses when they figured out how fucking easy it was going to be to rip us off. But for them, personally, they have to want to leave behind something from this era. Something of legacy value.
  9. Fucking fantastic!! Way to put yourself out there!
  10. My least favorite — You’re Crazy. Because the acoustic version is one of my all time favs. I actually like TAY and AG. But I like Shotgun Blues too...
  11. I’ve realized that the AFD versions of every song is superior to what was played live or demo’d previously. And those songs were great before the album dropped! Don’t know how they did it, but they pulled 10 rabbits out of their asses with that album.
  12. Got news for everyone saying that the general public is over the moon with Guns. That’s not what I hear. They either don’t care, or know that Axl - 1. “Lost his voice”; and 2. Is fat and weird looking. The best things which happened to put asses in the seats are cheap as hell last minute ticket sales, and those young trendy social media whores wearing vintage (new) Guns shirts. Then, you have all the older folks who want to see Guns again after being fans 25-30 years ago. But saying that this over-bloated stage act with poor vocals and little to no movement on stage besides Axl walking around and Fortus slashing at his guitar and Melissa pogosticking...come on... If casuals are saying it’s a great show, they don’t know what they’re seeing or talking about. They need to get out more often.
  13. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    Anyone at all concerned that they’re playing Dead Horse now... the reality of the current state of the band and maybe Axl’s melodramatic mental outlook of his own life are dripping wet all over a dead horse.
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    Who the fuck Margot?! And how does one become aware of such a person?