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  1. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    I'm a Little Rock native and this was my third time seeing them, including in Minneapolis last weekend. Not to be a homer, but I have to say that this was above and beyond the best show of theirs that I've seen. Axl was on fire, into it, having fun, interacting with the crowd, smiling a lot, and overall had a much stronger voice compared to last weekend. Like the above sentiments, the band is getting tighter and more cohesive.
  2. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    Parking Information: · General parking will open at 8:00 am for all lots east of Fair Park · Golf Course Parking will open at 2:00 pm · All General parking is $ 20.00 · Tailgating is permitted in the public parking areas. No trailers are allowed in the parking areas · Parking is available for guest with disabilities with proper credentials behind the Arkansas Department of Health at Markham and Palm. A shuttle will run between the Heath Department and the stadium before, during and after the concert for anyone with disabilities http://www.wmstadium.com/news/2017/08/05/concert-information
  3. 08/05/2017 - Little Rock, AR - War Memorial Stadium

    Not necessarily so - at least this past year. SIZIN' UP VERIZON: Pollstar recently released its midyear rankings of arena venues by ticket sales. North Little Rock's Verizon Arena came in 27th in the United States, beating bigger cities like Houston, St. Louis, Orlando and Boston and its 2016 midyear ranking (33rd). With other big shows scheduled, including Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton, such figures are music to the arena's ears. http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2017/jul/23/don-t-fret-quirkiness-abides-here-20170/