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  1. Axl is talking about the Sound City sessions where they recorded acoustic versions of 'Jumping Jack Flash' and 'Move To The City' for example. I read it like he's referring to 'an earlier time when they first started recording these acoustics things'. The only thing in this quote that refers to the actual GNR Lies sessions are the first sentences, in bold, I assume he's talking about the April 19/20 1988 GNR Lies session there. What do you guys think ?
  2. 'YCBM' and 'Perfect Crime' were confirmed to have been written during AFD pre-production in mid to late '86. 'YCBM' probably late '86 early '87. 'Perfect Crime' was debuted live on oct 31st 1986.
  3. It was pointed out to me, rather embarassingly , that the (and my) general belief that there was only one GNR Lies session (in Jan 1988), was completely wrong. All the 'evidence' ( boxset liner notes + the FACT that the Niven tracks are from ONE session) points to this conclusion : July 29 1987, Take One Studio, Burbank, CA - Patience [officially released] - You're Crazy [alt. take - officially released] - One In A Million [officially released] -> ??? UNCERTAIN/UNCONFIRMED - EDUCATED GUESS - Used To Love Her [alt. take - circulating unofficially] - Cornchucker [circulating unofficially] - One In A Million [alt. take - circulating unofficially] April 19 1988, Image Studio, Hollywood, CA - Used To Love Her [officially released] - You're Crazy [officially released] April 20 1988, Image Studio, Hollywood, CA - Move To The City [officially released] This all just goes to show that we CANNOT blindly trust band member quotes in interviews (of which I am guilty as well), because they can be proven to be wrong time and time again. Even Marc Canter gets some details wrong. Who can blame them, it's been 30+ years.
  4. metal pedals

    As far as I (!) know : - 'Think About You' from Mystic -> no idea, I seem to remember this wasn't on any commercially released bootleg - 'Crash Diet' [alt. mix] etc -> I first got them on Hell Revisited - Lies outtakes -> first appeared on Niven's cdr's - 'Civil War' outtakes -> if I recall correctly, these first came on one of the ultra rare tracks volumes, coupled WITH the mates stuff, not obviously not recorded AT Mates. Hope that helps. Remember, before someone accuses me again of acting like a know-it-all, these are just from memory, if I'm wrong please correct me.
  5. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    This is discussion is now obsolete, because the liner notes of the boxset have the exact dates/studios listed for these sessions. I/we didn't have that info earlier. The january '88 Rumbo date has been around for ages, didn't start on the internet like you say, it's been mentioned in interviews over the last 30 years. We still don't have a date/studio confirmed for 'One In A Million', 'Used To Love Her', 'Cornchucker' and 'One In A Million' [alt. take.]. And that's only the takes we know about, there might have been lots more that we don't even know about, including other takes of 'Patience' and maybe even 'Yesterdays', which like you said they were planning to record in january '88.
  6. metal pedals

    The 'company' behind Metal Petals was called Club 51 records. They were the original bootleg source for all the AFD Demos (except Mystic). They released three titles in or around '88/'89 : - Welcome To The Sessions 2LP : incomplete Sound City session - Metal Petals 2LP : complete Pasha session - 44 Calibre Horticulture 2LP : incomplete Sound City session (only source for 'Rocket Queen' [take 2], which is missing from 'Welcome To The Sessions'.) Both 'Welcome To The Sessions' and 'Metal Petals' feature that same guy on the back cover it must have been some kind of inside joke of the bootleggers ... no one knows who it is. All other LP bootlegs in the late '80's, and later the cd bootlegs in the early to mid '90's, featuring these demos were sourced from these bootlegs. Often they would be remastered, noise-reduction would be applied, etc. ... One other '80's era bootleg LP features 'Nightrain' from Pasha: 'Everybody's Ass Is Up For Grabs' 2LP (this one was released in late '88) The Mystic session was bootlegged (for the first time ?) on the Rumbo Tapes bootleg cd ('Think About You' excluded). This bootleg (and other clones with the same tracklist) were probably ripped from the 'Second Take Demos' 2LP released in 1990. This is also where the Hellhouse/West Arkeen demos first surfaced.
  7. GNR Lies sessions/takes that we know of : - July 29 1987 - Take One Studio : ' Patience' + 'You're Crazy' [alt. take] - April 19/20 1988 - Image Studio : 'Used To Love Her' + 'You're Crazy' + 'Move To The City' - unknown date/studio (probably one of the above) : 'One In A Million' + 'Used To Love Her' [alt. take] + 'Cornchucker' + 'One In A Million' [alt. take]
  8. I don't agree you can't call it a draw, since I am the only one who has a different opinion on this, everyone else seems to agree that it's Sound City. Maybe we can agree to revert back to that, until it can be proven otherwise ?
  9. Start off the song, single out the guitar that plays the lead melody, and follow that one into the verses. In the verses, that guitar plays open power chords all the way through, on both Many Faces and Pasha. On Sound City however, this guitar plays a rythmic, somewhat palm-muted variation with the three chords. Does that make any sense ?
  10. Interesting. I see where you're getting at. On the other hand, as I pointed out above, the rythm guitar playing on the verses is the same on Many Faces and Pasha, and different on Sound City. Why would they change the way of playing something inbetween two takes ? You could apply that to both that bass line at the start, or the rythm guitars in the verses. So where does that leave us ... Also, from the video comparison, I assume you agree that the Many Faces versions has the correct pitch but runs way too fast ?
  11. ok, for 'Nice Boys', listen to what the rythm guitars are playing in the verses. -> on the Pasha recording : both guitars play single power chords together -> on the Sound City recording : one guitar plays single power chords, the other plays a more rythmic continuous pattern with the same chords now listen to 'Nice Boys' from the Many Faces Of GNR compilation (which to my ears has the correct pitch but runs too fast, hence the shorter running time and weird tempo) -> both guitars play single power chords together, just like the Pasha recording, and unlike Sound City Yes, there are no backing vocals on the Many Faces track, in my opinion because they disregarded this take since Axl is singing out of sync with the music at several points. The backing vocals on the offiically released Pasha version are not live, and were added as an overdub on the better/final take.
  12. Good idea, I'll pull the track up in audacity and play Izzy's channel solo. Had never noticed this about 'Garden Of Eden', thanks for the tip !
  13. Interesting ! First off, let me state clearly that I'm not under the impression that I know everything ! It's just fun stuff to discuss and 'investigate' ... - Where did you get the idea that only Duff plays on 'Attitude' ? The TSI liner lotes list the full band, and many interviews have confirmed that Gilby re-recorded Izzy's TSI tracks. - 'You Ain't The First' from the Q-sound DAT is an alt. vocal take, the whole of Izzy's vocal is different from the officially released version, and also, like you said, the backing vocals differ. The instrumental backing track, hmm, I would have to check more thoroughly. - Izzy definitely plays rythm on the officially released version of 'Garden Of Eden', you must be thinking of 'The Garden', where Slash replaced Izzy's guitar ?
  14. Ok, it was a misunderstanding then, I apologize if I offended you. I only know what is common knowledge, what everyone else knows. I have no' secret illuminati-style GNR information', and if I did, I would share it right away. A lot of times, people share incomplete/incorrect information (that can easily be fact-checked), and I was just trying to avoid that, that's all. Edit: Also, remember we are on the internet, it's not always easy to read someone's 'vibe' when you're not talking face to face ...