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  1. 'Garden Of Eden' never opened any of the shows. 'Jungle' was the opener in Austin in '93. 'Garden Of Eden' was played as the second song instead of 'Mr. Brownstone', one of the few times on the whole UYI Tour that 'Brownstone' wasn't played at all. 'Garden Of Eden' was played at least 3 times on the Skin N' Bones Tour in early '93, but only one recording has surfaced (Austin).
  2. So there will be a thread in the GNR section for the birthday of EVERY musician that inspired Duff Mckagan ?
  3. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    2019 will bring us a 20th anniversary remaster of 'Live Era', for which they will keep Axl's fake vocals, but replace the guitars and bass in the studio. Frank Ferrari and Richard Forbes will also do their part, replacing the drums and rythm guitars, to add to the fake flavour of the project. Melissa Ricci will replace all keyboards and Tracy and Roberta's backing vocals. No one can pinpoint exactly what Dizzy will be doing ... What else is new ....
  4. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    I wonder what GNR songs they will add to the set this time around, will be great to hear those again with a drummer that actually knows how to play them !
  5. Ain’t Going Down

    There's three known/circulating versions : - The instrumental Sound City demo from June 5/6 1986 (bootlegged and eventually released on the boxset) - A live recording from August 23rd 1986 at the Whisky A Go Go (recorded by Marc Canter, bootlegged) - The UYI sessions rough mix -> longer and with vocals (bootlegged) The pinball version is just a midi/digitised version, you can't possibly consider that a 'song'. There's bound to be more recordings (live, rehearsal, studio ?) but they are not circulating.
  6. What about them ? Those people have nothing to do with GNR. Except maybe Dizzy. Maybe.
  7. Bad Obsession - Matt's drumming

    No it was not.
  8. No, I have never ever seen the real Guns N Roses. I apologize. I obviously have no right to speak about these matters. You win !
  9. I never said the '02 tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales (although I think Clear Channel would have a few things to say about that), Axl did that all on his own ! Since you can't seem to understand exactly what I'm saying, I'll spell it out for you : - The Axl Rose solo band tour didn't last from '01 to '11, they merely toured for most of '06 and '10, half of '12, and only a few months each in '02, '07, '11, '13 and '14. OUT OF A GRAND TOTAL OF 15 YEARS !!! - The Axl Rose solo band tours were successfull here and there (riding on the name of a different band), granted, but for the most part they were NOT. In the eye of the general public, they were 15 wasted years. - If the Axl Rose solo band was THAT profitable, don't you think they'd still be going ? Anyway, if you're gonna start twisting my AND your own words, we'll end the discussion here. Have fun with your 'Appetite For Democracy' dvd, I'll be watching 'Saskatoon '93' again !
  10. Successful ? The '02 tour was selling poorly and cancelled half-way ... '06 and '07 were successful, yet the promise of an album turned out to be a lie, and the public quickly returned to their negative stance toward fake GNR. After the release of the album they toured succesfully in '10 and '11, by '12/'13 they were downsizing the venues in the US due to lack of interest, still trying to ride on name alone elsewhere ... It all ended with mere Vegas residencies by '14 ... I think you have a VERY optimistic view of Axl's solo success !
  11. Oh really ? Touring for 8 years before CD was released ? I can only remember him 'touring' in '02, and then again in '06 and some of '07. That's about it ... Also, 20+ years ? Axl first solo show was '01, and his last solo show was mid '14, hardly 20+ years ...
  12. Officially released b-sides missing from the AFD boxset : 1. Mr. Brownstone [alt. mix] 2. Welcome To The Jungle [All Dayparts edit] 3. Sweet Child O' Mine [All Dayparts edit] 4. Welcome To The Jungle [CHR edit] 5. Sweet Child O' Mine [edit] Known/circulating Demos missing from the AFD boxset : 1. Welcome To The Jungle 2. Anything Goes 3. Don't Cry 4. Back Off Bitch 5. Think About You 1-5: Mystic Sound Studio, Selma Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028, August 1985. 6. Nice Boys [alt. take] 7. Heartbreak Hotel [alt. take] 8. Rocket Queen [alt. take] 9. Don't Cry 6-9: Sound City Studios, Cabrito Road, Van Nuys, CA 91406, June 4/5 1986. 10. Jumpin' Jack Flash 11. You're Crazy 12. Reckless Life [without fake crowd noise] 13. Heartbreak Hotel 14. Shadow Of Your Love [without fake crowd noise] 15. Welcome To The Jungle 16. Move To The City [without fake crowd noise] 17. Mama Kin [without fake crowd noise] 18. Nice Boys [without fake crowd noise] 19. Mr. Brownstone 20. Nightrain 21. Sweet Child O' Mine 22. Don't Cry 10-22: Pasha Music House Studio, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028, August 1986. 23. One In A Million [alt. take] 24. Used To Love Her [alt. take] 25. Cornchucker 23-25: Take One Recording Studios, Glenwood Place, Burbank, CA 91506, July 29 1987.
  13. It's embarrassing how promising the Skin N' Bones tour looked at the outset ... Look at this : 02.23.93 - Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX set: Welcome To The Jungle, Garden Of Eden, It's So Easy, Attitude, Double Talkin' Jive, The Garden, Live And Let Die, So Fine, You Ain't The First, You're Crazy, Used To Love Her, Patience, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Piano Solo, November Rain, Dead Horse, Drum Solo, You Could Be Mine, Guitar Solo, Guitar / Piano Jam, Sweet Child O' Mine encore: Nice Boys, Paradise City and then, on the European leg of the SAME tour, we get this : 07.11.93 - Werchter Festival Ground, Werchter, Belgium set: It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Welcome To The Jungle, Attitude, Double Talkin' Jive, Dead Flowers, You Ain't The First, You're Crazy, Used To Love Her, Patience [w/ Imagine], Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Dust In The Wind [Intro] / November Rain, Dead Horse, Drum Solo, You Could Be Mine, Guitar Solo, Sweet Child O' Mine encore: Mother [Intro] / Paradise City I agree with the factor of 'venue type' : as soon as they moved from indoors (NA) to outdoors (Europe), they dropped 'The Garden', never to return. Maybe they thought it wouldn't work in daytime, with the psychedelic lights and all. They also dropped all the other 'deep cuts', often only playing none, or just one of them. The only songs (in comparison to the Werchter setlist above) to make a sporadic appearance in Europe were : 'Yesterdays', 'Estranged', 'Nightrain', 'Nice Boys', 'So Fine' (once !) and 'Don't Cry'. The exception was the show in Guadalajara on April 21st, where they played 'The Garden' outdoors. Maybe it was played in Monterrey both nights as well, but there's no known setlists for those. Another factor I would like to consider is the return of Izzy for the first 5 shows in Europe. Is it possible that they skipped the more 'exotic' songs from the NA tour like 'The Garden' or even 'So Fine' or 'Yesterdays', because Izzy didn't remember how to play them ? Look at the bare bones setlists of those five shows : 05.24.93 - Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece set: Nightrain, Mr. Brownstone, It's So Easy, Live And Let Die, Attitude, Welcome To The Jungle, Double Talkin' Jive, You Ain't The First, You're Crazy, Used To Love Her, Patience [w/ Imagine], Only Women Bleed [Intro] / Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Piano Solo, November Rain, Dead Horse, Drum Solo, You Could Be Mine, Guitar Solo, Godfather Theme, Since I Don't Have You [Intro] / Sweet Child O' Mine, Mother [Intro] / Paradise City Is it possible Izzy just couldn't be bothered to delve to deep into the catalogue, and they just kept the songs he was most familiar with ? When he left again, they stayed with the bare bones setlists till the end of the tour, with a sporadic exception here and there, as mentioned above. I think there was a quote somewhere in interviews of the time, that Izzy couldn't be bothered with rehearsing for these shows ? I'm gonna leave finding the interview quote to you guys, you have proven to be very good at that !