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  1. And it’s basically happened like one time. It’s incredibly hard to find any gnr merch that says “guns and Roses”
  2. Yeah man thanks the preview and very cool to see you here. Great looking litho!
  3. Thanks for the clarification guys, good to have a better understanding of it, and if the NOLA fans like it, well thats kind of the point so kudos there.
  4. Can someone who knows the reference provide some context or other photos to help the rest of us understand this one?
  5. Seriously, how does that even qualify as a litho? At least with some of the previous worst lithos, like Nebraska and Cleveland, someone at least tried. This isn't even an effort. Sorry for these concert goers.
  6. Man that show was so amazing.
  7. ^^ What he said. I would NOT dry mount these lithos. You don't need to, use regular matt board and they are going to be flat and will look great with no permanent sacrifice. As amaninjapan said, the best application for dry mounting is for things are that damaged. I have an original 1970s Hendrix Poster (the psychedelic one thats in the Doors movie). I bought it in lousy shape off of ebay 18 years ago, it even had a big tear in it. The guy who dry mounted it and framed it did an amazing job, 18 years later it still looks brand new.
  8. Tijuana really just showcases how much better Arian Buhler is than everyone else. Why is it hard to just give them all to him and ullie? Or for that matter just hand off the litho management to amaninjapan who knows GNR, art, and concert art better than anyone else here and let him hit it out of the park.
  9. Haha I most definitely did forget this. I had successfully deleted that litho from my mind. That was without question the single biggest letdown litho for me, Florence in the hands of Buhler coulda/woulda/shoulda been soooooooo good.
  10. No other litho artist has done the fine-art inspired lithos, let alone with the canvas effect. I'd bet my collection its buhler.
  11. Haha I have to disagree on Adelaide. Its so crazy, different, and random that its really grown on me. The font makes it cool too.
  12. Ullie is definitely not my favorite litho artist, especially the ones with song lyrics which I think is just beyond cheesy. However, I will say that Sao Paulo and the Hameenlinna castle are both incredible, Ham-castle is super underrated and a top 10 litho for me. The Prague Bone Church is also really strong.
  13. that was amazing, thought it sounded really good too
  14. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    My quick recap, was pit rail slash side, 6th NITL show, I saw ATL and San diego in 2016, winston salem, san diego, and the 4-hour LA forum show in 2017. This was as good as Axl has been all tour in my opinion. His rasp on wednesday was consistent and sounded effortless, it honestly reminded me on the 90s. I do think that 2017 San diego and the forum were amazing performances, he gave every minute of those shows everything he had and the rasp was good, but it was darker, thicker, and less smooth and effortless (aka, more Indiana '91 than Chicago '92). All of these shows have been incredible, but in Charlotte he just had it and it was incredible to see. Other notes: -My last 2 gnr shows have been pit rail 2 with a side profile of axl 8 feet away throughout most of the show. I don't understand the fat axl thing, if anything he's lost some weight since 2 years ago, but he's most definitely not worse. -Slash on the other is looking much trimmer -They tightened up the whole setlist. The intro video was significantly shorter, the jungle intro shorter, I clocked KOHD at 12 minutes which is still ridiculous, but much better than 15-16 minutes. -Rocket queen not quite as long and overall much better without the 6 minute bridge. Axl's outro btw might have the best I've heard on the tour. -Coma outro was unbelievable, as was shadow, I agree with everyone there, that was a highlight. -Wichita lineman can't go fast enough for me, but black hole sun was gone so that was another plus. -Maddy in the encore was awesome, was realllly hoping that would happen. -2 hours, 50 min was a little shorter than most of the last shows in 2018, but its only short for GNR, no other rock band plays shows this long.