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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I have no way of knowing if the average GNR ticket for Caesar's shows is $1000, but I paid $270 per night and there were many available at that price. Elton John was also there doing his second or third residency, doing shows every other night, GNR is doing 2 nights and thats it. In the strange world of expensive concerts, I'd consider this pretty reasonable.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Expanding on this a little: I saw Elton John in that room in 2013, up on the 2nd balcony, and it was hands down the best sounding show I've ever seen, it was like being in the studio with him. Its light years ahead of any arena or stadium. Ever since then its been personal dream of mine to see GNR in that theater, I'm going both nights and can't fucking wait. Yes its more expensive, but its a 4,000 person venue that was purpose-built with great acoustics for musicians to sound their best. For me, that's worth a premium for sure.
  3. No prob, I love that litho. My first GNR show, and my first litho that kicked off this obsession.
  4. Showstuff is one of the best litho sellers on ebay, she also packs them better than anybody.
  5. Yes thank you, I don't want anyone getting scammed.
  6. He sold two, this is not hard to figure out. I would also encourage anyone to read the ebay feedback of those posted auctions.
  7. This is a very reasonable price for those 2 lithos. This is the first Madrid 2017 I've ever seen on ebay, its been a far harder litho to find than London 1 for example or even Slane. Its also one of the absolute best lithos of the entire tour.