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  1. Requested Tokyo 09

    Zombux if you wouldn't mind uploading this one time it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man.
  2. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    can someone pls help me download these in the original 24/96 flacs? Can't seem to make any of the browser extensions work.
  3. "Professionalism" is so subjective. GNR has been in tour mode, so let's use the shows as the barometer here. I saw GNR twice in 2016, those shows were close to the 3 hour mark. I saw GNR 3 times in 2017, two of those shows were 3.5 hours and one was 4 hours. I saw Metallica once in 2017, that show, including the encore, was 2 hours and 15 minutes (shorter than previous Metallica shows I've seen). Its pretty ridiculous to argue that GNR with their 3.5 hour shows are "phoning it in" or "they don't care enough about the fans." They could 2.5 hours a night and no one would be bitching about it, they don't have to be playing such long shows.
  4. If anyone buys that, make god damn sure you get the guy to commit in writing about proper packing (3" tube, inside another box). If you look at his feedback, he sold a $650 Pearl Jam litho and the buyer complained about the packing job.
  5. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Just got home last night, was pit-rail 2 at this show and I've never seen anything like it. I've written longer reviews for other GNR shows this tour, but I have no words to describe this one. Most incredible concert I've ever seen. The fact that we have a soundboard of it makes it that just that much better.
  6. Thanks man! I agree the first US leg was overall really strong. The MSG set is really great, don't let the Slash litho get you down, its an amazing set. I'm looking for a way to get those up somewhere. I might have to take down a white board (this room is supposed to be my home office though) to make that happen haha. This is my home office so I'm trying to keep some semblence of productivity haha.
  7. Thanks guys, glad you liked it! @ Uzi - For the most part they are displayed in a way that allows the colors to somewhat flow from one litho to the next. But I also wanted a couple favorites like Kobe and Madrid front and center. Some of lithos are also very dark and I didn't want the mostly-black lithos to be too concentrated, so I wanted to stagger those so the room wouldn't be too one-sided. So for example, Vienna has red and blue, which fits with stockholm and Hameenlinna #2 next to it. Madrid has the yellow GNR font, so that's a bridge between Kobe and Tokyo, and breaks up what would be too much yellow. Kobe has a lot of gray in it, so NOLA looks good above it. Munich and Orlando have the exact same style with the small text at the bottom and nothing else, so I felt those should go together as well. I'm trying to figure out where to put the MSG trilogy but for now those are in still in the profolio. @ Holographic - I guess technically I'm not done, but I have every litho that I really want, which is about 60-70% of the total. Occasionally there will be one I've changed my mind on and decide to grab when I see come up. There are some I really like that I just couldn't make work on the walls, either because they weren't going to flow well or they barely missed the cut (which is a lot of lithos). I'll occasionally rearrange and swap out a litho from the profolio with one on the wall. Its hard to choose favorites because it depends on the day, but Kobe, Madrid, both Hameelinna's, NOLA, cincy, Tassie Tiger, London 1, Hannover, Paris, Prague Commie, Zurich, and Atlanta since that was my first GNR show (and the ticket stub matches the litho haha). I really like every litho that is framed though.
  8. Hey guys, since the current leg of the tour is winding down, I figured it’d be a good time to share my framed litho collection. Its been a fun 18 months in this thread discussing the lithos with everyone, and its been great getting to know several members through trading. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everybody since it feels like a team effort. A special thanks to my friend amaninjapan, without whom many of these (like Kobe, Madrid, Paris, Hameenlinna Aurora) would not have been possible (thanks bro, can’t for the LA shows next week!)
  9. Are you suggesting that the motorcycle guy on the milwaukee litho isn't as universally adored as MJ?
  10. 11/03/17 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center

    Its a shitty name, but KFC's parent company is Yum! Brands, they also own pizza hut, taco bell, etc.
  11. I mean he can ask any price he wants, doesn't mean he'll get it. There's no reason to suspect they are fake, but there's plenty to suggest the guy is of questionable character. Any buyer who's willing to pay several hundred for a litho would probably like to know who they are buying from, and a guy who fakes a big sale and then puts the same items back up under a different ebay name is probably not someone anyone here wants to do business with.
  12. Wow man that's absolutely awesome! I know that took some real thought and planning, amazing job with it!
  13. 10/26/17 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

    Ah ha! Looks like Duff went and bought the t-shirt, that explains it. Thanks man.
  14. 10/26/17 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

    Haha I'm almost sure that's the reference, hard to see duff's shirt but it looks like its the leg-lamp from A Christmas Story. Did he wear that on stage?