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  1. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    Cool thread. I'd add TWAT - San Diego 2016. That thing blew my fucking mind.
  2. Very cool here. ATL was my first GNR show as well, before 2016 I was positive I was never going to get to see my favorite band live, I'll never forget that one.
  3. Not a fan of the Johnny Crap designs. But if I had to pick one of them, this one wins. Haha it may have been among the weaker Europe 2017 designs, but that was THE best litho run of the tour, which makes this way above average. Its gorgeous in person too.
  4. Looks like a pretty normal amount to me. Some reasonable prices on 2018 if anyone is looking for one of those.
  5. What I did for my euros that you see above, I bought sheets of black acid free mat board, and cut 18x24 rectangles myself (hobby lobby wanted some obscene amount to cut them). Then, you put the litho in the frame against the glass, put the mat board behind it so, then the backing board the frame came with and lock it down. Works great.
  6. I'm a huge Fortus fan, dude is insanely talented and seems to be an all around good dude. I'd print out a color pic of him, lots of great concert pics of him in the pics thread, and have him sign that. Btw check out his appearance on Rig Rundown on youtube, he's a total guitar/pedal nerd and is super knowledgeable. Starts off with Mcbob, then Slash's tech, then the entire last half is Fortus.
  7. This is incredibly common for a variety of legitimate reasons. The most common is when the seller has multiple lithos to sell and doesn't want to have to take separate pictures for every single listing. Furthermore, just because he's hidden the edition #, that doesn't mean that he won't tell you the number if you message him. If for some reason you don't like this practice, find another seller, its really that simple.
  8. [MKV] Madrid 1993 remastered

    Wow man very cool, thanks!!
  9. The problem with the Kobe listing is the seller, not the price. He doesn't even have a picture of the actual litho, and he doesn't respond to questions. There are plenty of people out there who would pay that price, but not without very detailed pictures so they know exactly what the condition is, and not without some communication with the seller. If you want to sell a $2,200 litho and someone who's interested emails you asking for better pictures and you don't respond, guess what, you aren't going to sell anything. Also, AxlisGod, congrats on that sale man, great result especially in such a short time.
  10. The whole litho is a dada art inspiration, a movement that originated in Zurich.
  11. Most underrated litho imo is Zurich. One of the best lithos of the entire tour and no one ever talks about it.
  12. I am 100% sure an A3-sized Buenos Aires is fake, do not pay him more than you think that's worth.
  13. Just checked mine for you, its very nearly full size, like 24" tall and 17" wide, its slightly narrower than the standard lithos.
  14. Just a fyi, Prague propaganda and bone church were also /80
  15. Thanks man, yeah I did it myself, frames from hobby lobby (real glass on sale for $25/each), the euros are slightly smaller and need a sheet of black mat board behind them which I cut myself. I also did wiring and wire brackets myself, measured the walls, etc. Quite a commitment but it came out great.