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  1. The whole litho is a dada art inspiration, a movement that originated in Zurich.
  2. Most underrated litho imo is Zurich. One of the best lithos of the entire tour and no one ever talks about it.
  3. I am 100% sure an A3-sized Buenos Aires is fake, do not pay him more than you think that's worth.
  4. Just checked mine for you, its very nearly full size, like 24" tall and 17" wide, its slightly narrower than the standard lithos.
  5. Just a fyi, Prague propaganda and bone church were also /80
  6. Thanks man, yeah I did it myself, frames from hobby lobby (real glass on sale for $25/each), the euros are slightly smaller and need a sheet of black mat board behind them which I cut myself. I also did wiring and wire brackets myself, measured the walls, etc. Quite a commitment but it came out great.
  7. Thanks very much! (and to all others who commented). It’s my home office and I spend most of my time in there, so I do indeed enjoy them every day. 33 framed GNR lithos total in the room.
  8. Serious bummer, no idea what happened but the Las Ramblas litho was light years better. The new one looks like a jr. high art contest submission, and has nothing to do with the amazing city of Barcelona.
  9. I have to agree, there is some stiff competition for sure, but Kobe is the king.
  10. I'm assuming our negotiation is over since you just took our private conversation to the public forum. Not that it really matters, but the ask for my Cinci is $750, not $700. This is for the simple fact that I may never see another one, and there hasn't been one on ebay in so long you can't even look up sold items for it. Feel free to look elsewhere for it. I'm really not into rubbing things in peoples faces, that's basically the opposite of who I am, but I went out of my way to inform you of the current landscape and this is the thanks I got, so here you go: None of these are for sale.
  11. In that case, pm me and we can talk.
  12. You have to understand the extreme amount of time and money that it takes to acquire that list of lithos. Several people here have them, but they probably spent a hundred hours and plenty of money (well north of a grand per litho for most of your list) making it happen. No one is going to just wake up one day and say "Yeah, I don't really think I need this Paris litho that took me 6 months to find and cost me $1,500, and this random guy on the forum with 20 posts wants a great deal on it, so I'm just going to take it out of the frame and fire-sale it to him because I'm in a good mood." The only situation that is changing is that these lithos are going up in value every day. Your best shot is Madrid 2018 since that concert just happened, and that's where I agree with you, that litho will soon belong in that list for rarity and value.
  13. Agreed, easily the best of the 2018 europe leg, and up there with some of last year's best for sure. The level of detail is amazing.
  14. I hate to break it to you, but that $600 for slane on ebay is a good deal. Its only the second one to ever hit ebay, and only the third I've ever heard of changing hands (and I'm in touch with a couple huge litho collectors). It poured rain throughout that entire concert, in a 100% open air venue that's basically one big field. People who spent 50 pounds on their litho then had to protect it for 3 hours during the show. As a result, very few were sold and the fans who did buy them are very attached to them.
  15. I'm floored by the quality of this, especially the audio.