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  1. I'm really struggling to see how this has any relevance whatsoever to Guns N' Roses. So we take a bunch of illuminati and masonic imagery, and then add the world's smallest GNR bullet logo, replace a couple other minor elements with 2 guns and rosses, and we have a GNR poster? On top of that, shouldn't it say "Washington DC" down the side, not just "Washington?"
  2. Exactly. I search ebay every day for GNR lithos, this is the first Madrid to hit any of the worldwide ebay sites, including ebay.es. Its one of the best designs from the entire tour and the rarity goes without saying. I talked to a few people who went to that show on the nighttrain forums, and they all said no one they knew got a litho because 50e was considered way too high for a poster in Spain, so its quite possible not many were sold in the first place. So yeah its really expensive, but all things considered, it might be worth it to someone. I've seen collectors spend crazy money on things they can't put on the wall and enjoy every day.
  3. Hey guys what time do doors open tonight?
  4. Hey guys what time did the doors open tonight?
  5. Thanks man, have a buddy going tomorrow, hoping he can snag me one.
  6. So there's a litho limit of 1 per customer for those who don't have a ticket to the show? If you have a ticket and go inside can you get more than 1 litho?
  7. What about the bass guitar behind him in that litho? Arian Buhler was also responsible for the only other litho trilogy of the tour, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's whats about to happen.
  8. Looks awesome man! Perfect choice of frame for the Maori!
  10. There was not. No South American lithos last time either, so we'll see if the next 3 have any.
  11. Thanks bud! Yeah Zurich and Hannover are both amazing lithos, 2 of Buher's masterpieces imo.
  12. That's a great trade for both of you. They are worth similar amounts of money and Osaka is an awesome litho and very hard to find.
  13. I pm'd you a few hours after your last post about trading for it, but it looks like you never opened my message.
  14. Hey guys, looking for 1 pit ticket for San Diego if anyone has one.