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  1. As someone who followed the band since UYI came out but didn’t get to see them line until 2006, I might be a bit biased in picking Chinese Democracy. I like the build the song gets. Jungle works the same, but I feel it a bit too cliched, at this point. The other old openers like PC either wouldn’t work today because of Axl’s capabilities or the image they have now versus ‘91. Coma should never open, but Nightrain could be good anyway.
  2. I noticed this, too having had Pit Tickets for Ottawa, TO 1 & 2. In Ottawa (stadium), both pits were packed. They were separate, but security let you pick your side, even telling me that the Duff/Fortus side had way more room when I showed up. For both TO shows, I was in the Duff/Fortus pits and they used different coloured wristbands to control entry. At the first show, my pit had maybe 15 people in it, and I was super-happy. I overheard the security supervisor saying that this was because the checkers thought all you needed was a wristband, so most people went to the Slash side. For Night 2, it was more full in my pit - but still way more room to move than at my stadium show.