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  1. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    So did dizzy reed hand out with gnr in 1985? Its says this happened in 85 but the girl points out dizzy and says hes axl, i know he didnt join till about 1990
  2. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    i was always under the impression anything filmed live by someone was owned by the person that recorded?
  3. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    theres a wee bit with him and heather but not much, pam is not mentioned at all in the film
  4. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    watched it last night, if any of its true they realy were a bunch of unlike able cunts, imo nikki 6 is nothing more than a posser, tommy lee is a joke with his stupid drum kit, mars came across ok in the film maybe because his sarcasm reminds me of me lol but in real life i hear he was slightly different, and vince wore what looks like ugg boots in an interview with sammy haggar, enough said about him lol
  5. We bought tickets for the saturday show at the gate for £8 lol i do remember the field was pure mud and a load of us all fell, i was mocket and got some funny looks on the train on the way home lol i remember standing inside the toilets after the show when it ws raining but most of the show was a blur lol
  6. I take it this was the first night? I dont remember the rain because i was that drunk lol 10 hour train ride from scotland drinking all day and we got in just as nightrain started, had tickets for the 2nd day aswell, the cult were great
  7. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Axl was in top form in glasgow, as good as when i seen them in 92 and 93
  8. What was Offsrpings beef with GnR?

    I used to get comments about listening gnr aswell, i sometimes still get comments or strange looks when wearing shorts because i have a gnr tattoo on my leg lol
  9. What was Offsrpings beef with GnR?

    Thats the only 2 of their songs i can listen to lol
  10. Yoy have been here long enough to know your not allowed to say anything against axl, fuck iv had post deleted cause i told the truth about him lol
  11. its only a pitty 95% of maidens stuff is shite though