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  1. Isn't this exactly the same shit Axl has been pulling for the last 20 years? Under rehearsed, out of shape, sloppy vocal technique... it's just the same shit, different year. Does it even need to be said anymore?
  2. I don't know, I've seen some less than stellar live vocals from Jon, but nothing that rivals Axl at his worst.
  3. Excited About GNR future

    Of course I wouldn't wish the man dead, but it wouldn't make one iota of difference to my fandom if he did pop his clogs. Most GNR fans have been mourning the loss of his wasted potential for the last twenty years. It's not like you could turn around and say "just think of all the great music we've missed out on now he's gone."
  4. Excited About GNR future

    How's that worse? All of those bands have catalogues that are double or triple the size of GNRs. Whilst I'm pleased for Axl and co that they're not six feet under, it's the music why I'm here, and the fanbases of those bands have all had it a lot better than Guns fans over the years. If you're not much into live shows (which I'm not) then being into GNR is dull as dishwater. It's just year after year of nothing, no albums, not even a one off single or a bonus track tacked onto the end of a hits compilation.
  5. Excited About GNR future

    Bless Guns N Roses fans. They never learn, do they?
  6. Does he say anything notable? I'd love him just to come out and say something genuine and stop being so diplomatic all the time. "During the time I was in the band, Axl had no creativity left in him and was just biding time before he could cash in on the reunion. The truth is, he hasn't be an active artist and songwriter for the last decade at least and I was done wasting my time."
  7. Villains - Queens of the Stone Age

    I like a few QOTSA songs, but there's something about Josh Hommes that gets on my tits. I think it's that he just looks like a smug asshole who loves himself and needs a good punch in the face.
  8. Is it even disguised anymore? I think mygnrforum.com should close the site and put up this message and only consider reopening it once the band release some music. Name and shame the fuckers - call em out for exactly what they are - corporate whores who couldn't be any further removed from the spirit of AFD if they tried.
  9. Saw this on an MJ board I visit, and thought you could apply it pretty much word for word to GNR. What do you reckon? Original thread: http://mymjjforum.boards.net/thread/114/worth-legendary-artists-release-albums
  10. Bit of a dickmove not to allow fans to have photos taken with you.
  11. Who comes out with new music first?

    What makes you think never when you were so certain last year? I mean, I'm sceptical, obviously, otherwise I'd never have entered into our bet. But I like to hope I will one day be proven wrong.
  12. Who comes out with new music first?

    Blimey, 2016 really did a number on you, didn't it?
  13. They're so excited they haven't even set foot in a recording studio yet
  14. Axl & his "Appetite"

    So basically if Axl couldn't bury AFD in terms of quality, he would do it with quantity instead? Not much of plan. Fast forward to 2017, and we have neither quality or quantity. Just live show after live show after tedious live show. What a waste.
  15. Most sensitive fanbase?

    MJ fans are a tough bunch. Very hard to openly discuss various aspects of his personal life on MJ fan forums, without being ostracized by the vocal majority who constantly paint MJ as a martyr. Mozza fans are mostly a bunch of cunts. Prince fans are the coolest cats on the net.