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  1. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Yeah, but I mean on an album. It's a stronger track than three or four cuts on Appetite and half of Lies and UYI imo.
  2. Rank The Songs on LIES

    I'm genuinely surprised how popular One In A Million is proving to be. Always considered one of the weaker tracks in the GNR canon. I'd rate it (best to worst): 1. Move To The City 2. Patience 3. Used To Love Her 4. You're Crazy 5. Nice Boys 6. One In A Million 7. Mama Kin 8. Reckless Life TBH, it beggars belief that a song as strong as Shadow of Your Love was never officially released back in the day, when much weaker shit like Reckless Life and Mama Kin were.
  3. What if D.J. and Bumblefoot were never a part of GNR?

    That's not true for Bumblefoot. He's all over Chinese Democracy.
  4. I think it was beyond tacky to cover SFTD anyway. There are just some songs you don't cover and Sympathy is one of em. It's akin to a band like Avenged Sevenfold covering Welcome To The Jungle... pointless, uninspired and never going to beat the original, so why bother?
  5. Only with Guns N Roses could you spent $1,000 for a 1 in 10,000 chance of hearing one new song.
  6. It just strikes me as odd to have an instrumental version of a song officially released by the band, when a vocally completed version exists. So what if it was finished up in the UYI era.... it still would've been a cool bonus to the set and I don't think anyone would've complained "this isn't AFD-era."
  7. People always bang on about Robin's TIL solo, but his best solo on Chinese imo is that tasty bluesy solo he does on Better. I actually really love Slash's interpretation of that solo, he uses a lot more notes, but unlike a lot of his Chinese lead work, it is structured, melodic and actually goes somewhere. I do cringe at how Slash has simplified the sweep picking part in Better though (the part that Ron used to do). Surely I can't be the only fan who’s noticed this sloppy cop-out?
  8. They still could've included it as a bonus track. Sucks to have an instrumental officially released when a vocally complete version exists.
  9. UYI I & II vs. Load & Reload

    Y'see, that's why this stuff never works, cuz you've not mentioned two of the songs I consider strongest on the albums, King Nothing and Fixxxer.
  10. UYI I & II vs. Load & Reload

    UYI and it's not even close.
  11. I'm still perplexed as to why they used the instrumental version of Ain't Goin Down No More instead of the version with vocals?
  12. Well, perhaps it’s because I rarely listen to the album versions of those songs. If ever I get a hankering to listen to Appetite, it’s almost always a live version of the songs. I actually forgot that Anything Goes was a half decent track. I probably hadn’t heard it for years, with it being the only AFD track that doesn’t have multiple live recordings.
  13. Maybe I have unsophisticated ears, but am I the only one who doesn't hear much of a difference in the remastering? I swear it's all a big con. My only interest in this release lies in the bonus content.
  14. I agree with every word. I too have grown more fond of the two Snakepit albums over time, especially I5OCS. And I love how you summed up SMKC, as having this faux-metal, washed up Sunset vibe. I like some of their shit, but you're right, as a band, they're cheesy as fuck. Both Snakepit and VR were much cooler. I miss the days when you used to hear just a few notes and you'd be like "that is so Slash." I remember after I first got into GNR, hearing the song Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper for the first time. Before I even checked the album credits, I knew that it was Slash playing that lead part in the intro. It just had that Slash sound, the tone... the guy who used to make his guitar sing. I haven't felt that in Slash's playing since VR, and the lead work in songs like You Got No Right, Messages and Loving The Alien.
  15. But he managed to put his own spin on Better, and I actually prefer his solo to Finck's on that one. I dunno, maybe he just really digs that song and can't be bothered with the others....