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  1. Nah, no matter how hard I try, I can't get excited about this. Call me when he drops a proper new GNR song.
  2. Michael Jackson

    This would've been killer imo: 1. Unbreakable 2. Hollywood Tonight 3. Xscape 4. You Rock My World 5. Butterflies 6. Heartbreaker 7. Heaven Can Wait 8. Speechless 9. We've Had Enough 10. The Lost Children 11. Whatever Happens 12. Threatened
  3. Michael Jackson

    Fuck off Len. Besides, there's already a song on the album that's called (I'm Saving A Place For All) The Lost Children. I kid you not. I can only imagine the face of the record company execs when they heard that one. Say what you will about him, but the man was the ultimate troll, before anyone coined the term in the internet age.
  4. Michael Jackson

    What would've been on your 12 track Invincible?
  5. Ashba isn't fit to lick the grease out of Bumblefoot's beard.
  6. Such as? Playing other peoples riffs and solos for nearly two decades? Hardly a major contribution by anyone's standards. Even Ron made a more significant contribution to GNR than that. At least he wrote a few of his own solos... doesn't Fortus's contribution to ChiDem consist of a 15 second guitar breakdown in the middle of Better?
  7. Michael Jackson

    Check out my MJ board: http://mymjjforum.boards.net There's a whole section dedicated to the allegations. Feel free to ask any questions, we have some very knowledgeable and intelligent posters who know the history of the cases like the back of their hand.
  8. You joke now, but I wouldn't put it past them.
  9. The Lebeis family wouldn't let that happen. The will would mysteriously disappear, the contents of the unreleased music would be sold off to the highest bidder and Beta/Fernando would have a tell-all biography out within 18 months.
  10. I'm assuming value for money is not taken into consideration when assessing which releases are up going to be up for nomination?
  11. I guess a lot of fans are holding out hope that Axl/Slash/Duff have been working on it in secret for a while now. It's not beyond the realms of possibility. David Bowie made a massive surprise comeback when he released The Next Day and recorded it in secret without anybody knowing it was coming, so it is possible. And it also makes sense that they would keep their cards close to their chest, and publicly talk things down in interviews, as both Slash and especially Axl have come undone in the past from revealing/promising too much etc. Of course, Slash could just simply be telling the truth, and perhaps they really haven't started work on anything yet, but when they do, I highly doubt we will know anything about it until the album is ready to drop.
  12. I know what you mean about AOA and early 00s metal sounding riffs, but some of the songs actually reminded me of the uptempos on Chinese Democracy, especially on that first AOA album with Weiland. And as I love CD, I really dug the sound/production on that first record, far more than anything on SOA's debut. Get On Down is still my jam.
  13. Or Rocket Queen. Or YCBM. Or almost every CD song minus the title track and the occasional passable performance of Better.
  14. And me. I preferred AOA over SOA.
  15. It's worth noting that SMKC are touring quite extensively thoroughout Jan, Feb and the beginning of March. I have a hard time believing GNR would drop a new record while Slash was on the road with his other band. Probably just a crappy live album after all.