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  1. Foo Fighters "Concrete & Gold"

    When bands who are firmly established in one specific genre step outside of their comfort zone you get records like St Anger and Chinese Democracy. Some artists/bands are good with dabbling in multiple genres, others are just good at one genre, but they do it well. The Foos fall into the latter category, I guess - and there's no shame in that. The shame is in bands like Guns N Roses who can't be bothered to release anything, ever.
  2. Foo Fighters "Concrete & Gold"

    Funny you mention Echoes, as that has always been my favorite Foos album. I wasn't aware of any collective disappointment from fans about that album though.... maybe that passed me by? But I don't really see how Echoes is all that different musically from the rest of their stuff - it certainly never struck me as an album intending to reinvent the wheel. If any of their albums were a departure from their comfort zone, I would say it was Sonic Highways.
  3. Foo Fighters "Concrete & Gold"

    I feel like that’s an unfair statement to make. The Foos do what they do, and they do it well. Who do they need to evolve for? They obviously like what they do, as do their many fans, so why should they switch musical directions just for the sake of “being different”? At least they’re productive, which is more than can be said for the sorry excuse of a band this website is dedicated to.
  4. Plans after July 2018

    Even Fat Elvis had his successful comeback gig, but it was mostly a steady decline. I stand by the analogy.
  5. Plans after July 2018

    The twilight of his prime was 2006-2010. We're now in the Fat Elvis years.
  6. Foo Fighters "Concrete & Gold"

    I've actually been giving Sonic Highways a few spins since listening to the new album, and I think I slept on it a bit, as there are some genuinely great songs. I always liked Something From Nothing and I Am A River, but Congregation, What Did I Do/God As My Witness and Feast & A Famine are all brilliant.
  7. Plans after July 2018

    Writing and recording a new album. lol
  8. Foo Fighters "Concrete & Gold"

    I love the title track - it's probably my second favourite on the album. Reminds me of Bowie. I'm quite enjoying the album, more so than anything they've done since Echoes, Patience, Silence & Grace. Wasting Light had a great first half, but a load of filler on the second half, before closing with one of their best songs (Walk). So all in all, a patchy effort. Sonic Highways felt a little underdeveloped in places. Something From Nothing, Congregation and Feast & The Famine were great tracks, but as a whole, I think its ambition outweighed its merit. Concrete & Gold doesn't really have any weak tracks. The pick of the bunch being Dirty Water, Arrows, Make It Right, La De Da and the title track. Oh, and The Sky Is A Neighbourhood was a terrific single.
  9. It does sort of feel as if the problem isn't necessary a lack of intent or inspiration, but more a case of the emperor having no clothes. I think the notion that Axl has a treasure trove of unreleased music that he's holding back is absurd. Stories of completed albums being handed over and rejected by the label strike me as nothing more than the fantasist delusions of a starved fanbase. Creatively, I think Axl Rose has been hugely overestimated and overrated by the GNR fanbase. So he played a few impressive piano runs in the early 90s and single handedly wrote November Rain and Estranged. That's all well and good, but that was over 25 years ago. What has he offered musically since then? Take away Buckethead, Robin Finck and multiple other collaboraters from Chinese Democracy and what are we left with that we know with 100% certainty that Axl came up with? This I Love. One corny Andrew Lloyd Webber pastiche and even that dated back to the early 90s. The endless touring and reunion happened because he had nothing else to offer.
  10. Maybe he's right, but he still needs to get the fuck over it. So he played drums well on a great album 30 odd years ago and has spent the rest of his life living off it. Count yourself lucky you were a part of something as great as Appetite, be a man, and stop whining, snivelling and crying like a pussy bitch to anybody who will listen. It's very unbecoming.
  11. Reunions are always shit, mostly because they're never about a genuine desire to be a creative unit again and almost always about cashing in on nostalgia. When Slash and Axl reunited I hoped for the former, but predictably, we got the latter.
  12. I think you'd be surprised what you're prepared to let go of when millions of dollars are at stake.
  13. Genuinely interested to see the general consensus towards the man post reunion.
  14. Critically acclaimed bands/artists you hate

    When were Bon Jovi critically acclaimed?