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  1. Call me when "King Fortus" comes up with a riff as fantastic as SCOM or Anastasia or a solo as iconic as November Rain or Nightrain. I won't hold my breath for your call.
  2. Chinese Democracy Is 9 Years Old

    It was released 9 years ago, but 3/4 of the album is between 11-17 years old. Makes you realise how long it's been since Axl did anything remotely creative.
  3. Sorry, but this is a crock. So according to you, Bad Obsession wouldn't go down well to a crowd of 50k but Prostitute does? Get real. I wager WAY more people in an average GNR audience own a copy of UYI1 than Chinese Democracy. People are going to these shows because they want to see Axl and Slash perform the songs Axl and Slash made famous. It's only out of sheer stubborn arrogance that Axl continues to include so many CD songs in the set. You say that the crowd wouldn't be responsive to the deep cuts from their heyday, but you do realise that practically every song on ChiDem is a deep cut? Or did I miss This I Love topping the charts and becoming a worldwide smash hit back in 2008???
  4. Further evidence that Axl Rose was desperate to turn himself into Trent Reznor back then.
  5. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    And I would say all of these Ron-penned songs are superior to anything Robin Finck has ever done (although I'm sure you won't bother listening to them, as it sounds like you've already made your mind up about Bumblefoot):
  6. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Writing a guitar solo is not the same thing as coming up with an entire chord progression, melody line, harmony parts and the overall structure of an entire song. Robin doing a few tasty guitar solos on ChiDem does not make him a songwriter. Irrespective of whether you rate Ron's material outside of Guns, he IS a songwriter, who has multiple credits to his name. Robin's only songwriting credit is Better.
  7. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Again, what's this wonderful songwriting you refer to with Robin? Are we really ranking him as a top songwriter just because he co-wrote Better? As far as we know, that is the only song Finck has ever had a hand in writing, whereas Ron has written numerous albums, both solo and with his bands. It may not be to everybody's taste, but it certainly beats Robin Finck's measley sole songwriting credit.
  8. What do you think the odds are of them announcing more UK shows before/after Download? I hate festivals and refuse to do them, but I did notice on the tour dates that there's two free days before and two free days after Download. I'm hoping they announce something else....
  9. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Am I missing something here when people are lauding what a great songwriter Finck was? Isn't Better his sole songwriting credit? I mean, it's a good song and all, but one good song doesn't make someone a great songwriter.
  10. I often wonder how differently they would've divided up the Illusions material had they decided to release one album in 1990 and a follow up in 1993 as two completely unrelated albums. Maybe something like this? "Perfect Crime" released in 1990: 1. Perfect Crime 2. You Could Be Mine 3. Back Off Bitch 4. Don't Cry 5. Civil War 6. 14 Years 7. Live & Let Die 8. Double Talkin Jive 9. November Rain 10. The Garden 11. The Garden of Eden 12. Don't Damn Me 13. Dead Horse 14. Coma "Use Your Illusions" released in 93: 1. Right Next Door To He'll 2. Dust N Bones 3. Yesterdays 4. Knockin On Heavens Door 5. Pretty Tied Up 6. Breakdown 7. Locomotive 8. You Ain't The First 9. Bad Apples 10. Get In The Ring 11. Shotgun Blues 12. Bad Obsession 13. Estranged 14. My World
  11. I was surprised when I saw Slash in your avatar and you rated My World as a 10!!! I assumed you must've been one of those cray-cray Axl nut swingers or something....
  12. I always assumed you had BO anyway. Aren't you Asian? *is that too offensive even for you?*
  13. You're just afraid of anything that even closely resembles metal, which Coma really doesn't, but I can see why some people would make that association. You won't break out in greasy dyed black hair and start wearing leather studded biker jackets if you admit to liking it y'know.
  14. Fuck you both, Coma is the dogs bollocks. And it don't sound nothing like a Sabbath riff to my ears, other than the fact that it's slow and dark sounding.
  15. My World over Coma? Now I've really heard it all.