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  1. "Without Rings" Someone's hanging out, We can't forget about. Things that people do when they're free. Like visitors from space, It's hard to find a place, To blend in and go unrecognized. I'm waiting for a sign, I'm standing on the road, My mind outstretched to you. I'm picking something up, I'm letting something go, Like a dog I'm fetching this for you. Pictures in mind: Rows of poppy fields, Harmony entwined, Changing gears that grind. Pictures in my mind. Pictures in my brain: Electrical energy, Fighting drugs with pain, There's a war inside. Pictures in my brain. I'm looking for a job, I don't know what I'm doing, My software's not compatible with you. But this I can't deny, I know that you can fly, 'Cause I'm here on the ground without you. Angel without wings, Owner without things, Sharpshooter without rings around you. The road we used to ride, Together side by side Has flowers pushing through the dotted line.
  2. I love Unholy, but I'm with you on Battleground. The One You Loved Is Gone is the best ballad SMKC have done and rivals Starlight for the best Slash/Myles slow song.
  3. Interesting thoughts. Although I much, much prefer LTD to WOF. I personally think The One You Loved Is Gone is a million times better and more heartfelt than Bent To Fly and Battleground (I thought the ballads on WOF were kinda weak tbh). I do agree however that Sugar Cane is awesome. Such a fun track.
  4. Yeah, I gotta say, this album has really surpassed my expectations. It's probably the only album Slash has released where I genuinely like/love every track. It seems to be quite a divisive record amongst GNR fans, people either love it or hate it. But for me, I really wasn't expecting much. I like AL and WOF, but they never got me overly-excited. I bought them both when they came out and dug 4-5 tracks off each album, but found them overly-long, meandering and with a bit too much filler. LTD is a tight album, every song has its place and I can play it beginning to end without feeling the need to skip anything. I never thought I'd say that about a Slash album, but I really feel Slash and Myles have knocked it out of the park with this one. If they can keep making records of this quality, I ain't even that bothered if Slash wants to stick with Myles and let Axl sit on his arse in between cashgrab tours.
  5. Am I the only one who can totally hear Scott Weiland singing "c'mon, c'mon read between the lines" ?
  6. It definitely gets better with repeated listens. I think it's Slash's strongest set of songs since his 2010 guest singers album.
  7. I actually think this is SMKC's best album to date, but yeah, I don't think Myles particularly challenges Slash. I'm sure some of these riffs given to Axl would've resulted in the songs being developed further as Axl is undoubtedly a singer/artist with far more depth than Myles. But until Axl can be arsed to record a new record, this is all Slash is going to do. It isn't Slash's fault that Axl is too lazy to record new music.
  8. Funny review, but far too many references to bowel movements. Slash is, for better or worse, one of those artists who puts out whatever he creates and doesn't overthink his output. Perhaps some more care and time would increase his quality control, but that's not who is Slash is, and quite frankly, I'd rather Slash's approach to making music than Axl's, who never seems inspired or motivated to create anything new. it's funny how you criticise the album for being too pop and yet you're favourite song on the record (The One You Loved Is Gone) is the poppiest song on there.
  9. I still listen to Slash's albums. Snakepits get played quite regularly. With AL, I still regularly play selective songs, namely Anastasia, Not For Me, You're A Lie and Far & Away. With WOF, I still listen to Beneath The Savage Sun, 30 Years To Life, The Unholy, Automatic Overdrive and Wicked Stone.
  10. Here's my track by track review: Call Of The Wild - Very Aerosmith-esque riffs going on here. Quite like the lyrics about modern technology taking over our lives and the chorus manages to be catchy without being cheesy (unlike the title tracks on WOF and especially AL). Also really like the gentle breakdown in the middle. Best opener on a SMKC album so far. 7/10 Serve You Right - This one has yet to really grab me. Feels like just a hodge-podge of ideas that don't really go together. There's some nice riffing in the verses, but the chorus feels weak. The ending is cool, building towards a crescendo etc, but when the rest of the song fails to deliver, that doesn't count for much. 3/10 My Antidote - Decent enough track, but not particularly memorable and the weakest of the three teaser tracks. 5/10 Mind Your Manners - Okay, so its very SMKC-by-numbers, but its a decent track with a strong chorus and lots of energy. I like this one. 7/10 Lost Inside The Girl - This is a very curious song, the verses are very Snakepit and it's nice to hear this band doing something a bit different, but the chorus feels at odds with the rest of the song. I think I would've preferred it if they'd have tried to come up with a chorus more in the style of the verses. Still, kudos to SMKC for trying something a little different. And there's some really tasty little lead licks from Slash in the solo. 7.5/10 Read Between The Lines - This belongs in the category of Slash songs that are complete throwaway but I actually quite like. Its probably the most Velvet Revolver sounding song in the SMKC catalogue, although Myles doesn't quite have the swagger to pull it off like Scott did. Fun, but forgettable. 5/10 Slow Grind - Very average song. Riff is nothing special. Ultimately feels very lazy and uninspired. 2/10 The One You Loved Is Gone - The big ballad of the album, and probably the best ballad Slash has done with Myles. The song is basically Myles does Gotten with a few alterations. The arrangement is a bit strange, it has verse one/verse two/chorus/middle-eight/solo/down-verse/chorus. Its a bit odd that they go from the first chorus straight to the middle-eight and it also seems a strange choice that they only repeat the chorus twice throughout the entire song. Still, it stood out to me as one of the best tracks on a first listen and I like it more with repeated listens. Slash absolutely nails the solo on this one. 8.5/10 Driving Rain - Again, it's SMKC-by-numbers, but its a much better single than World On Fire, which I always considered to be a distinctly average track. The chorus is strong and anthemic and the riffs are classic Slash. What's not to like? 7/10 Sugar Cane - Average song, lazy repeitive riff. Filler. 2/10 The Great Pretender - The most epic sounding song on the record. This song is one of those ones like Messages or Estranged, where the guitar refrain is the hook. I really like this. My only gripe is, it feels like it could've been expanded on somewhat. More than any other song on the album, this one makes me think "man, I wonder what Axl could've done with this." 8/10 Boulevard of Broken Hearts - Okay, I hear a bit of Run To The Hills and Thunderstruck in here. And also a bit of Libertad, something like American Man. Mix them all in a blender, put Myles Kennedy on vocals and you habe this song. Decent closer. 6.5/10 Overall - These SMKC albums are always worth getting, imo. They're not GNR-standard, and the band have yet to produce anything worthy of Slash's best songs with Snakepit (I like Anastesia as much as anyone, but it's not in the same league as Serial Killer), but they're fun pop-rock albums, with usually a good mix of styles and a few surprises here and there. I would say the strongest SMKC so far is WOF, as there is nothing here that quite matches The Unholy or Beneath The Savage Sun. But it is nice to hear them growing as a band and stepping outside of their tried and tested fomular occasionally. Now Slash, get Axl in that studio and give us the Guns album next before you set foot in a recording studio with Myles again.... SIgned, Guns N Roses and Slash fans worldwide.
  11. Definitely one of the best songs on the album and probably their most convincing ballad. Still think the chorus sounds unfinished though.
  12. Anyone else think Slash has stepped up his lead playing on this album? For AL and WOF, it very much felt like he was improvising most of his solos, and not really hitting those big money notes that made his lead work so great in the 90s. Maybe the GNR reunion and playing those old solos has inspired his lead playing again, because there's really some terrific solos on this album, far better than those on WOF and AL.
  13. Really fucking weird seeing Slash thank Axl Rose, Beta Lebeis and Fernando Lebeis in the album booklet. Album itself isn't bad. I actually quite liked the singles (must be in the minority on that one), but Mind Your Manners and Driving Rain are both decent tracks. Other highlights are The Great Pretender and Lost Inside The Girl. The One You Loved Is Gone is a really nice track, but I can't help but feel it is trying to be Gotten Pt 2, but doesn't quite make the same impact. The chorus feels unfinished to me. Some really beautiful lead work on it though, and Myles does a good job, I just wish they'd spent a little longer on the arrangement. The Call of The Wild is very Aerosmith. Probably my favourite album opener from SMKC. Nice to have Slash back being creative. As much as SMKC aren't my favourite band, I would rather see Slash doing something creative than just more endless touring of the hits with Axl and Duff.