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  1. Talk about first world problems.
  2. Well, if I'd have dropped $300+ on tickets, travel and accomodation, I would've likely been hellbent on making the most of it and having a great time as well. But me having a good time wouldn't change anything about the quality of Axl's vocals, which can fairly and objectively be assessed on a YouTube clip.
  3. Yes, but it has to be seen to be believed. It sounds ropey as shit on those blasted iPhone cameras.
  4. What I don't understand is, Axl didn't even sing Coma hardly at all even when he was at his peak, so why he thinks he can pull it off nightly nowadays when his voice is in far worse shape is a real mystery.
  5. Phone camera footage uploaded onto Youtube can only be trusted if Axl sings passably well. The quality of the technology and even the humidity of the fucking venue are all called into question when he sounds bad. Phones cameras cannot be trusted. I actually sing like Freddie Mercury, but when I record myself on my crappy iPhone camera, it makes me sound completely tone deaf. It's a very strange phenomenon.
  6. I'm sorry, but the whole YouTube thing is such a lame fucking argument. These fans act as if Axl's out of tune, out of time, painful vocals don't exist when you're actually there in person. They do, you're just too invested in having a good time to give an objective opinion about the quality of Axl's performance.
  7. Oh yes, I forgot Axl sounds magically different in person and the Youtube videos lie.
  8. I saw him with Izzy in London and it was a far superior show vocally to any of the 2018 shows I've heard.
  9. All the stats and numbers mean jack when you sing like shit. This just means 5mil people have been mugged off by Axl. I saw Guns in 2010 and 2012, when he could actually sing and had new material to promote. I haven't seen any of the NITL shows and have no interest in seeing Axl Rose screech like a tone deaf geriatric through the GNR catalogue.
  10. Velvet Revolver sans Scott would sound like a totally different band, so what would be the point? I think Slash is busy enough these days, he doesn't need to reform a long defunct band and go through the hassle of finding another singer etc. I did think Read Between The Lines from the latest SMKC record sounded very Velvet Revolver though.
  11. I used to feel that way, but he's become such a shadow of his former self, I can't defend him anymore. Plus I find Slash's solo shit way more interesting than Axl puffing and wheezing through SCOM and YCBM for the 1043rd time.
  12. Seriously, if someone gave me front row tickets to see GNR in 2018 or back row tickets to see Slash/Myles, I would choose the latter in a heartbeat. One band release new music and have a singer who can actually sing, the other band are a bunch of dinosaurs, with no creative spark left, thanks to a megalomanic lead "singer" who has no shame and routinely embarrasses himself onstage for the money. It's a no-brainer. Anybody who actually cares about the music would choose SMKC over Guns at this stage. But unfortunately we live in an age where people just go to concerts to brag about who they saw on Facebook and cross impressive names off their bucket list, which is why Axl continues to rake in millions, sounding like dogshit.
  13. Why? Have you not been following GNR this last 2yrs? This is exactly what I would expect from Axl, if I was silly enough to part with my money to see him.
  14. I just listened to that TIL performance. It gets worse. Every time you think he's reached the nadir of bad vocal performances, he proves that there's always further depths to sink to. He's so embarrassingly bad these days, I don't understand how he has the gall to get up there night after night. I can only assume he must be on something, because it isn't normal behaviour to lack self awareness on this level. I bet he's abusing prescription pills.