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  1. Funny how these bands/artists only ever get the desire to play stripped back, intimate shows in smaller venues when they can no longer sell out the bigger venues though, isn't it? I agree that replacing a singer is usually career suicide for a band, although Guns were always on a higher tier than Skid Row. An Axl-less GNR probably wouldn't have been as successful as NuGNR, but there's no way Slash/Izzy/Duff would've ever been reduced to playing divebars like Skid Row. I don't agree that Slash is "far more replaceable" at all. Outside of the Axl fans on this board, Slash's name carries far more weight and credibility and legitimizes Guns N Roses for the majority of concert goers. I know a lot of casual fans who had no interest in seeing GNR from 2000-2014 and were practically giddy at the prospect of seeing NITL in 2016. Slash defines the GNR sound far more than Axl imho. The evidence is in how Chinese Democracy sounds nothing like AFD/Lies/UYI and Slash's post-Guns catalogue drips with that classic GNR feel.
  2. If guitar players are so easily replaceable, why did Guns go from playing bowling alleys and half filled arenas to stadiums upon Slash’s return?
  3. Do you really think Duff is more deserving of being considered one of the "big three" over a primary songwriter like Izzy?
  4. Not sure that's true. I really like CD, but I have a hard time accepting it as legitimate. It just doesn't sound like Guns. SMKC sounds more like GNR than CD.
  5. Yeah, it's kind of hard to believe that anything they come up with in 2019 could ever compete against AFD or UYI. And that ain't nostalgia talking, those records are just in another stratosphere when compared to anything any of them have done since.
  6. So if GNR had continued with only Axl and Slash throughout the 00s, you would consider it legitimate? Not saying you're right or wrong, I just find it interesting what constitutes real GNR and how many of the original components you need to keep the integrity and legitimacy intact.
  7. It's all their in the title, really. I used to be one of those fans who genuinely considered Chinese Democracy a GNR record, but something about watching Axl trying to push these songs as GNR ad nauseam for the last 20 years, to diminishing results in terms of the quality of performances etc, has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Contrast that with Slash, who routinely releases good quality shit and sounds a hell of a lot more like 87-93 GNR with both VR and SMKC than Chinese Democracy ever did, I have a hard time agreeing with my former stance on CD being a legitimate Guns album. So, whilst I have slowly come around to a more purist POV with Guns, I still think the fans who insist that even UYI isn't truly GNR (because of the lack of Steven Adler) are insane! So my question to the purists, would you consider an Axl/Slash/Duff and friends album a legitimate follow up after the fraudulent GNR album that was Chinese Democracy?
  8. I don't agree with Eminem on most things, but I do agree with him when he said Moby was a prick.
  9. Are you implying that Chris Pitman, Paul Tobias, Brian Carroll, Caram Costanzo, Dizzy Reed, Robin Finck, Tommy Stinson and Ron Thal aren't the same people who made Appetite/Lies/UYI?
  10. It was bordering on self-sabotage that VR didn't put Messages on Libertad, which was only ever an average quality album. As Russ said, it's one of the bands best songs, and one of Slash's best songs outside of Guns. The only fathomable reason I can think of is that the opening part is almost identical to the intro to Interstate Love Song. But Messages is a better song imo. Perhaps thsy didn't wanna put it on the album for fear of the DeLeo brothers hearing it.
  11. The good stuff on Contraband: You Got No Right, Big Machine, Slither, Loving The Alien, Superhuman, Fall To Pieces The good stuff on CD: Shacklers Revenge, Catcher, Better, TWAT, CD, Street of Dreams About six good songs on each. The difference is, one took 17 years to make and was Axl's only original material in over 25 years. The other was made within a year and was one of dozens of albums written by Slash in that same timeframe.
  12. My God, Duff looks like he's about 70 in that picture.
  13. Why? It’s not like SMKC takes anything away from Guns. It’s not as if Myles Kennedy is the reason why GNR haven’t released a new album in 11yrs. Slash likely continues his solo stuff because of Axl’s inability to release new music. They’ve already been reformed for 3yrs and haven’t managed one original song. Personally, I’m glad Slash has kept SMKC going, because waiting on a new Guns record is painstaking. Plus, The Great Pretender >>> most of CD
  14. I think you need to chill out. This quote is obviously badly translated and Slash has spoken publicly SINCE, reiterating their intentions to do another GNR record, so this really is nothing more than a case of fans getting themselves in a flap about a whole lot of nothing.