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  1. Latoya Jackson and the word "credible" have never been used in the same sentence in the history of mankind. Until now.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I think you may be setting yourself up for a fall when you see the tracklisting to the next record, which will likely include titles like Atlas Shrugged and The General.
  3. Contractual obligation. They owed it as part of their settlement with a former manager.
  4. Quoted for truth. NITL hasn't had an official live album/DVD release for one reason and one reason only: Axl Rose's singing.
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Unless they fire Fortus and reinstate Izzy as a full time member, what's the point? And I don't see them taking that risk.
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    It's probably true. Anything to keep the touring machine rolling (except releasing new music).
  7. What's to know? They are the most predictable, dull band on the planet. If you can guarantee one thing, it's more touring of the same old songs and no new material.
  8. They knew what they were signing up for!
  9. Even if they did do a new record, what's it gonna consist of? Slash copying and pasting solos over songs that didn't make the cut on Chinese? It's not going to be the sound of a genuine band, creating music together as a collaborative effort, like Appetite or UYI or SMKC. It's going to be riffs and ideas collated from the past twenty years from dozens of paid employees, excruciatingly laboured over by a megalomaniac who won't be able to pull off his vocals live because his parts were recorded 15-20yrs ago (ala Chinese Democracy).
  10. Yeah, the Conspirators have been far more interesting than GNR for a while now. They actually operate like a band and do things like album/tour cycles etc, unlike the corporate entity that is 2019 GNR.
  11. It's worse. At least NuGuns had one album to their name. This band don't even have that. The schtick has been wearing thin for years already. And Axl has been sounding like shit since 2012.
  12. Slash and Smkc jams

    Am gutted I haven't seen SMKC live yet. Living The Dream is a great album, their best yet, and as a band, they are infinitely more interesting than GNR have been for well over ten years.
  13. The former bodyguard you refer to has since spoken out and said that the train station he described in his book as having been built in 1990 was actually based on footage shot in 2003 taken from the Neverland raid. It was the same train station which land permits and the actual Neverland train driver all PROVE wasn't built until 1994. And one of the two photos which Reed claims James took of the station was proven to be taken from the realtors listing of Neverland. Even if he was there (many people visited the Ranch when MJ was off sight), we are still being expected to believe the abuse happened when he was 16/17, which is a far cry from 13/14 which is when Safechuck himself alleges the abuse ceased. Also, why would he lie and say that MJ had long dumped him by the time Jordy was on the scene in 92/93 if they were still having sex in 1994?
  14. You didn't post the full quote from Safechuck. He refers to how frequently couples have sex in the beginning of a relationship and then proceeds to talk about having sex in the train station. There was no second train station, just a few "train stops", which were little more than open shacks exposed to the elements. Safechuck specifically refers to being abused upstairs in the station. There is no disconnect. As Reed himself admitted, the train station photos were taken by Safechuck. He knows exactly the location he is referring to and it was proven to be a lie. Reed never claims that Safechuck is actually describing a seperate location, this fictiscious "second train station" you allude to. What he actually claims is that the abuse must've gone on for longer than Safechuck remembered, meaning that for Safechuck's story of being abused in the train station to be believed, he would have to be 16/17yrs old, and molested AFTER Jordy Chandlers allegations went public. How does this jive with James's assertion that MJ had long dumped him by the time Jordy was on the scene? His story is all over the place. This is not a timeline issue as in, he says he was abused on a Tuesday, but it was actually a Friday. This is claiming to have been abused in a location that didn't yet exist - a massive red flag and an indicator of a false allegation.
  15. Reed only makes it worse for himself and Safechuck. James said in the documentary that the train station abuse was early on during his abuse, presumably making it 88, 89, 90 at the latest. But we now know it wasn't even built until 1994 - two whole years after he alleges that the abuse stopped altogether. He claims that by the time the Jordy Chandler allegations hit in 1993, MJ had dumped him and only contacted him afterwards to get him to defend him. This is all claimed in Leaving Neverland! And now Reed wants us to disregard all of that because Safechuck has been caught out in a lie about being abused in a place that wasn't even built until at least 4 years after he alleges the abuse took place.