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  1. Okay, welcome to news from 10 years ago, but I just saw this video for the first time. It's so funny seeing a public figure being so brutal and refreshingly un-PC in his outburst. I know Vivian got the boot from Dio many moons ago, but this is harsh, man: Anyone know the full back story?
  2. What is your favourite Queen album?

    Do people actually like Queen?
  3. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Would love a decent quality, vocally completed version of Ain't Going Down, maybe given the Shadow Of Your Love treatment with some tasty new licks from Slash.
  4. I never said I didn't like Lies. I just said that CD was better. I like Lies well enough, I get why it appeals to you like it does. But it's more of a cobbled together, cash-in project, rather than a fully-fledged musical statement from the band. If I want the snotty arrogance, soppy love bollocks and brilliant rock n roll, I'll listen to Appetite over Lies every fucking time. With regards to CD, it's a totally different beast, arguably because it's a totally different band. But I love a bit of epicness and I'm a sucker for some great melodies, and whilst it's very fashionable to shit on Chinese, songs like Catcher In The Rye, Better and TWAT are absolute belters.
  5. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    I dunno man, I guess I'm more cynical than you. Usually if I see a song written by an artist with a bunch of other songwriters, I tend to assume it's one of those write-a-word-take-a-third scenarios.
  6. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    But are guys like Max Martin helping to "make the song even better" or are they handing over something they started from scratch? I have a feeling it's the latter. I suspect "It's My Life" was primarily a Max Martin creation, with Jon and Ritchie adding a few embellishments and getting a songwriting credit in the process. Often times bands/artists will receieve a co-songwriting credit for a song penned by a professional songwriter merely for choosing to record the song.
  7. Chinese >>> Lies. And I ain't even shitting ya.
  8. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    I dunno, it feels different. Writing a song with your mate is kind of different than enlisting the help of a professional songwriter. Bands like 00s Bon Jovi and post-80s Aerosmith just seem so corporate.
  9. Even still, they have a fair amount of critical acclaim. AFD is (rightfully) considered one of the best hard rock albums of all time. UYI gets less praise, which is fair considering its lofty, sometimes bloated approach. And the rest is all fat. Spaghetti, Lies and CD hardly make a strong case for the "underrated" claim.
  10. How can anybody who sells out stadiums the world over be considered underrated?
  11. How much of a "warm-up" do GNR need for a new album??
  12. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    The day GNR resort to using Britney Spears's songwriter to get a hit, I will burn my fancard there and then.
  13. Indeed. It's not 1987 anymore. Hell, we're a far cry from 2006. I highly doubt we'll ever hear a new GNR tune live these days before one gets released.
  14. Why did Dio hate Vivian Campbell so much?

    Jealous of Def Leopard? Doubtful.
  15. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    Ron was a class act and greatly undervalued and under-appreciated by Axl/TB. Shame on them.
  16. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    He does a good job on Better imo.
  17. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    You're right, they've both done horrible jobs on the solos. I think with Slash he just can't be bothered to sit down and come up with something concrete, so he just shreds it every night, probably because he doesn't particularly care for the song.
  18. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    Watch the early videos of DJ doing TIL. He attempted to play it like Finck and messes it up horribly. Pretty soon after that he composed his own, simplified solo.
  19. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    The difference between Slash's TIL solo and Ashba's is that Slash ain't even trying, and is just noodling whatever the fuck he feels like, whereas with Ashba, that is a composed solo without a single note improvised and it's simplified from Finck's album solo which he was unable to play.
  20. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    I stand by Ron’s Shacklers solo as the wackiest, most off the wall 45secs in the Guns catalogue. He always nailed it live and it’s a testament to Ron’s talent that nobody else could even attempt to take a stab at that song.
  21. Nah, I think they chose right with Driving Rain and MYM. They're catchy and infectious and definitely made me excited to buy the album.
  22. Nah man, Mind Your Manners and Driving Rain are two of the best on the record! I agree about Slash's soloing, there are some really melodic and tasteful solos on the album. I also think LTD benefits from being a short, concise 12 track record. WOF seemed to go on forever.
  23. There's something impish about the guitar riff in Sugar Cane that I find very appealing.
  24. That's optimistic.
  25. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    The Most Dangerous Band In The World, Ladies and Gentlemen.