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  1. if any of the band members actually gave real answers to the hard questions everyone wants answered, then fans wouldnt have to assume shit
  2. if either of them had that much of a problem with it, they wouldnt be there either
  3. A quick question

    yeah i dont think they need to be out there for the whole show either. maybe for ISE and rocket queen... and although i may like a certain amount of sleeze, ashba was too sleezy for my liking lol
  4. A quick question

    they need to bring the strippers back... they probably decided to remove them so the show would be more PG13 seeing how a lot of older fans were bringing their kids and such but personally i would like a little more sleeze please
  5. You know you're a die hard fan...

    youve listened to tenderness a few times in your car already 😂
  6. Slash: "We will focus on a new GNR album"

    totally agree but the opposite is also true. slash made axl better source : chinese democracy vs. appetite and the illusions those two were born to be in the same band... its like slashs guitar is an extension of axls voice and vice-versa... they just dont sound the same without one another
  7. Slash: "We will focus on a new GNR album"

    this time slash is gonna have to buy everyone some dr. pepper
  8. like i said, not everyone goes for the same reason... to each his own... i never really went there with any expectations except to have a good time and i always did... whether it was one hour late or 3, i was just thankful if the gig wasnt cancelled lol now, that i think we can agree on, walking off stage was disrespectful, and selfish.
  9. yup. kinda made it feel like a party instead of just a concert but i know that not everyone goes there for the same reason... and some people (many on this forum) line up at 6am to get the rail and dont drink or go to the bathroom all damn day, so yeah i can see where theyre comin from
  10. i know im probably in the minority here when i say i didnt mind it, and that i actually kinda enjoyed it... gave me time to chat with other gnr fans (something i dont get to do every day) and i was able to pound back a few extra brews... that was actually not always a good thing cuz yeah, after a 3 hour wait and a 3 hour show i was pretty fuckin hammered lol recipe for disaster but yeah the 11 oclock news thing was a joke/exaggeration... and i dont think it made them anymore dangerous per say but it did add to the mystique imo and it was a little badass of them/him... i know some really feel it was disrespectful to the fans but i kinda look at it like going to see your favorite comedian and getting heckled... wouldnt make me appreciate the show any less if he made fun of how ugly i was lol but then again maybe thats just me trying to make the best out of a bad situation
  11. idk man i cant disagree with your point of view, youre entitled to your opinion, i just dont share it... when i buy tickets to gnr, i book the next day off and if i cant, well im prepared to deal with the consequences, or i just plain dont go... to get home well, ill usually walk a bit and get a cab seeing as how thats next to impossible right outside the venue... and when i say it added to the experience well i used past tense because i was referring to the whole "most dangerous band" aspect which simply doesnt exist anymore. fair enough?
  12. pretty sure people needed to be at work the next day in the 90s too... only difference is the average age of most fans at the concert this time around... as for curfews well yeah, the world has a lot more rules than it used to... personally though thats one thing i miss about attending a gnr show... walking outta there at 3am kinda added to the experience and it set the band apart... sorry for all of those that dont agree and that wanna be home on time to watch the 11 oclock news