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  1. please excuse while i go pop some M and listen to this on repeat for a few hours lol
  2. ill go but im gonna buy the cheapest tickets possible the day of the event. like ill wait until after it starts to get them below face value
  3. RTB produced Madagascar leaked?

    hey dont get me wrong. its better than nothing. just sucks that thats what the bands been giving us besides the not gonna end in this lifetime tour, nothing.
  4. RTB produced Madagascar leaked?

    you know youre desperate for news from your favorite band when the hot topic is a leaked version of a shitty song that came out almost 10 years ago... personally i dont feel compelled to listen to it at all. maybe if it was a new version with slash
  5. usually people are happy when their favorite band announces a tour but im sure im not the only one that feels let down every time the extend this thing. this is awesome news for people that havnt had a chance to see them yet but i think the chances of a new album ever coming out are officially done. up next south america round 3
  6. nahhh... id take mickey over myles any day of the week. that dudes voice makes me wanna curl up and die
  7. the mr. security man thing was probably the last really axl rose thing axl rose has done besides for being late a bunch of times... now he doesnt even do that anymore
  8. pretty much any song sounded better in 2001 than 2017 simply because axl was 16 years younger. forget the braids or the dude with the bucket on his head. axl was just able to bring his A game more often than he is now
  9. this is my favorite so far. wish they did more of these. mixing gnr and a local sports team is an excellent marketing tactic
  10. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    i dont think its really a matter of which band is more important to axl but more the risk/reward factor thats telling me we're more likely to see an axl/dc album than a gnr album
  11. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    also if an axl/dc album flops then axl wont be 100% to blame like with CD... if anything people would probably say the album sucks but axl does an ok job... right now of axl slash and duff drop a shitty album, axl would probably take 99% of the heat for it
  12. with the exception of 2 songs CD is still and will forever be a bathroom break at live shows... for me anyways and i disagree with above statements/opinions saying that the casuals would continue buying as many tickets as they have been if they played more CD and less classics
  13. the main reson gnr wont release more material is because people keep buying tickets to the nostalgia act. dont get me wrong i bought tickets too. but if they come out with more obscur mediocre stuff like CD the casuals will stop going to shows
  14. Your opinion about Tommy Stinson

    not sure if youre being sarcastic and im just not picking up on it but that song really doesnt do it for me. tommy was boring to watch at all the the gnr gigs ive seen him at (seen him about 4 times in the pit) maybe his non gnr stuff is different but i was never able to get into it, and i tried... maybe he was more dynamic before the liquor took its toll idk... his solo spot wasnt that bad, but it made me feel like he wasnt punk enough on the other stuff... just stood there in a suit for the most part
  15. Your opinion about Tommy Stinson

    decent bassist. i enjoyed his vocals on going down. but i find him boring as fuck. no stage presence imo