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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    making fuckin' Don't Cry part 2
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    first thing that came to mind for me when i read that according to ONE member that "no more half-hearted collaborative efforts" was slash & friends
  3. Does Axl know he acted like a diva?

    kinda looks like he started to wear mascara a few years ago so id say he just accepted the fact and said fuck it, lets role with it
  4. i wouldnt say its a masterpiece by any stretch. it had the potential to be though... there are a few songs which are very underrated... if they played them properly at shows the general public might warm up to them but they havnt been playing them the right way imo, especially axls vocals on those songs... most of that stuff is tougher than a lot of illusions stuff so i dont get why they attempt certain CD tracks and dont tackle some of the easier illusions material... but one thing i do know for sure is that CD is the best material bumblefoot will have ever performed live so i guess i understand the comment he made
  5. aint no one getting worked up over noels comments. just a bunch of like minded individuals stating that hes a sack of shit. thats all lol
  6. maybe in london but hes playing here in montreal in february and capacity at the venue is under 3000
  7. anyone who calls playing to 50k fans night in and night out undignified comes off as being jealous whether they really are or not. keep playing your 500 fan amphitheatres buddy lol i mean you didnt see axl bashing U2 when he was playing bowling alleys did you?
  8. W.Axl Rose VS Vince Neil

    in a fight or in a pie eating contest?
  9. Slash last guest on SIXX SENSE

    i say vince has a heart attack before axl
  10. Slash last guest on SIXX SENSE

    is it wrong for me to wanna see two grown ass men get in a little bitch fight? lol
  11. Slash last guest on SIXX SENSE

    call me a debbie downer if you want but i liked it better when bands had beef with each other... imagine someone told you that nikki sixx would have slash on his talk show in 1991 lol i cant stand nikki but ill probably youtube it after the fact just to see what slash has to say
  12. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

    im not allowed to state that it doesnt belong in gnr discussion and news?