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  1. Will there be new songs at RiR2017?

    any chance sorum might jump in for a song? is he still playing with the cult? pardon my ignorance but i dont follow his career at all lol
  2. if they dont pull some awesome shit, i.e. new song, guest other than angus, epic axl rant etc. im giving up the only glimmer of hope i have left lol either way tho, i envy the fuck out of everyone whos attending
  3. What happened to Steven Adler?

    yeah but i still think steve would be the only one willing to drop everything else hes committed to, to show up at short notice
  4. What happened to GNR?

    its a miracle theyre all still alive
  5. What happened to GNR?

    honnestly theyre a lot better off right now than i thought theyd be 10 or 20 years ago
  6. What happened to Steven Adler?

    hypothetical or not, it isnt just the drug issues... lets say they let frank go when ashba and bumble left... steve blows his back out and no one else is ready to go cuz their all commited to other bands... this tour is dead in the water... right now if franks blows his back out, steven is there in a heartbeat, no matter what he says in interviews
  7. What happened to Steven Adler?

    as much as i love the guy and the work hes done, NITL might not have made it this far if popcorn was the only drummer involved
  8. ummmm no. not really. dont get me wrong. id rather see gilby up there for nostalgic reasons but he hasnt contributed anything more than richard has to gnr
  9. its a smart business decision cuz none of the past members would bring in more money than theyd be willing to play for but it sucks for the fans that wanna see em
  10. if there were any real monetary negociations between izzy/gilby and gnr, i wonder how much axl/slash/duff had to do with them and how much work "management" put into it
  11. couldnt do it because of other commitments sounds like bs to me. they played for like a year and a half straight. you trying to tell me guilby is that busy? lol im wondering how legit this article is... the cornwall seeker ?
  12. wonder why "it didn't work out" ? they didnt offer him enough cash for the trouble it was worth to fly all the way to brazil to play one song, is the only reason i can think of but for the cash to not be enough it would have to be a really fuckin lowball offer cuz guilby aint exactly selling out his shows atm... woulda been cool to see him play with gnr again though... if we cant have izzy, hes the next best thing... could there be a clause in richards contract that he has dibbs on rhythm otherwise he gets more loot? would explain why they lowballed izzy, if thats what really happened
  13. the legend of the red panda
  14. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    or the D