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  1. that is literally shit
  2. idk maybe. that was just a warmup imo and not much could go wrong (except axl breaking a leg lol) it was all celebs in the crowd and there wasnt really any traveling required... coachella was the true test imo but i was almost positive that and vegas would go off without a hitch... no way in hell i would have imagined these guys travelling the world "together" for as long as they have been though
  3. i voted no solely based on the fact that the money wasnt originally what gnr was all about. they did shit their own way and didnt give a fuck about setting records. i mean money was probably always a factor but just look at how many times they turned down offers and flipped the bird to the corporate media back in the day. i know things have changed and seems as though izzy said it best... right now "its all about the loot"... but these guys (axl slash and duff anyways) deserve every last penny of it... im happy for them and will go see them if NITL rolls around my way again... and although id much prefer see a different set list... different tour name... a few new/old songs... at the end of the day ill take what we got cuz when this whole thing started, theres no fuckin way i thought theyd make it past the first 3 or 4 gigs without breaking up again
  4. whats to say he didnt pick up an old news paper at a later date or that it wasnt published anywhere else? did they sell the chicago tribune in other cities back then? maybe slash or duff kept it at the hotel... idk it is a cool find but i dont think it necessarily means he was there on that date
  5. i dont really have any interest in CD remixes whatsoever... going down was kinda cool and the accoustic better was ok but id much rather hear slashs take on it instead of ashbas or bumbles... any unheard or unrealesed NEW tracks from 2009 to 2014 could be fun but tbh id prefer an official unwanted illusions album any day of the week
  6. if anything i think itll help ticket sales... i personally cant stand myles so wont be going but maybe a few old school gnr fans that had no idea smkc even existed, got wind of it after nitl and will go check them out... i think there would be more of those than people that say oh ill just wait for gnr to come back around my way again
  7. Is There a Chance for Slash/MKC to Open for GN’R?

    its probably the only way id ever see myles sing live again... well i might only hear him while im in line getting beer... but short answer is no
  8. honestly dont see it being worth the hastle being front row unless youre under 5 feet tall... ive been 3rd or 4th row like 3 times and honestly got there about 15 mins before they went on stage... just enough time to get a beer... went back to get beer and piss during the shitty parts and got my spot back... just wiggle through and make sure people see you
  9. as b-sides they can include frank and richard playing afd in its entirety
  10. the 1000$ box might not drop in price that quick but by xmas the 180$ one will probably be about 100$ still dont think id drop more than 50$ on it myself though
  11. totally forgot about this... was so pumped when they first announced it but that slowly died... theyre just charging too much for too little and money isnt an issue for me... its more the principle... gnr is my favorite band by a landslide but for the price of the second best box set i can get some hookers and blow (pun intended) while i listen to the original afd tracks which are better anyways
  12. Why is Axl so calm and happy nowadays?

    probably cuz hes on meds... or hes just reached that age where being pissed off and reckless just isnt fun anymore but i think its cuz hes on meds... doesnt have anything to do with duff or slash cuz he was "happy" and "tame" on kimmel... if anything i think being on meds may be the reason he welcomed slash back with open arms... that and the hundreds of millions of dollars couldnt hurt either
  13. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    only good thing i see coming from this tour is slash realising he doesnt wanna play with myles anymore
  14. Is It's So Easy really a better opener than Jungle?

    jungle is a better opener plus would sound better since axl wouldnt run outta breath during the first song... id actually prefer perfect crime but thats not gonna happen
  15. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    starting to wonder if all this stuff is being leaked intentionally to create hype for the box set