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  1. the 1000$ box might not drop in price that quick but by xmas the 180$ one will probably be about 100$ still dont think id drop more than 50$ on it myself though
  2. totally forgot about this... was so pumped when they first announced it but that slowly died... theyre just charging too much for too little and money isnt an issue for me... its more the principle... gnr is my favorite band by a landslide but for the price of the second best box set i can get some hookers and blow (pun intended) while i listen to the original afd tracks which are better anyways
  3. Why is Axl so calm and happy nowadays?

    probably cuz hes on meds... or hes just reached that age where being pissed off and reckless just isnt fun anymore but i think its cuz hes on meds... doesnt have anything to do with duff or slash cuz he was "happy" and "tame" on kimmel... if anything i think being on meds may be the reason he welcomed slash back with open arms... that and the hundreds of millions of dollars couldnt hurt either
  4. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    only good thing i see coming from this tour is slash realising he doesnt wanna play with myles anymore
  5. Is It's So Easy really a better opener than Jungle?

    jungle is a better opener plus would sound better since axl wouldnt run outta breath during the first song... id actually prefer perfect crime but thats not gonna happen
  6. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    starting to wonder if all this stuff is being leaked intentionally to create hype for the box set
  7. especially a 20 year old slightly altered song that wasnt very good to begin with
  8. ok fine. omg is just a tad better than riad but thats about it
  9. i know we're all dying for new material but those are literally the two worst songs in gnr's catalog after my world. tbh im not even interested in the least bit but thats just me
  10. axl did an ok job on slither. its just a mediocre song to begin with
  11. slither is a very average song imo. comperable to black hole sun and i think itll fit in just fine right before coma. itll be a welcome addition for ppl who were big VR fans but im kinda dissapointed... would make it a lot more interesting if matt stepped in on drums tho
  12. this is fucking great. more stoked about this than the box set. the manager saying "something" has me more pumped than pretty much anything after slash saying him and axl were talking again. that and the fact that there will be more tours. if i had to ask one question only it would be about the 2010 show i was at in montreal when axl said something along the lines of "you guys deserve to know the truth but tonight is not the night". obviously its axls story to tell so i dont expect a huge bomb to be dropped here today by fernando cuz its not really his bomb to drop but if it was nothing can you at least let me know? ive been wondering about this for 8 years... if it was something can you remind axl about this little cock tease next time youre in town ? and speaking of cock tease... please bring back those strippers lol
  13. 2001. no slash but hey mr. security man... that axl is gone !
  14. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    imo having adler behind the kit is a much better thing than having melissa bounce around back there
  15. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    yup. adler seems to be the only one acting like an actual gnr member. well the gnr i fell in love with anyways. you know the guys that werent afraid to speak their mind and go off on someone whenever they saw fit. cock rock or not i miss that side of the band. fuck contacting fernando on instagram or twitter, i dont mess with that shit, he shoulda shared the dudes number so we can all give him a fucking call