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  1. A game compared to anything in the last 5-6 years. brownstone wasnt great but he fucking nailed better and estranged. those songs have been garbage the past few years
  2. axl brought his A game and the band is on fucking fire
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    whatever the case, whoever is behind these takedowns must be going apeshit with all these leaks lol scouring the internet frantically, pulling his or her own hair out, looking for reddit posts with links to those leaks 😂 fuckhead
  4. this it was the first song i heard on the illusions and to this day, it still brings back memories
  5. Eddie Money, dies at age 70

    my thoughts exactly. if it was really him RIP to my favorite "insider"
  6. i agree with that too, thats why i said some songs... in gnrs case tho i dont really know of any popular songs that are shit. all the singles are great... only "popular" gnr songs im not crazy about are the covers lald/kohd
  7. i like all those songs but theyll never be classics or lwgemdary rock anthems you hear at sports stadiums... some songs are popular cuz theyre good
  8. imo u can still evolve and put out a straight up hard rock album at the same time. there will be ballads and there will be rockers but i dont expect anything experimental... like i said above, two or three weird ass songs that some hardcores will love
  9. band was younger too... but forget gnr, i dont think any band nowadays can create any one album with as many classics on it... wttj and pc on afd, nr and dc on uyi1, estranged and ycbm on uyi2... pretty fuckin hard to beat... and im leaving out many others but i just cant see anyone ever putting together 2 songs of that caliber on one record but thats just me
  10. i have pretty high hopes that we'll get a good album... not as good as afd or uyi cuz nothing can come close to that stuff but i think axl learned a lesson or two from cd and slash and duff are both great at being simple as fuck... we're gonna get a good straight up rock album with two or three weird ass songs that some will hate and some will love but at the end of the day i dont think even gnr can fuck this up
  11. i wouldnt be surprised if the promoter has a "no-rant" clause... doesnt seem like anyone wanted to leave anything up to chance... i wouldnt even be surprised if the stagnant setlist is due to some type of contractuel agreement
  12. is all this leak bullshit the reason why the forum isnt available in its usual format? i guess its easier for mods to control this way... but this is taking things little far... instead of controling what fans are talking about youd think management would try n crack down on whoever is leaking shit from within... and maybe realise if you stop people from talking about the band, some people will just say fuck you and just stop listening to the music altogether... leaks arent the reason people wont buy new music, illegal streaming sites after the music is released will... if anything leaks would encourage me to buy the real deal... if the musics any good obviously
  13. New song for the October shows?

    not necessarily. i just think its odd that they would play such a small venue at the end of such a huge tour... its wishful thinking on my part that theyll play new stuff or even that those will be the last two shows of the tour... maybe part of a live video shoot? idk... but i doubt its just because t-mobile was already booked... also kinda reminds me of how they started the tour off with the troubadour gig... or how they ended the bumble/ashba era of gnr... and i know this is extremely wishful thinking but maybe theyll be saying goodbye to frank and richard lol im trying not to be too realistic here and think its just another way to gouge fans for 1500$ a ticket
  14. New song for the October shows?

    i see them maybe playing a new song at those small vegas shows but i dont think we'll see anything new at those arena shows... those vegas shows seem odd and outta place smaller venues make it much easier to assure theres no one in the crowd recording