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  1. New song for the October shows?

    not necessarily. i just think its odd that they would play such a small venue at the end of such a huge tour... its wishful thinking on my part that theyll play new stuff or even that those will be the last two shows of the tour... maybe part of a live video shoot? idk... but i doubt its just because t-mobile was already booked... also kinda reminds me of how they started the tour off with the troubadour gig... or how they ended the bumble/ashba era of gnr... and i know this is extremely wishful thinking but maybe theyll be saying goodbye to frank and richard lol im trying not to be too realistic here and think its just another way to gouge fans for 1500$ a ticket
  2. New song for the October shows?

    i see them maybe playing a new song at those small vegas shows but i dont think we'll see anything new at those arena shows... those vegas shows seem odd and outta place smaller venues make it much easier to assure theres no one in the crowd recording
  3. i dont think fortus has a fuckin clue what itll sound like besides for the guitar parts he lays down in the studio and he'll probably only find out a few days before all of us what the rest of the album sounds like.
  4. first show of the new album tour will be at a bowling alley while theres a ribfest going on outside
  5. slashs post-gnr work was just as mediocre as CD imo... its the two of them writting stuff together that i wanna hear... not some cd leftovers with slash overdubs while throwing some axl vocals onto some slash ideas from 5-10 years ago... so many people wanting exactly that just goes to show how low the standards of the gnr fanbase has become over the years because of the lack of quality material. i have faith in these fuckers, even if izzy isnt involved
  6. i get that there are quite a few people here that really enjoy the CD era and want the leftovers real bad but we havnt had and album co-written by axl and slash in fucking forever... i want the new album to be as far from CD as possible... i dont hate the album but its like been there done that now... its time for some fuckin rock n roll... i know it would be better than nothing but personally id be dissapointed if we get CD2 and i expect the marketing hype to be through the roof... if they had billboards all over the place to hype up that afd boxset, i cant imagine what we'll see for an album of new material... if there are any leftovers i expect it to be uyi leftovers... and even if there are a few cd era tracks on there im pretty sure they wont be marketed as such cuz the average fan doesnt give a flying fuck about cd
  7. since its slash this time maybe we can get some jack daniels instead of dr. pepper ? seriously though, weve been waiting for a proper follow up to the illusions for a fucking quarter century... and i fucking pray to god this is it
  8. moby is a fucktard. not cuz axl wont talk to him. hes just fuckin weird. too many hellucagenics will do that to you i guess... and although i think he woulda fit in with the sideshow which included buckethead and fincks reverse mullet, im kinda glad he wasnt involved in CD, because it woulda made it even harder for gnr to recover from that album than it already was
  9. Duff interview.

    at this point there isnt much anyone of them can say in an interview that we havnt heard already... some people on this forum know more about the band than the band themselves
  10. the only member of gnr that actually misses pitman. hes taking all of mother goose's shit now id be curious to see who eats all the shit if ever afd 5 renite. obviously it would be popcorn for the most part but at least he can play the sympathy card because of his stroke. tbh i try not to hate on anyone while theyre still in the band... i wait till they get booted... except ashba šŸ˜‚ fuck ashba from day 1
  11. difference between the chemistry back then and the chemistry now has nothing to do with drinking... has to do with their goal in life imo goal back then : get rich as fuck goal today : stay rich as fuck goals back then required much more effort than their goal today
  12. Duff Interview, 05/01, WRIF Detroit

    the fact that hes not talking could be a good thing. up until a few weeks ago we were getting vague answers like yeah its something wed like to start looking at eventually... could mean somethings seriously in the works now šŸ¤ž
  13. wasnt it? based on axls dog ? regardless of what song hes talking about fuck that piece of trash, and fuck esquire. i wont even give him a fuckin click... the title of the article is enough... and the reason we're still rewarding gnr in 2019 is because afd alone is worth more than anything this scumbag "blogger" will ever amount to
  14. this news isnt a leak or an accident. anyone close to axl slash or duff know that if they let the cat outta the bag without the green light from tb, that theyll have lawsuit after lawsuit to deal with until theyre living on the street
  15. best news since the reunion shit dropped. this isnt a rumor. slash recording at axls studio can only mean one thing. and the fact that some random dude just dropped this outta nowhere kinda reminds me of when slash just dropped the reunion bomb in some obscure swedish interview. the reunion happened not very long after. my guess is new songs debut at those festivals and an album in november... with a super deluxe edition including more temporary tattoos ready to hit the shelves for xmas