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  1. almost seems like steven knows that no ones listening to him bitch anymore so hes dropping izzys name to get some attention. hey if it helps him sell more tickets to his next show, great, i like steve a lot, but the boat has sailed. the average soccer mom doesnt give a shit if him or izzy are there and it seems like thats the only thing that matters right now
  2. you know we need new music when
  3. gnr > rose tattoo + kings of the sun combined
  4. to be fair tho... whether you enjoyed the show or not, they grabbed your cash 3 times lol
  5. when they play 3.5 hours they dont have much choice but to include some deep cuts, there isnt a band i can think of that has 3.5 hours of just top hits... and a 2 hour show would not justify those ticket prices... especially with the shit bands they had openining and although i somewhat agree that an undependable rythm guitarist might not "deserve" as much as axl or slash.... does he really deserve any less than duff?
  6. i never said i expect anyone to work for free... whether he sold his share or not, he was still one of the main reasons they got so big in the first place, so my personal opinion is that they shoulda gave him an equal cut... now its more than likely that none of us will ever know what really went down, and all we'll ever get are these vague insinuations, but when i hear the word cash grab, i think greed, and when izzy says it was all about the loot, it leads me to beleive that at least one person was being greedy. did i still go to the shows? yes... did i enjoy the fuck out of them? hell yes... but izzy not being around cuz someone wanted a little bit more cash when theyre already filthy rich, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth... now if axl ever comes out and says it was payback for ditching them mid tour 25 years ago then it might change my take on things... and im not even a huge izzy fan, its just my two cents
  7. izzy not being there cuz of the "loot" indicates its a cash grab... not wanting to split the pie 5 ways is low
  8. Does GNR ever tour again after 2018?

    so axl would be on stage for 6 hours ? lol what would be possible is them playing at festivals together with shorter sets and/or on seperate nights
  9. at this point i think no news is good news. if there was no new music on the horizon, most people will still buy tickets (bar a few diehards from the forum) so why not just come out and say it? but if they say yeah were workin on something, they'll be the laughing stock of a whole nation in 2-3 years AGAIN when its not released
  10. axl made that mistake 8 years before chinese democracy was released. i doubt he wants to make it again... thats a lot of dr. pepper lol
  11. slash probably fucked the guys wife or something. i doubt if he were just a fan he would get violent
  12. Axl impersonator covering Starlight by Slash

    more proof that we need new gnr music. people going apeshit over a tribute band lol what could have been
  13. i dont think its a matter of it being too personal at all... he just doesnt wanna get slapped with a lawsuit... which will happen if he makes any profit off the bands works without their consent
  14. idk man i saw them live and myles just bored me to death. i kept thinking that he should be singing at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints
  15. yup. its just you lol