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  1. oh for fuck's sake half of lynyrd skynyrd dies in a fucking plane crash and the band still manages to release music... if anything covid19 should accelerate new music since they cant rely on the same fucking redundant shows to make money now
  2. they wouldnt exist but GNR would definitely exist without the clown lol
  3. what if the 2000's lineup didnt have a dude with a reverse mullet that looks like a dead cat or a clown with a fucking bucket of chicken on his head?
  4. Best and Worst Axl/GNR Covers

    best : ain't it fun worst : i feel good both by a fuckin landslide
  5. no. they should actually make a new song called COVID19 tho 🤘
  6. get izzy back and its a done deal
  7. North American Tour Dates Announced

    i hear ya... thats how i felt in 2017 and 2018 tho... i guess some people are more patient than others i think you and most people that frequent this forum know never to trust what anyone in or around the band says
  8. North American Tour Dates Announced

    imo we're way beyond the "one new song live is ok" point... that woulda been ok 2 years ago. i think it just goes to show that gnr fans have been brainwashed into accepting mediocrity. im still a huge gnr fan so im not blasting anyone here, but i wouldnt be any more excited to go see a show this summer knowing theres one new song in the set, than i would be for the same old set list we've all grown used to. at this point, i really think its new album or bust... but i also said that about the "last tour"
  9. cant stand vicky hamilton and here she is again stating the obvious. she just annoys the fuck outta me... i mean shes right but they could have interviewed 9 outta 10 random people from this forum that woulda said the same thing. im definitely not ruling out at least one izzy track on the next album. just because he couldnt be bothered with endless touring for probably the same amount they paid frank, doesnt mean he wont write some awesome shit that gains traction and gets him back in the lineup where he belongs 🤘
  10. one new song woulda been ok in 2018. i personally think we're way beyond that point now
  11. North American Tour Dates Announced

    for me its not so much the price, its the 6 hour drive... i did it to see axl and slash back together for the first time in forever but right now, even a few new songs wouldnt justify the drive for me, especially since i know 100% that there will be another NA leg within another 12 months and theyll hit my city on that go around
  12. North American Tour Dates Announced

    looking at the fenway show right now but i fuckin hate how they always add a show thats 3 hours closer to me a month after i buy tickets... i mean its a smart marketing strategy cuz ill probably end up going to both but its just another reason for me to say 🖕FU GNR lol
  13. doubt it was decision made by the band. promoters probably reached out to management because they know they can turn a huge profit... even if they dont sell out all the seats, the remaining tickets will be given away for free so that they make up the difference in beer and merch sales
  14. honnestly just seems live another greatest hits live album but seeing as how its pretty much all afd stuff (except kohd and mama kin) one can only hope it means izzy and steven might be back in some way shape or form
  15. it really seems like theyre just trolling the fans right now
  16. would 1000000% prefer to hear snoop open than our lady peace like the last show i was at in 2017
  17. snoop isnt a mainstream hip hop act anymore... i think this might actually be kinda fun... he was at rockfest here in montreal in 2015 i think it was and shit was a blast even if no one was there to listen to rap, he brings the ganja factor every time come to think about it, maybe if the crowd is stoned enough, hearing mickey sing the seeker might actually be kinda cool lol
  18. oh man what i wouldnt give for snoop to do "it tastes good dont it?" during rocket queen 😂😂
  19. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    thats what she said
  20. at least 90% of people at the NITL tour were there to hear the hits. youre dead on about people wanting to see axl and his replacements not being able to sell out a HS gym tho, because those are the exact same people eagerly awaiting new music... and i speak from experience cuz i was one of em
  21. the hype for a new gnr album isnt anywhere close to what it was leading up the CD and im pretty sure the band (including axl) knows this very well. Their mindset is probably exactly the same mindset some of the people on this forum have (itll come out when it comes out) theres no rush or anxiety and outside these boards no one really gives a shit if anything comes out or not and i think thatll only help the band make better music. if i had to take a wild guess id say they probably play a new song or two on the european tour then a new album right before the next north american leg. but this is GNR after all, so who fuckin knows.
  22. Last full album you listened to?

    slipknot - we are not your kind
  23. as far as i know (and i dont know much) the dude did nothing wrong. had he made money of the leaks it would be a different story. im no lawyer but i dont see any grounds for a lawsuit
  24. dont. you'll blow pitmans cover
  25. complete with the dude wearing a slash shirt in 01, mr. security man himself, and that pedophile looking motherfucker with the camera from the st louis riot show lol