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  1. searching your roots

    All I know is my Maternal Grandmother was from Liverpool, England and my Paternal Grandparents were from Poland............I do have relatives in Ireland as well so maybe have some Irish blood. I am thinking of getting a DNA test done just for fun to see exactly what mix of mutt I am.............
  2. searching your roots

    Sound like Republicans to me..............
  3. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Do you have a vacuum type record cleaning machine? If not I highly recommend a Record Doctor as it is reasonably priced, $200.00 USD, and it may clean up the noise on your new vinyl. I also recommend getting an old used red colored Zerostat static gun to eliminate any static buildup as this can give you some pops and clicks on your new and old vinyl..........from what I have read the new blue Milty static guns are poorly made but the old red gun are quality.......not cheap on ebay but effective eliminating vinyl static charge..... I found those two items used together, before you play a record, make a big difference in eliminating noise even on new unplayed vinyl......
  4. Necromandus are BACK !!!??!

    Good stuff thanks for sharing!.........I was wondering why I had never heard of this band as they are the type of music I was really into back in the 70's then realized their original album was not released until 1999. Shame they never got their due when Prog was popular in the early 70's..............
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The latest Trump batshit crazy conspiracy theory...Just when you think he can't get any crazier he tops himself http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/19/trump-who-paid-for-dossier-243938
  6. Robert Plant New Album 'Carry Fire'

    Percy was on the Howard Stern show yesterday and it was a very good interview. Howard is such a Led Zep fanboy he could barely contain himself. Plant was a good sport answering all of Howard's Led Zep questions but seemed amused by Howard at times. The interview is not up on YouTube yet but you may be able to hear it free here? I can't tell if the link lets you listen for free as I have a Sirius/Xm subscription so I can get in any time and stream it. https://www.howardstern.com/show/2017/10/17/robert-plant-talks-losing-john-bonham-meeting-elvis-presley-and-prank-led-zeppelin-once-pulled-who/
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Tom Marino is another of the early Trump supporters and we know that is all it takes to curry favour with the Donald. No wonder his cabinet and important Govt positions are filled with such incompetence http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/16/trump-tom-marino-drug-czar-opioid-legislation-243827 Marino was nominated for the Office of National Drug Control Policy but he had to withdraw his name for consideration when the Washington Post and 60 minutes outed him for taking money from the Pharmaceutical Drug Lobby and sponsoring a bill to make it easier for Opioid Drug Mfg to distribute their drugs across the country making it harder for the DEA to control illegal distribution... smh, you just can't make this stuff up..........
  8. Back in 2010/ 2011 Slash did his first solo tour with Myles K. and the Conspirators and they put out a large number of shows on Instant Live style CDR's. I bought them all and have to say the Australian shows in August 2011 just sound amazing. All three Aussy shows have perfect sound IMHO but Melbourne is the pinnacle for me...........I love these shows as they did an amazing cover of "Fall to Pieces" where Myles just nails it...... From the Melbourne show............Crank it up!
  9. California wildfires

    With all the Hurricanes and the Vegas shooting happening so recently it is easy for this tragedy to get lost in the shuffle but there are major firestorms raging in California being driven by hurricane force winds. close to 80mph. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/12/us/california-fires-updates/index.html http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/10/us/california-wildfire-by-the-numbers/index.html at one point I read the fire was consuming a U.S. size football fields worth of property every second Some of the pictures of the devastation look like Armageddon. Just total devastation. It has been a tough year for natural disasters and my heart goes out to all those impacted.... Here are before and after photos of an area of Santa Rosa Cali north of San Fran before after
  10. Major League Baseball Thread - 2017 Regular Season

    Just got this yesterday and proudly wore it at work today here in the (broken) heart of Red Sox Nation..........
  11. Major League Baseball Thread - 2017 Regular Season

    or Yankees.........................
  12. The Sleep And Insomnia Thread

    try melatonin as it is a natural hormone that the body produces to control sleep cycles...... I usually have no problem falling asleep but on those days I am wired I take between 3-6mg an hour before bedtime and it makes me sleepy.....you can buy it over the counter here in the US anywhere that sells vitamins.....works great for me and no next day grogginess as long as I get 6-7 hours sleep......
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If Tillerson did actually call Tump moron in a Pentagon meeting he gets points in my book......that being said saying he is one of the more level headed members of Trumps cabinet is not exactly setting the bar high considering the collection of brokedicks in his cabinet........
  14. My Interview with Vicky Hamilton

    considering that Axl tells his fans nothing and Duff and Slash were never shy about interviews, and they have now gone radio silent, I don't find her claim to be outrageous at all...in fact IMHO it sounds very plausible based on Axl's past history.....
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I am still holding out hope Kasitch runs as an independent with Democratic Colorado Governor Hickenlooper as his VP..........I don't agree with all of his conservative Agenda but have always admired Kasitch for being moderate and might actually vote for him if the Democrats did not field a strong candidate in 2020 if he ran on a bipartisan independant ticket...........We really need a third party option here in the U.S. and would love to see that ticket win to shake up the status quo........... http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/01/politics/john-kasich-republican-party-cnntv/index.html