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  1. Yeah, nothing against him at all. But he must be a complete psycho if he actually thinks that he can sing at all
  2. I just don't understand why he would wanna sing anything - his singing sucks so bad!
  3. This is the first show worth youtubing in a looong time. Axl sounds great on most stuff - plenty of rasp in Brownstone even!
  4. WC is only once every 4 years and I'm gonna guess that you'll have more frequent chances to watch GNR
  5. Even though he usually does sing ISE pretty good, this is still miles better imo. This is close to the album version - really strong and spot on all the way through!
  6. Great interview, thanks for this! The more I hear of these interviews, it paints Axl as the good guy and Slash as a bit of a hypocrite
  7. Don't they usually add more dates as times goes by? Festivals are decided first and then they add dates around those. They're gonna play a huge arena in Gothenburg for the first time ever - my home town!
  8. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Guns are coming back to Europe in the summer! I just got this from ticketmaster: Unglaublich, aber wahr: Guns N' Roses kommen tatsächlich noch einmal nach Europa. Nach ihren restlos ausverkauften Megakonzerten im letzten Sommer kehren Axl, Slash & Duff für vier weitere Open-Air-Shows 2018 nach Deutschland zurück. Tickets gibt es schon ab Montag (13.11.) für alle Fanclub-Mitglieder und die, die es noch werden wollen. (Unser Tipp, denn es gibt massig Merch dazu, und man kommt vor allen anderen an die Karten.) Alle MagentaEINS-Kunden können sich ihre Tickets im Presale ab Dienstag (14.11.) sichern: www.telekom.de/magentaeins-priotickets In den regulären Vorverkauf gehen die restlichen Tickets dann am Donnerstag (16.11.) um 10 Uhr. Trag dich am besten sofort hier für den Guns N' Roses ticketFIRST Newsletter ein und wir informieren dich über alle News und Presales.