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  1. It's astonishing how bad he is at the Guns material nowadays. He can still sing, just not most Guns hits anymore. Not even sure if it's cause he's fat. I used to love checking updates after each show and listen to a few clips. They're all just bad now though. BUT...I'd probably still go and see them live...again haha
  2. Yeah, nothing against him at all. But he must be a complete psycho if he actually thinks that he can sing at all
  3. I just don't understand why he would wanna sing anything - his singing sucks so bad!
  4. This is the first show worth youtubing in a looong time. Axl sounds great on most stuff - plenty of rasp in Brownstone even!
  5. WC is only once every 4 years and I'm gonna guess that you'll have more frequent chances to watch GNR
  6. Even though he usually does sing ISE pretty good, this is still miles better imo. This is close to the album version - really strong and spot on all the way through!
  7. Great interview, thanks for this! The more I hear of these interviews, it paints Axl as the good guy and Slash as a bit of a hypocrite