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  1. Your dream line-up from GN'R

    Axl Buckethead Tommy Brian Dizzy Fortus most importantly, Buckethead instead of Slash
  2. just A-XXL and Slash alone are kind of the 9th biggest people around. Man, If I was rich I could afford a dietician
  3. I'm witcha. seeing Axl and Slash play together feels like the most phony thing I have ever witnessed. I saw a few line ups live and the current one was the only one that I didn't buy. The AFD songs weren't any better than they were played by other line ups, but other line ups had that Fox Moulder drive in them, as opposed to 2016 sell out targeted towards the casual Greatest Hits fans. Greatest Hits fans? Well, yeah. Man, I mean, after having listened to GNR for some 25 years, I went to see them live on the reunion tour, looked around the people in the venue and didn't feel in my element.
  4. SiriusXM Guns N Roses Radio Start Time

    when Duff was hosting the SiriusXM radio show 1. did he talk / say anything before, after songs played? 2. did anybody record it and could upload it? thx!
  5. anybody find it on google earth / maps and give me directions so I can zoom in and check it out for myself?
  6. request:Slash Raised on the Sunset Strip

    give this man a pay rise! he rulez!
  7. DJ Ashba Presents ASHBA Water

    The marketing tagline should go "just like Axl's words - transparent + usually meaningless but sometimes tasteless" or, "Ashba water. Drink health. At least it's not a CANCER that should be removed, and by 'removed' Axl means 'played on stage with' "
  8. Dizzy Reed

    why didnt you upload the whole show? you were there dude, and you were recording only selected songs?
  9. Brian's New TV Show - A Life On The Road

    how long is each episode? 2min 10 min 25 min 45 min ?
  10. Who is Dave Lank?

    Dave Lank played in a band with Paul Huge Tobias. Mank Rage or something like that. Paul Tobias comes from Indiana and is Axl's school friend. So is Dave then, I guess.
  11. GNR featured in Japanese magazine

    GNR featured in a Japanese magazine? that ain't news. Wake me up when a Japanese magazine will be featured in GNR. edit oh, wait...
  12. Rare Slash Interview 1995

    for the first time in months "rare" in a thread topic means "rare" !
  13. Detroit 2002

    put GNR 02 against any one GNR and only 91 and 93 ties with it.
  14. i got this bootleg but with a different cover, it's awesome