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  1. Kings Of Chaos without Matt

    KIngs Of Chaos will do a show in 2019, which I know of from Gilby's announcement and I see no Matt in the line up. There's a new drummer in the band. I am pretty much surprized because Matt was always playing the "it's my band" angle. I know Matt has a new band, Deadland Ritual, and are the dates colliding or did Matt just abandon the KOC project? so what's the deal with Matt and supergroups anyway? First it was Camp Freddy, then In 2012 he formed Rock And Roll AllStars , then in 2013 Kings Of Chaos, and now Deadland Ritual. And if you remember, Velvet Revolver was a "supergroup" as well and weird enuff, Matt was also the boss of it (business-wise, not music-wise). So what' s up with Matt? Is he the business-man of the century or is he really so lame at it than he needs to keep forming new bands over and over?
  2. Missing verse in One in a Million?

    a missing verse of this great song wouldn't be a first thing missing in the current state affairs of GNR 2k19 #buckethead
  3. Axl getting a cast?

    it comes from the Robert John collection
  4. American Satan

    I havent seen this but Steven Adler have and he said afterwards that it's all true and it's the story of GNR. And then he also said Kobain was as good a guitar player as Hendrix, if not better, and then they muted the mike
  5. was there ever any UNtrue story about Shannon and GNR?
  6. Saw Slash tonight in Salt Lake

    speaking of low volume, hasn't Myles said he suffers from constant in-ear-ringing, or whatever you call it? same thing that made Brian Johnson retire from AC/DC
  7. REQUEST - Midi Pinball Machine Files

    I have some sound files from the pinball machine. Mine are labeled as the "snd" extension , tho. They come from the pinball ROM and were transfered onto a Windows pinball emulating system. They were included as a part of the GNR Pinball emulator to be played on a personal computer, which I have, but I have never found a way to listen to them outside of the game. The only way to listen to the clips (that I know of) is just to play the pinball game on the pinball PC emulator called Visual Pinball. There are 5 sound files, totalling at 2 mb. Gimme your email adress and I'll send them to ya
  8. the links are dead. any chance of re up? I got The Jungle and Easy. Was there anything else played on TV?
  9. well, better yet. Anybody capture it please and share?
  10. wow, please upload ANY of these versions for me to see! PPP LEEEASE!
  11. 27 years of "Hollywood Vampires" from L.A. Guns

    the greatest album
  12. Of all UYI rockers, I like YCBM least

    me, I like YCBM song and vid the most. and videos, also Dead Horse.
  13. Is the UYI (album) lineup anyone else's favorite?

    mine is 2002 and UYI, depends which band you mean, but yeah, it's kinda common these days for ..... eeeeeeexpeeeeeeerts.....to say Adler is the soul and Matt is the drum track, but it was Matt that got me to notice drums. and, o yea, shall I defend 2002 or are we finally way past that? and Buckethead is the only GNR member EVER, read my lips, EVAH, not to do GNR song on his outside-GNR shows, and that really says it all, Slay-sh junkies