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  1. did you record and would be share?
  2. VPN recommendations

    I have been seeing into VPNs lately to get one for me but there are some questions I still can't answer and maybe you can help me out - how do you guys know that a VPN is so safe after all? Doesn't it actually work as a big key logger? You pay somebody to be the middle man between you and the internet, and you pay somebody to screen all the stuff you do online and collect all the typing you do, the e-mails (if you still use 'em) etc etc, and you trust 'em with it?
  3. I scrolled thru 16 pages of bullshit and still didn't find the one and only interesting thing - the link to the interview itself. here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/jieehws42fz4hgd/EddieTrunk-Q1043_2019-02-22.mp3?dl=0
  4. where's Pitman?

    o-oh , cyber retard alert, guys first of all, lay off the crack, foo. second of all, you and your 10 posts should go cry somewhere else. As of yet you could never even carry Pitman's towel for him and that says A LOT!
  5. and then the karaoke people said - ey, there goes Mickey Mouse!
  6. Slash in Milan live streaming

  7. where's Pitman?

    bro, don't take it personaly but that's bullshit. Pitman was the only one to call it like it is - a nostalgia act.
  8. where's Pitman?

    I haven't heard a single piece of news about Pitman since that 'Nostalgia act' comment after which he got kicked out. What was it? 2015? No, wait! There was this one news - he sued Axl. What has been up with him since? No bands, no Sex Tapes reunions,no photo ops, no nothing
  9. sorry for the new thread - didn't know where to put it. the Police feel free to move the content photo courtest of Mank Rage (Paul Tobias band) two links 'cause neither hoster reliable lately