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  1. i'm waitin for you guys to do a true story behind a true story of 5 facts about 5 facts
  2. More Ashba fraud

    I followed their twitter account, the Pyromantics, today and I was the 856th follower. I followed them wihtout listening to any music first. I kinda thought that when I follow it will be way easier for me to listen to music once it comes out
  3. to answer the OP's question, all the things I admired about Axl were connected with him not re-uniting the band but doing his thing. So....
  4. so I been a GNR fan since 1993 and yeah, to some of us no big deal here but for the newer ones - who knows I was goin thru my mp3 collection and came across this interview with Slash from june 2008. At the beginning and at the end of it he played the riff to By The Sword. So that's like 2-3 years before the first solo album was done. Kinda interesting. And that same day (today) I listened to that VR gig during which Scott said "it's the last Velvet Revolver tour ever". Which I think was like April 1 2008 Glasgow or something like that. And so anyhow, during that gig's guitar solo Slash played that riff too. well, here's the interview
  5. So when Guns got off the road in 1993 Slash had a studio built in the basement of his house. In 1994 he started saying "I'm like that kid in a candy store. I wake up, get up and go down to my studio downstairs where I just plug in my guitar and record shit". The following year, 1995 that is, Snakepit's first album was recorded there. Then, there was the LA earthquake, but Slash said the house got somewhat damaged, the cobras cages were smashed and the snakes got out but the studio was left intact. As much as I remember. So I'm left wondering. Between 1994 and half a 2004, which is close to a decade, Slash had a home studio but put out just two records. He was happy enough to jam to blues covers in bars (Blues Balls) for free Jack Daniels. In my books that doesn't give him enough credit to criticize Axl so much for taking 10 odd years to finish one album (and boy did Slash do) Am I interpreting the facts correctly?
  6. Check it out, they always said they hung out together as far back as 1986 but I never saw any pictures. Well, this guy has a cool gallery of about 500 pictures https://erockphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Guns-n-Roses/G0000KDYfUmPBgug/I0000ppJ_wKSDlZM https://erockphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Guns-n-Roses/G0000KDYfUmPBgug/I0000lOLuLJN8YsI gallery https://erockphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery/Guns-n-Roses/G0000KDYfUmPBgug/0/2
  8. where's Pitman?

    People say Axl gets the rap for being "brutally honest", when in fact it was Pitman who, for once, told us the truth. GNR ain't no nothin more than a nostalgia act.
  9. where's Pitman?

    I haven't heard a single piece of news about Pitman since that 'Nostalgia act' comment after which he got kicked out. What was it? 2015? No, wait! There was this one news - he sued Axl. What has been up with him since? No bands, no Sex Tapes reunions,no photo ops, no nothing
  10. Leeds 2002

    in a perfect world I woud trade watching GNR in 2017 for watching GNR 2K2, even knowing that GNR17 shows was twice as long.
  11. I recall reading an interview in which Duff said that when Pearl Jam played their first ever LA show, Duff was their drummer. Any more info on the subject? cheers
  12. Your dream line-up from GN'R

    Axl Buckethead Tommy Brian Dizzy Fortus most importantly, Buckethead instead of Slash