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  1. Slane. I was there :-)
  2. Do we have any streams? Thank you
  3. Little offtopic but Nergal has side project - Me and That Man - very different from Behemoth. I like it too.
  4. Yesterdays was played before Coma.
  5. I'm a woman, 160cm high and I was in the pit at the Slane Castle show, few meters from the rail, arrived one hour before the band hit the stage. I think you have no problem with survival :-)
  6. Thanks to everyone that has written great review for the show. A few words from me - out of the emotions that every fan would normally feels, especialy in the golden circle. I think that was a great start for the European tour - because of the venue and because of the setlist. The most influential moments for me: BHS - a really emotional performance. Coma - because I thought it would be replaced by BHS. I think the performance was really good. TWAT - it was a surprise that they included it in the encore. Very happy for hearing it live. Wish everyone great emotionas in the next shows.
  7. I asked concert promoters MCD about backpaks and this is the answer: Hi Denitza Many thanks for your email. We do understand your request and can advise therefore that small bags and small back packs will be permitted but we advise to bring as little as possible with you to the event cause it makes searching at entrances quicker and easier. Kindest Regards Brian Bateman Customer Care Manager, MCD Productions
  8. Ooo thanks. Helped me a lot with this information
  9. I`m looking fot two tickets for Slane, Dublin.