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  1. So that's it? We never hear Chinese D Era Tracks?

    I've lost all respect for Axl Rose, but as others have stated he was becoming a nostalgia act long before the reunion. The Axl Rose of 1985-2010 seems to be a completely different person from the Axl that resurfaced at Rock In Rio on October 2,2011. It's almost like he was switched out with a doppelganger. He seems happier, but all his integrity, creativity and passion seemed to have been drained.
  2. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    Referring to SOYL as "brand new" is just so insulting. I mean, to say that shit here on a forum of die hard fans who obviously have already heard the song, which has been available for years.
  3. Will we hear Atlas Shrugged in some form within the next decade?
  4. The hired hands aren't kicking anyone's ass. This is still Axl's show, they're just along for the ride.
  5. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Fermanager should have convinced Axl to release CD 2. But I guess that wouldn't have made as much money for the Lebeis family as the reunion.
  6. I would pay $2,000 for a Chinese boxset, wouldn't pay $10 for the AFD one.
  7. Axl on american dad

    I love American Dad, it's Family Guy without the useless cutaways. It's a cheap shot at Axl for sure, but shows like this do that all the time to celebrities. It just shows what the public perception of Axl is these days. Who gives a fuck if people think Axl is unattractive? He isn't a movie star or a male model. It shouldn't matter even if he looked like the Crypt Keeper.
  8. We know Atlas Shrugged exists, BBF mentioned putting a solo on it and critics even reviewed it. Also, Axl was very specific describing both the vocals and guitar work of Soul Monster. As for the rest, it could be just rough drafts of unfinished material.
  9. The song is absolute garbage no matter how dressed up the production is. You can't put lipstick on a pig. Patiently waiting for Axl to get back to real music and releasing Red Panda.
  10. Myles Kennedy's lyrics are so generic, it's like Shinedown or any of those other radio rock bands.
  11. I don't like Myles's voice, but my primary problem with him has always been his bland, generic songwriting.
  12. Slayer Announces Farewell Tour

    Never liked them. Give me melody or give me death.
  13. Rumor of a new album???

    Please, please, please include Atlas Shrugged and Soul Monster. As much as I'd prefer to hear the originals, at the end of the day I don't care if Slash completely redoes every part of the music as long as we get Axl's parts. We've been hearing about those songs for a decade (decades in the case of the former) and I just want to find out what they're like.
  14. I'm sorry but I respect songwriters a lot more than players. There are millions of amazing guitar players, only a handful of songwriters as good as Izzy.
  15. Ah, the reunion brought the Slashites back in full force. Such a pleasant place this turned into. Where interesting music like Catcher in the Rye, Shackler's Revenge and Madagascar are mocked, and people actually want new GNR songs in the same vein as the atrocious shit Slash and Duff have written in the past decade.