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  1. Slayer Announces Farewell Tour

    Never liked them. Give me melody or give me death.
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    Please, please, please include Atlas Shrugged and Soul Monster. As much as I'd prefer to hear the originals, at the end of the day I don't care if Slash completely redoes every part of the music as long as we get Axl's parts. We've been hearing about those songs for a decade (decades in the case of the former) and I just want to find out what they're like.
  3. I'm sorry but I respect songwriters a lot more than players. There are millions of amazing guitar players, only a handful of songwriters as good as Izzy.
  4. Ah, the reunion brought the Slashites back in full force. Such a pleasant place this turned into. Where interesting music like Catcher in the Rye, Shackler's Revenge and Madagascar are mocked, and people actually want new GNR songs in the same vein as the atrocious shit Slash and Duff have written in the past decade.
  5. Which album would you choose?

    Unreleased as in CD 2, unless you think Axl lied about that music. As recently as 2014 Axl said the "second half of Chinese" was completed. It was certainly not written with Slash.
  6. Which album would you choose?

    No, I want people to vote for either of the options I gave. Are people incapable of choosing between two options they don't really like? Some polls are about preference, not about your ideal scenario. As far as Slash goes, as I said, I'm an Axl fan. In case you were unaware, there was a full album (and another unreleased album) without him on it, not to mention lots of classic GNR songs where Izzy was the primary writer, so I'm not sure why caring about Slash would be a requirement for being a GNR fan.
  7. Which album would you choose?

    I don't give a shit about Slash and never have, and the poll has nothing to do with him anyway. I'm simply asking whether one would rather have Axl's voice without his lyrics or his lyrics without his voice. Of course neither are realistic options but it's a pretty straightforward way of asking the question.
  8. I love Axl's vocals, but it's his songwriting that makes GNR for me, which is why I'm not crazy about the idea of Axl singing on an AC/DC album if he isn't writing it. If I had to choose between Axl singing songs written by Angus and another band covering Soul Monster and Atlas Shrugged I would choose the latter.
  9. Why I think new music is coming

    But an Axl/DC album might have songs not written by Axl. I want Axl's songwriting more than his vocals. If I had to choose between an album of cover songs sung by Axl, and some other band covering songs like Atlas Shrugged and Soul Monster I would choose the latter.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Elizabeth Warren is one of the few national politicians actually standing up to the corporate class. But she doesn't blame brown people and foreigners for everything so middle America doesn't listen.
  11. Thoughts on Riad N' the Bedouins

    Worst song on CD, simply because the "all my salvation" part is both grating and repetitive.
  12. Deeper With Slash and Joe Perry (Sixx Sense radio interview)

    Niven doesn't know shit. He just speculates and regurgitates shit he heard elsewhere. There's no indication Axl and Erin have been in contact.
  13. Deeper With Slash and Joe Perry (Sixx Sense radio interview)

    Apparently, while Slash met Perla during the UYI tour, he only hooked up with her in 1997, after he left Guns. I doubt Perla and Axl ever met, I think the timing was just a coincidence. As others have mentioned, Axl was already being more cordial during 2014, his reference to "all our lineups" at that grotesque awards show for example.
  14. Bring back Robin and release Red Panda.
  15. Re-evaluating Libertad

    Slash and Scott are amazing on The Last Fight and Messages. Scott's right from heart lyrics and Slash's bluesy playing went hand and hand perfectly. Shame it all went the way it did.