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  1. Anybody looking for Werchter '17?
  2. In some form, maybe. But I couldn't see it. I think axl would call it quits and/or do odd cameo appearances here and there.
  3. Excited for the next 10 years of Axl Rose looney tunes demos leaking
  4. I wish i'd kind of got into the game a tad earlier. It was only when I went to the europe '17 gigs that i started following these and collecting bits when I could. My favourites are: Orlando '16 - Probably the only one from 2016 I'd love to have. looking back, great simple design and the colours are awesome. Osaka '17 - Love Kobe but this is equal in my opinion. Great design, love the style and the skulls. Melbourne Tiger '17 - Love this one, the only AUS one I really like. Love the skull detail and overall subdued look. The entire Europe '17 leg gets a shout, some fantastic designs. London 1, Gdansk and Hameenlinna are fantastic. Munich '17 is my favourite of the entire tour. Denver '17 is severely underrated imo, a great thematic poster. (Would love to know the artist!) From '18 i'd say Madrid is the best Europe design (Awesome detailing and overall execution, close to the buhler style) and from Asia I like both Taipei's. The buhler being the king ofc, with its similarities to Kobe '17! Have loved keeping up with these since Europe '17, Happy collecting!
  5. http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/12/09/breaking-news/review-guns-n-roses-rocks-aloha-stadium-for-more-than-3-hours/
  6. Pretty sure he didnt say studio. I just heard smth like "We have to do this first so we can see what we'll do next"
  7. I preferred his tone in 06. Not sure on his playing though, they were definitely different ways in taking the songs on.
  8. Knowing TB itll be audio only, Forum show, because it was the longest on the tour. You know, the one we all already have... Oh wait, there'll be bonus interviews with Frank and Dizzy!
  9. Yep, buhlers post makes it look better. Prefer the other design though.
  10. Parents Duff and Axl taking little slash out for some surfboarding
  11. All the text looks like default MS word...
  12. Guns have posted "last show of the tour" for the recent Hawaii promo. I know this band makes no sense but more dates announced in January after the last show in December really would be something