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  1. Me neither. The facepalm is more at GnR's ineptitude than Slash n Myles. I don't blame him if he can't get Axl's arse into gear...
  2. The ONLY thing that gives me hope for this and indeed 2020 in general is the lack of activity from Slash n Duff. Of course it's not forced to mean anything is happening behind the scenes with guns, but they are such workaholics that it's hard to see them inactive for too long. So Slash n Myles material incoming?
  3. 04/11/20 - Punta Cana, DO

    This is my impression. Damnit, was hoping I might be able to make an excuse for a holiday...
  4. 04/11/20 - Punta Cana, DO

    Does anyone know if this is an all inclusive only type deal? Like, you'd have to be stopping at the hotel to see the gig?
  5. The early shows on the last 2019 were leg were an improvement for typical beginning-of-the-tour-Axl so there is that. Beyond that I'm not expecting much.
  6. Website logo removal is interesting. Text reminds me of CD era but looks placeholder. Ill still not get my hopes up for new music as such, but it points further in the "whole new show" direction for the tour. Maybe a style revamp?
  7. Dread to think how long Pitman would have been in there.
  8. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Do you have a link for this quote?
  9. Slash has just tweeted, calling it the end of the NITLT. Take with a huge pile of salt like but, it could mean a rebrand for SA next year.
  10. She also has three fingers and no elbow so, wouldn't count on anything.
  11. Damn this is a sick design! Let's hope something really freakin' good got to the top of the list over this then...
  12. Did anyone ever find out more about the strange numbering conventions with the two Mexico lithos this leg?
  13. Picture was nabbed from the litho group on FB, taken by a member on there. Hopefully the ebay listing is legit for people buying...
  14. Gonna bite him in the ass!