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  1. It's been listed dude, don't worry we've analysed them all in this thread

    Yup, just that. Annoying too as the Germany merch store is packed with some cool stuff. Seems to forbid access there once you go to a product listing.
  3. Its weird. He recently sold a Buhler Taipei and got good feedback from the buyer, who knows if that was legit or what.
  4. Right okay. Yeah, im trying to figure this out for everyone as much as me. I didnt pay too much for it and will sort it out with the seller, but basically to anyone looking; there are numbered fakes out there. I know some of us have had our suspicions in the past with certain items but yeah, this is first time I've bought anything like this.
  5. I have pm'd u a few pictures
  6. Yeah, mine doesn't seem to be minor. its probably an inch smaller, both width and height.
  7. Bought it from a dude off UK eBay whos sold other lithos from the same leg, and other guns stuff. Will probably message him and see.
  8. Right okay. Is the paper slightly glossy? I may have a fake because it’s smaller than Europe, but it is numbered...
  9. Does anyone have a Manila litho that can confirm its details? I've picked one up and its a bit smaller than my europe ones, but on lithorati it states "U.S Standard" for size. Any help?!
  10. Okay so THIS one looks legit. More pls...
  11. NITL Blog

    If anyone in this thread is interested, I added a few new 2018 show posts, updated the theme and added some extra videos and pictures. This will be the lot for my current project, i may come back to it sometime for future shows. @janrichmond @marlingrl03 @Ratam Enjoy and thanks!!
  12. A quick question

    Probably doesn't give a shit. I mean, its not a bad wage for bobbing a blue barnet around
  13. When you mock fernando for flaunting his merchandise prowess and simultaneously spend days of your life and too much $$ hunting merch down online
  14. Because there’s numerous complaints about items not showing up or not being as advertised, and most of these are other GnR listings.