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  1. I think its both. Most seem to prefer the more dark, "GnR" style of design/artwork. It definitely doesnt have the usual "buhler" style that weve come to know. But I think the main reason is scarcity. It was limited to 300/350 i believe, and according to the wiki of the tour there were only about 7k in attendance, one of the smallest venues of the tour.
  2. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I agree with this. I think people saying they wish the reunion didn't happen are being somewhat selfish, especially if they saw the band back in the day. As someone who is in their early 20's and got into the band in 08, i followed the Nuguns thing post-CD, saw them twice. And while it was fun at first, and I enjoyed CD, it all died for me at Bridge school. Rio was a blip but bridge school was it for me until the reunion and Axl/DC happened. The hype around these parts, the mood at the shows and the shows themselves have hugely outclassed what NuGnR was doing in my time of following the band. Sure, we can look back at fonder times before CD came, when nuguns had promise, but some people really do forget how bad things were circa '13-14.
  3. Possibly the most obnoxious format for posting ever. This guy.
  4. ACDC New Album News

    Possibly a send off album and then the tour could be a separate thing later, kind of like a best of AC/DC tour? Axl added lots of older Bon songs into the set so the tour could provide more deep cuts and stuff from the early days.
  5. Some of his guns nitl shirts were Gildan prints
  6. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    £4.50 for delivery on a CD? Pisstake from the RoadRunner store there...
  7. SBD recordings of Axl/DC?

    I heard a low quality manch one, is there a good one?! The Philly bootleg I have is amazing sounding...
  8. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Manch Apollo has good sound, saw slash there in 2010, great gig. Much better than Leeds arena in '14.
  9. He seems to list a bunch every so often. maybe every few months. I think whatever anyones conclusion it isn't worth the risk buying one. He also seems to list the same bunch but not any of the really sought after ones, maybe thinks the real collectors won't buy it? Not sure in all honesty.
  10. Yeah theres likely to be extras floating around but the sheer amount he has is questionable. That and the fact that, as others have said, for most collectors a litho without a number aint worth a damn.
  11. I too think we can become hyper critical. For me they represent the widest variety of guns material within a small body of work and for that reason alone are held in high regard for me. That and the fact that there are some incredible songs across the 2 records.
  12. 2001 1-1-01 Las Vegas shirt

    Have done!
  13. 2001 1-1-01 Las Vegas shirt

    Says you can't receive messages dude
  14. UYI box>AFD box

    Surely you're only saying that because we've all heard scom 1000 times and checkmate has a mystery surrounding it. No way you can honestly say you'd rather hear checkmate than ever hear scom, when it's like 2 lines. If you're saying never hear scom again and get to hear checkmate it might be more than understandable...