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  1. The more I look at that box on the bottom right under arena the more it annoys me
  2. Adding to the list of disappointing ones this arena run im afraid...
  3. Doubt it. Theres a couple days between every show, and Last year when they "added" a 2nd london date they left an extra day so there was 3 days between. That was also at the same venue whereas with DL it'd have to somewhere else ofc. I can't see them adding more unless its at the start or the end of the current run.
  4. I think they'll do okay just based on the lack of dates overall for europe across the two legs. We shall see.
  5. Arenas would have been nice but it doesnt bother me too much. Im guessing they think they can still sell stadiums in europe and will benefit from doing bigger shows but less of them.
  6. Yeah youre probably right. Would have loved to see them in budapest, was hoping for a show on a 2nd run there. I'm probably not as excited but thats just because i was incredibly excited last year. I still think Europe deserved another run with the amount of shows theyve done in the states.
  7. Just looked at my old archived emails, It was about £100 for GC prague for me, through the ticketpro site. Im happy about this 2nd run, been trying to justify US sometime but europe makes it easier. My biggest question is why are they doing pretty much all the same countries as before, quite a few still not had a show yet.
  8. Yeah I assumed that. Both Copen and Prague last summer had pretty big GC areas, think I paid about £75 for GC at Prague. In terms of multiple shows, I tend to turn it into a holiday esp when its in the summer months. Even so, I can only manage two or three not the 7 or 8 some people mange to go to! Probably got a lot more money at hand
  9. Seems that way, works for me! £20 extra for gold circle is definitely worth it.
  10. What was with the arena prices this fall? Just got GC for France for about £85 which is about £50 cheaper than London last year and a damn sight cheaper than US dates?
  11. https://www.livenation.nl/show/1056337/guns-n-roses-not-in-this-lifetime-tour/nijmegen/2018-07-04/nl Also Just got GC for Bordeaux!
  12. Id assume so. I think they even set some aside after general sale, this summer I got London GC a few months before the show as they released more...
  13. Looks legit, do we know which bands are which days? would be nice to know whos on before guns...