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  1. A quick question

    Probably doesn't give a shit. I mean, its not a bad wage for bobbing a blue barnet around
  2. When you mock fernando for flaunting his merchandise prowess and simultaneously spend days of your life and too much $$ hunting merch down online
  3. Because there’s numerous complaints about items not showing up or not being as advertised, and most of these are other GnR listings.
  4. Not sure I’d come post them here with that feedback
  5. I think i’ve Seen one or two, possibly only shipping to Europe. But yes, you’re right it is incredibly hard to find out there
  6. Basically 1k for 2017 then, with the current rate for 18. What an awesome set of lithos.
  7. NITL Blog

    I have updated the site with another post! @janrichmond @Ratam Thanks for looking https://notinthislifetime.home.blog/2019/03/02/guns-n-castles/
  8. NITL Blog

    Hey guys! I created a blog documenting my travels and shows for the NITL tour. It's actually part of a University project so any follows, reposts and feedback welcome! I wanted to post it here for some positivity about the tour and to focus on the cool experiences most of us had. I have done an intro and two gigs so far, with 3 or 4 more posts to come. Not sure if this is the right place, but the posts contain a bunch of my own pictures from the tour and I didn't know where else to post it! Ta. https://notinthislifetime.home.blog/