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  1. Yeah. SA is currently scheduled to start November 8th
  2. London or the tour? London could make sense if they can't figure out the venue for 2021. I don't think I believe the whole tour will be cancelled though...
  3. I think SA will go ahead this fall
  4. Whole thing will probably get pushed to the following summer, including US dates. Tour to start up with SA again in November?
  5. Do we think Axl pushed a bit more due to knowing this was gonna be it for a short while? Certainly sounded stronger than most first shows.
  6. I would doubt it but yeah they're not listed on the site. Just Chile, BA, Sao Paulo and Bogota. You'd have to assume its only a matter of time before the rest is confirmed though. The band will surely return to the US for now.
  7. When does the US tour conclude? It may be the case that after NA they kind of compile whatever gets cancelled into a weird "Virus Cancellation Leg."
  8. Do we think the absurdly high U.S prices is a factor to the constant American tour legs? In Europe they don't seem to be able to get away with that shit. Even in London, Gold Circle is like £150 and under £100 in other EU markets. Combine that with the travelling over there and costs that come with...would explain a few things in regards the amount of touring in each region.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    GnR won't release anything until a UYI boxset next year. Then, it's time for The Lasagne Incident in 2023 (More covers including The Seeker.) Then somewhere else will be crying for democratic reform in 2028. It's all planned out
  10. The logo one looks like it was done in Photoshop.
  11. Saw this earlier. Honestly, I don't know how some of these designs get rejected whilst others are successful. At least Tim's design has a bit of style.
  12. Sounds like Crazy then morphs into The Seeker. They can't even play a different tune when they try
  13. Sorry guys, didn't see it had been discussed here. I believe the ad was targeted location based, from what I remember it just mentioned London, Glasgow and Dublin on my insta account. I only grabbed the chapter screens. It did say "is about to begin" which struck me as they're starting this "Chapter" with Miami tomorrow.
  14. I know this will likely get moved to the Social Media thread, but I found this interesting. Just got a sponsored Insta story message showing upcoming dates, with the "Next Chapter Is About To Begin" text overlaying. It's probably just tour-related, but they are still pushing this next chapter thing. Until now, it seemed more promotor driven than anything. Thoughts?
  15. 04/11/20 - Punta Cana, DO

    Do you know of any places to stay that are reasonably priced? at least in comparison to the hard rock hotel...