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  1. Probably will be for the Asia run. Makes sense with Shadow coming in this run.
  2. I saw a few in and around but closest i could get was about £180 on the 18th. Flying back seems fine at like £40, which is annoying.
  3. I disagree, Really like it. Id say its top 5 of the leg for me. Not sure on its reference tho, Lithorati hasnt updated yet
  4. Was tempted by this last minute but cant get a cheap enough flight out from the UK
  5. If anyone is after Bordeaux, Pm me
  6. Not a fan of Zurich either tbh, just looks a bit cluttered
  7. What if D.J. and Bumblefoot were never a part of GNR?

    Whatever would have happened it must have been better than what we got, especially Ashba...
  8. I agree with this. Summer NA is behind Europe 17 and Japan, but imo it's easily the best US leg. The arena tour lithos are mostly crap imo.
  9. In all honesty I think a lot of the 2016 leg wasn't great. Pitts maybe cool for what you've stated but it's just the bullet logo at the end of the day. The history behind the art and it's inspiration add to them for me. i agree with Munich, it might even be my number 1 litho, aside from that I think Mannheim castle and Denver are underrated especially Denver.
  10. Really? Seems one of the most popular at any gigs I've been to.
  11. Just because of the hate it sometimes gets, im gonna say, pretty damn good TIL.
  12. Looked really quiet. back half of the floor empty and seats not looking too full.
  13. Can we not spam a Moscow Guns thread with Maiden streams from Portugal
  14. has this dude forgot what forum theyre on