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  1. Well. I expected nothing and was pleasantly surprised, enjoying what i've heard. Good job Dizzy
  2. Europe 2017 stuff for sale/trade

    Pm'd mate, let me know what you think
  3. Yeah R+L is awful. How theyre headliners i dont know.
  4. Europe 2017 stuff for sale/trade

    Its the Aurora design:
  5. I think it will stay as is but curious about tomorrows announcement. Foo fighters seem to be the big rumour.
  6. I doubt they would do both UK festivals, but as of now R&L havent announced their lineups yet.
  7. Got a Nijmegen Litho and Northern lights shirt L, if anyones interested?
  8. GnR 2016 Tour Lithographs for Trade

    Got a Nijmegen for sale if anyones interested
  9. It could be real, but I and many others wouldnt purchase numbered lithos from a seller that also sells unnumbered ones, you just never know.
  10. Yeah, I feel like there a good bunch of European markets they could have hit rather than doing stadiums in the same countries as last year. Some of the prices are rather high also, but some are more reasonable. I think theyll be close to sold out once summer rolls around though.
  11. It seems youre new to this thread. The warpig saga continues...
  12. I think if i got an unnumbered one id have to get it from the show or from someone who i know was there. Getting ones that were unnumbered off ebay is a risk, as you ultimately never know if its a fake.
  13. I meant more in terms of the current stadium run due to schedules. Arena run maybe but not too sure, could see them hitting Asia/AUS again first if theyre doing more europe stadiums.
  14. Rumor of a new album???

    I feel like the only way this could happen anytime soon is if the 3 of them work through the leftover CD stuff and re record the best of them, or if they come at it from an Illusions style where axl slash and duff have their own bits/songs/ideas and they all kind of have chunks of the album that are defined as "slash" "Axl" and "duff" songs.