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  1. Star Wars IX Thread

    Probably not worth its own thread... looks kinda dumb.
  2. AC/DC line-up discussion

    Noooooooo (Darth Vader style)!
  3. “I just need a bit of time.” “.....what if I don’t have time?”
  4. ^ Johnny Kreis on drums? Anyway, my favorite version too!
  5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    How the hell not? There is a scene in the original movie, where T-Rex eats some guy while he was sitting on a toilet! Epic.
  6. Why the hell is this stuff leaking now? Not to complain or anything...
  7. What Are You Listening To 2018

  8. It's still up. Uploaded 20 minutes ago (again). Just add some filters when search.
  9. Well, it's on youtube. Not well hidden.
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Umm... what? I'm affraid to go to sleep. What if I miss something?
  11. Oh My God sounds better than the "official" version. Silkworms are just kinda... meh.
  12. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Vocals are great!
  13. First impression - seems promising!