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  1. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Well, they are going to release this: "Hear the Stones better than you’ve heard them before! Out on June 26 are break-outs of individual LPs from the half-speed master boxset ’Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016’. Every album was remastered & cut at revelatory Half-Speed at Abbey Road Studios from vinyl specific original tape transfers, designed to get the very best possible sound from the format...Each album is pressed on heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl - pick your albums of choice for pre-order here: https://therollingstones.lnk.to/Half-Speed-Masters "
  2. Steven gives you fun drumming on his Insta

    That was awesome!
  3. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    There was a "dial tone-ish" sound, but nothing that can't be edited out. And the quality of live recordings is so-so... bootleg quality (NYC MSG sounds decent).
  4. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Maybe will you find more info (*cough*links*) on IORR forum... check the "New ABKCO copyright releases" thread.
  5. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Not exactly about touring... but has anyone been listening to short-lived "69RSTRAX"? https://variety.com/2020/music/news/rolling-stones-rare-outtakes-youtube-copyright-1203454581/ A lot of great stuff from 1969 was (officially?) released for 24 hours on youtube, then taken down. Stuff like 22min long choir sessions for You Can't Alyways Get What You Want, Wild Horses with strings and glass harmonica, bluesier version of Love in Vain (similar to Robert Johnson's version), Madison Square Garden shows (1969.11.27. and 1969.11.28.), etc. etc.

    ^yep, today I don't care too much about the story. But the film has some strong moments when your heart just broke a little - like Chewie's reaction when Leia dies. Or seeing Han Solo (thank god he is not shown as a force ghost).

    Based on leaks I wasn't expecting much - better said, I was sure this film will suck (big time). But I just saw it and... wow. Liked it pretty much. Visually is great, music is outstanding. They really throw too much at you at the same time, but it's been a ton of (good or bad) material since 1977 and to make a closure is pretty hard job to do. I wasn't disappointed at all!
  8. The Mandalorian (Star Wars TV show)

    Great episode!
  9. The Irishman

    Saw it today... great film. A runtime was unexpected but it's far from being boring.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen... you wanted the best. Well they didn't fuckin' make it! So here's what you get. From Hollywood. Guns N' Roses!
  11. The Mandalorian (Star Wars TV show)

    Pretty good show opener IMO. Has a lot of potential. I've heard few "spolers" about the first episode and the "surprise"... seems like those insiders were wrong.
  12. I'd rather see the Long Night, but since it was canceled... I'm pretty excited about this one too.
  13. Jumpin' Jack Flash

    The "3:31" version? Could be from '86 Pasha Studios... sessions (?). I think someone have remastered those demos.
  14. Quick Song's riffs sounds very familiar... perhaps that's why I like this song.