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  1. Well, shit, I haven't noticed that before:
  2. Game of Thrones Season 8 Death Pool *SPOILERS*

    Maybe I'll go edit my post/predictions and no one will notice...
  3. By the way... I think D&D said (in Inside the Episode) that Arya stuck the Valyrian steel into the same spot on the Night King’s body from when he was created by the Children of the Forrest. According to some cave paintings from season 7, "Night King" is shown as skeleton with beard - so not the same Night King as the "current" Night King?
  4. Yeah, Arya/Gendry was... I don't know, felt weird. My guess is also that Bran's plan will fail. Maybe when someone (Jon, Arya, ...) will finally try to kill the Night King will find out that he can't be killed with dragonglass, valyrian steel or dragon fire - new lightbringer in the making?
  5. Yeah, I couldn't wait either. Seems like episode 3 will be "epic".
  6. Saw a torrent earlier... can't decide if I should watch a leak or wait few more hours.
  7. Fucking HBO Go crashed here...
  8. Here it comes... here comes your 19th nervous breakdown.