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  1. it's crazy how we thought he sounded like crap back in 2011 (specially after what he did the year before) i wish he sounded like this again :/
  2. The most Epic Videos of Gnr post 90s

    Is that soundboard? Edit: Damn, it isn't. "Edirol R-09HR digital audio recorder with Church Audio CA-11 microphones". WOW
  3. So cool to see other people's first encounter with this masterpiece When they're breaking down the lyrics after the song ends, damn... So so deep and heavy
  4. Why "no links"? Isn't this like any other bootleg?
  5. Yep, it's confirmed, the vault is open
  6. what the hell is going on 2008 - Axl discovers how to quote on a internet forum 2018 - Axl discovers how to upload files
  7. Best singer Slash has ever worked with (besides Axl) imo... His voice fit's Slash's work so well. Myles is good, but 4 tracks in and i'm already sick of his voice
  8. thank god we don't have a proshot
  9. I was just thinking about that looking at the picture. How in the hell can you look better on soundchecks than at the actual concert? He looks SO much better with sneakers, the leg tattoo showing, a regular black shirt, and you can throw a hat if you want, but for god's sake, junt don't try to look like a fake Billy Ray Cyrus for once
  10. The "GNR Network" mentioned early is such a good idea. I'd totally do it If i was part of a huge band. Just like the WWE Network, 9,99/month, the entire video/audio concert collection, some rehearsal and even concert livestreams, exclusive Q&As, setlists and other informations, pictures... Whats the point of keeping ALL of this to yourself when millions of people are willing to pay you for these treasures.
  11. You took it? Its one of the best reunion pictures!
  12. MTV have some proshots (including Brasil 92, they used fragments during reports in the past), but i don't know if they'd sell
  13. I'm going to bother the shit out of Fernando with this idea. He'l have to block me