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  1. Now that Tool is about to release a new record end of this month I was wondering if that would have any impact on GNR. Most here probably like or at least respect Tool and probably have heard the new track. If the new record turns out to be as great as Tool fans hope would Axl and company feel any pressure or any extra incentive to deliver new music sooner rather than later? Axl was seen at a Tool concert in the 90’s probably has liked or has had respect for the band. Would he and the band feel any more or less obligation to make a record that would be in the same conversation as a Tool record? I’ve heard writers, critics at the time say Aerosmith and Motley Crue felt they had to step up their game with Pump and Dr Feelgood because GNR was killing it at the time with Appetite. If GNR releases something soon it could be great time for music especially for me with my 2 favorite bands releasing new music I know I’ve been starving for. I’ll get ripped for this post and why it’s here in the first place but I love both bands Any thoughts on this?