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  1. This may have already been discussed if so my bad... seems like it would be easy to have Slash and Duff add to that song if that wasn’t done already. Fly Steven in for dinner and work on that song thank him, then he can be on his merry way Easier said than done! Only those close to that know how likely or not getting the original 5 together to do anything is. Everyone wants that but a lot of moving parts would have to fit! I think in 2018 we’ll have at least one new GNR song with Slash and Duff just based on how the tour looked from the outside and a lot time between now and when they resume, just my thoughts..... anyone care to add?
  2. Estranged demo?

    I wish we had the full background of this song including demos, drafts, cuts. Didn't Matt Sorum say November Rain and Estranged was at one time one huge song? I've heard that NR was in one form or another anywhere from 12 to 15 to over 20 minutes in length. Estranged I believe Axl originated in Chicago '89 or maybe before. Axl I think said he, Izzy, and Slash each brought an album worth of material to that session. Is it possible Axl brought one huge song possibly parts of Estranged as an extension to NR? Was Breakdown ever a part of that huge song? If anyone has anything to add to this please do. It would be cool to hear any demos of these including the beginnings of songs all the way up to Slash adding the guitar pieces. I'm sure there's demos on those too. And Matt saying one huge song, he joined in 1990 after the Chicago session making all of this even more unclear. Of course some may think big deal be happy with the final versions however they came about. That's not good enough for me. I love the songs so much I want to know everything that went into creating them! If anyone has anything to add please do.....
  3. When are we going to hear Axl and Slash do a cover of Bowie classic with an extended guitar solo smack dab in the middle?! Live or studio, preferably studio. Although it would be cool to hear Ziggy with the original 5, studio. Never got to hear Scott Weiland and Axl together cover under pressure queen maybe Slash could of thrown a solo in there and sent the original to another level, stratosphere, dimension etc (drunk and rambling when I posted this..... would be cool to see Gnr cover Ziggy Stardust though, thinking studio rasp necessary)
  4. Estranged demo?

    I've wondered about the Estranged demos too. That would be ridiculous to hear any parts, rough sketches, pieces or anything Axl may have been brainstorming when putting this amazing piece of music together. Same for Slash's guitar parts my favorites like the one following "1,2" and the solo after "anymore and what for" I want to hear them.... all of them! Some of these parts could have came natural, first time they heard or thought of something so there may not really be much even in the vaults which I'd love to get my hands on like any other die hard gnr fan! Of course we all want to hear that 27 minute version of November Rain. I made a post in 2011 wondering where the hell that is.... NR, Estranged, Breakdown all one.
  5. Axl vs the World conspiracy theory

    Maybe he was crushed from Slash and duff leaving the band and said f this didn't know where to take the band still had the name now what.... Interesting discussion though
  6. Is that where they recorded Lies side 2?
  7. Didn't Slash say that Izzy bailed during the illusions tour? I think him and Duff were pretty pissed off at the time. Once Izzy was sober Guns was over... Major turning point of the band was when Izzy became sober and Axl seized control of the band and it all happened about the same time.... coincidence? Still scratching my head how a band that creates amazing music can let it all just......