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  1. I'd love a link too if anyone can help. Thanks!
  2. Beautiful disease

    I used to have it but can't find the files anymore so I'd love it too. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone I ended up getting two of the Duff vinyl slip mats that came with the more expensive Nightrain fan club membership packages from last year . I'm not looking to sell it but was just wondering if anyone had an extra Axl or Slash one they'd like to trade for the Duff one. Thanks
  4. Guns N' Roses Comic Books

    Yes I have that one also. Didn't bother listing it since it's a thicker graphic novel and didn't come out in the 90s, so I wasn't sure if Kevin would be interested. It is a pretty thorough retelling of the story though and even goes into the breakup, Velvet Revolver , Buckethead etc. Did you enjoy it?
  5. Guns N' Roses Comic Books

    I just watched the video and saw that Kevin asked that if there were other comics then people should add a comment about them. There are actually 7 other GNR comics from the 90s and I have all of them. There's a large (magazine size) version of the Revolutionary comics issues he shows in this video. There's also a Revolutionary Comic of Guns n Roses 91. There's also one that's called Guns N Roses Live, which covers some of the 91 shows.The last Revolutionary comic was called Greatest Hits which was just portions of the first issue, 91 and Live comics reprinted together. Two other companies also put out comics , one of them did a stand alone issue and the last company did a two issue series on them. I included the covers if Kevin or anyone else cares to check them out. Another fun fact that some might not know about these comics is Axl was very upset about that first Unauthorized comic that came out and how they were portrayed. I believe he even sued them to try to have it yanked from stores. The comic company even spoke about it themselves in later printings of the first issue. Guess he lost because they kept coming out with the later issues but the company did eventually go out of business. These comics were by NO means totally accurate or even illustrated that well but were fun when I originally bought them as a kid . I also have the Aerosmith, Metallica and The Doors double issue that was released when the Doors movie came out. Even though they were comic books they sure don't shy away from all these bands sex life, drug abuse, craziness etc.