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  1. The GNR world only exists in our heads. Are we satisfied with our world in general, and how are our lives?
  2. Does anyone here remember any chorus of some song from slash's latest cd? right now?
  3. Incredible initiative. The ignorant deserve forgiveness. Congratulations to Matt. Artists deserve more respect and fair remuneration.
  4. if he were as perfectionist as you say ... nor would he do more shows ...
  5. This sloppy guy can hire security guards.
  6. One of the more respected drummers in music, Charlie "Chalo" Quintana, died in Mexico this week (Mar. 13) at the age of 56. Born in El Paso, Texas, he played in the Los Angeles-based punk The Plugz in the late-70s through the mid-80s, did the first Izzy Stradlin solo album in 1992 and joined SoCal legends Social Distortion for a decade-long stint behind the kit. Quintana was in demand due to a reputation for his reliability, backing such diverse artists as Bob Dylan, Cracker, Agent Orange and John Doe - just to name a few - at different times throughout his career. His passing was revealed via a post on his Facebook page which said he had moved to Mexico in recent years to take care of stray dogs. http://loudwire.com/charlie-quintana-death/
  7. When Slash entered GNR much of AFD had already been written ... but ok ... I'll try this.
  8. two things to slash ... 1-look for a dentist 2-back take guitar lessons
  9. Hi bro. How are things at Sampa? At this time of the championship, as fans, we can only make comedy with the remote possibility of new original material, so let's have fun, enter the party. hug
  10. "IN THIS LIFETIME"...forget about "NOT" Axl shot himself in the foot saying he would never play slash again in this lifetime. therefore... The best of all ideas (to me) is THE LEGEND OF THE RED PANDA, but being consistent with the facts, the title should be ..."IN THIS LIFETIME"
  11. suggestions ... how cool! but obviously, and considering all that has been said in recent years, and taking into account the name of the tour, I would say that the ideal name would be: IN THIS LIFETIME
  12. this. great post