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  1. the band does not officially release, and pursues who tries to get more material. It Sucks!
  2. If TB paid me $ 9.99 a month I could devote an hour or two a month to listen to new GNR songs.
  3. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/evqjnm/guns-n-roses-box-set-appettite-for-destruction-locked-n-loaded-rich-assholes
  4. Hello. did not say youtube is the only way, but the most used today. SOYL, the song, when it comes to GNR, does not meet expectations, IMO.
  5. youtube is the main way to listen to music today, and it's the most revolutionary app ever created. SOYL is weak, not contagious.
  6. "Life is a leap of faith all the time"

  7. What more to say about this “new” release?
  8. Not sure. TAY is very weak.
  9. Me too. I like the two bands in the same way. but the difference between how PJ (and also Metallica) works and GNR ... could have learned a lot from them.
  10. these lazy millionaires have had enough of us. now provide us with new material for free.