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  1. Mean Bone?

    I remember requesting HMV get Ain't Life Grand in on CD because I couldn't find it online anywhere (in like 2003?)... I finally found it after a few weeks of sleuthing and didn't want to pay for the CD since I was a kid with limited funds... they called me periodically to pick it up for like five years until they went bankrupt .
  2. Seconded on SYR. And it's not even close for me. I think I put Call of the Wild second. Hearing the riff isolated in that Ernie Ball video made me like it way more. The Great Pretender is getting a lot of love... I don't get it... I'll try it again, haha.... nah still nothing.
  3. What would the scope be of the ideal GNR biopic? I bet it could be Straight Outta Compton level successful if it was done right. I'm thinking Axl getting off the bus in LA. They'd have to really nail the casting for all the members, though. Their early tribulations and hijinx... meeting up with Izzy. Trying to nail the lineup.... And I want Slash's introduction to be like... blah blah Tracii isn't working out... the audience is feeling the stress of finding the final lineup "...well... there's this... other guy... "... the camera slowly pans into a dark or red-lit rehersal room with smoke ebbing out.... and just this disgusting, gnarly beast of a riff is pulsing out. I'd want it to hit you like the intro credits to It Might Get Loud. That early tour up the coast... get em all in the van writing Paradise City... Maybe Donnington and the deaths as the climax... and it should look gritty and grimy visually -- smoke, leather, neon... no Rock Of Ages shit. The definitive GNR story is the rags to riches, gutter to number #1, AFD era. I think if you cram in even the UYI tour it's too unfocused. The audience basks in their successes and failures as the movie ends with them getting ready to go away for a while (UYI sessions). And the soundtrack has to be amazing, all the influences... Aerosmith, Elton John, The Misfits, Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders... none of the 80's contemporaries -- avoid that association completely... maybe get the early Crue in there?.... and then you hold out on GNR cream until the pivotal moments. Whew... Alright -- who's in?
  4. Mean Bone?

    Bad artwork?? I think it's awesome! The self-titled is rock-bottom imo... or Made In Stoke if you count that.
  5. I just don't get... who are these for? How many people play these models vs how many just stick 'em in a closet... they seem like fodder for guitar speculators. I can't imagine a professional slinging signature gear... nor even spending that much on a gigging instrument. Of the people who actually play the things.... can they actually play? . I'm picturing a dentist pulling it out to play SCOM... maybe pops on a tophat... rock on.
  6. This would be the interview where he dishes out all the NITL inner workings. But none of us will know!
  7. Kneel down ....sinners... streetwise religion... greeed!... crowned kiiinng..... dream teens..... trash queens!!!... blessings — finalringaaaohhhh!! We may have Mickey but at least we get most of the words... the basic structure remains intact... . Welcome to the jungle.... fun n’ games... everything ya want.... know the names... people’ll find... what ya need.... Anythingyawaant!!.. notfrommeeeya... jungle....... the jungle!!!
  8. I think it’s a good idea. I made this topic a while back... most people said no. But it sounds cool to me... especially if it means more consistent delivery. Nightrain especially sounds cool as hell haha (7mins in). Just because he can hit the notes in Eb doesn’t mean tuning down wouldn’t potentially make it more comfortable... if it’s easier to get to where he needs to be note wise maybe he can work in that zone better and rasp it the fuck up.
  9. I remember him saying a lot of dudes come to his shows nowadays with an arms-crossed, “show me what you got” guitar nerd vibe. I mean... I'm a guitar nerd... but that’s pretty lame. Could compelling rock even exist with today’s crowds?
  10. Favorite Slash albums

    Hard to describe? Well let’s try. Powerful. Soulful. Adrenal... izing. Balls-out? Gail-force.
  11. Favorite Slash albums

    Regardless of how you view Libertad's song power I agree that of all his albums... it just sounds really fresh and airy in a good way. Contraband (production wise) sounds dated and harsh while SMKC is too slick.
  12. Favorite Slash albums

    Don’t Drop That Dime!
  13. Favorite Slash albums

    Wow how did I never hear about this? Nick Oliveri from QOTSA? Alt version of Nothing To Say. I like it better! I've got no love for M Shadows. I think that's my main beef with that album... cheese. Nicole Scherzinger? Even for a b-side... cripes.
  14. Favorite Slash albums

    Libertad at rock bottom! Ow. What about American Man? I always liked the vibe of that song.... That version made me like that song more, too. That solo is straight off the album and the rhythm really pops... ROCK BOTTOM? I think I put Living the Dream and SLASH at the bottom, myself. Let's do... 1. It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere 2. Ain’t Life Grand 3. Contraband 4. Libertad 5. Slash 6. World On Fire 7. Apocalyptic Love 8. Living The Dream 5 O'Clock I used to completely disregard and now I love it to bits. I viewed it as an Axl wannabe singing GNR reject material but that is... completely wrong . I know Ain't Life Grand is kinda the weird stepchild album but it's so visceral and aggressive and I love Slash with a soulful singer. REVISIT THIS THING. Anyone who put it at #1 is cool as fuck. Slash needs to get with a band full of black dudes, man... just sayin. Contraband's ranking is influenced by how much I like the melodic solos on the second half. Do It For The Kids and Big Machine live were amazing though! On the album they're kinda toss offs? I get that they don't highlight Slash at his best but Duff and Sorum were cracking pavement... I dug it. Brendon O'Briens production on Libertad is way nicer to listen to compared to the SMKC trilogy. Some of it feels a little try-hard for mainstream success (Last Fight imo!). SLASH has aged horribly... way worse than anything you can say about Contraband. Adam Levine? Worst solo artist version of Chris Cornell? Fergie? M Shadows? Rap-rock Paradise City? Kid Rock b-side? C-tier Ozzy? None of that shit has stood the test of time. We've got.... five... great songs, though. Maybe six. Apocalyptic Love has higher highs than World on Fire but it's seriously inconsistent.... and Living The Dream was a punch in the nuts.