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  1. https://player.fm/series/rolling-stone-music-now-170040/duff-mckagan-the-rolling-stone-interview Reads books... travels... the civil war... Anne Frank's house.... Stones as setting the benchmark for older touring rock bands. Axl apparently busts his ass with the vocal warm-ups and cool-downs. Lots of anecdotes about Tenderness recording, inspirations... #MeToo, Parkland. He doubles down on the It's So Easy as tounge-in-cheek... different cultural context than today (Sunset in the 80's as an empowered free love kind of thing?). A piss take on everything going the band's way when they were nobodies. One in a Million as a character story; leaving it off the box set. #WokeAxl GNR as not right wing / left wing, political. Captain America's been torn apart... Farts. Steve Jones as major inspiration. Scott Weiland / Prince / Cornell as inspiration for Feel. Depression struggles. Positive perspective gained from addiction experiences and close calls. "We're in extra innings." Izzy! "I don't have a take.... it wasn't from not trying." "Touring is not for everybody." Host: "He said it came down to money." "Duff: Yeah. I don't even know. I love the guy." "Maybe some other time." His reuniting with Axl anecdote in 2010. "Are you guys sort of hired guns of Axl's or in a band?" "We're in the band." "New music would be wonderful." "Doesn't feel like a finite thing." "Nobody needs to know our business, we got into trouble in the past with that." I liked it better than the WTF interview; it felt a little more substantial as the host knows more about the band and it's history (is a fan too, I believe). Guarded as ever about the internal machinations but so it goes!
  2. AXL

    Can you imagine if he didn't take the name? Billlll! Bill! Bill! Bill Bill! Fuckin' Bill, dude!
  3. Hickory dickory dock.... Frank's drumming sucks a big HEEEEY.... Clock struck six, he can't handle them sticks, we need Popcorn to fix this crock! Sorry.
  4. Did he have some sort of physical issues? Like shoulder problems or something? I thought I remember something about that impacting his tenure with Korn.
  5. The Wild Story of an Autistic GNR Fan

    Your sister sounds pretty great — hug her when you get the chance!
  6. Is there a better word than cassingle? No.
  7. I think they should! The Appetite songs were worked over so many times before being put to tape... they should just say “here’s something we’re working on.” Throw it out there and gauge the response... don’t overthink it.
  8. That’s what I’m sayin. Izzy’s rhythm and musical foundation makes the whole enterprise more distinguished. Whatever value the “gormless” UYI metally Axl/Slash direction has requires youth to pull off... it just does.
  9. People are right that’s CD’s biggest issue was the cut and paste protracted development, more so than the actual songwriting (even though saying “CD2” kills my boner pretty quick). If the album is going to be good, they’ve gotta set a date for the studio. Just get in the studio. If they’re all in separate locations piecing shit together and talking over the phone... bad omen. Or if they’re waiting for something to happen material wise prior... you need that pressure and to be in there together. I’d argue dates and deadlines have value for creativity.
  10. Bums me out that Axl is such an AC/DC fan but he doesn’t want to lean into that best part of GNR and AC/DC.... just hip thrusting rhythm and dirty guitars. It might have seemed old hat in 1996, but nobody can seem to do it anymore.
  11. I can't listen to Be the Ball. Doin' Fine is so musically badass you've gotta just let it in.... The cat is in the dryer, baby. Listen motherfuckers to this song that should be heard! Oh my distorted smile... guess what I'm doing now... somebody raped my tapeworm abortion, comon mothafuckas and deliver the cow!
  12. More evolved than Chinese Democracy. Harpsichords.
  13. I get it, though. I really get it. I don't think it's romantic to think that, for Izzy, it's not really the money. It's the equality money represents. It's the brotherhood. When it becomes spreadsheets and percentages... when you're subordinate in an organization that wouldn't exist without your contribution... what the f is that. What are we doin? None of them are going hungry. In twenty years they'll all be wrinkled fucks thinking about the old times... why not lay down a few more cool chapters together. I feel like if Axl read this post his eyes would roll into the back of his skull, but...
  14. Tom what are we doin' here. The songs that Izzy wasn't involved in, for the most part, have aged the worst. Izzy is essential. Slash and Axl are not Mick and Keith in terms of songwriting. They've got the musical chemistry but the writing is not top shelf (omg but November Rain... calm down). They need Izzy to lay the foundation. Seems pretty estranged between the Izzy camp and the rest of the boys so chances aren't good. It really is bizarre that Izzy played with nu-GNR but not... GNR. The only potential scenario I see is that Izzy in the past has been quick to get in a room with the guys (see the mid-90's GNR attempt, the early VR sessions). If Duff, Slash and Axl actually want to make it right and get their co-partner back in the fucking mix.... and to all those opposed!.... well...
  15. CD probably had it's own warehouse. Hopefully it was torched. jk. Hope it doesn't impede the eventual UYI reissue extravaganza.