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  1. Nightrain is like a fucking journey. You could live in that song. The opening A chord just fucking sets the stage... The Nightrain has arrived. You set the scene, you strut down sunset with your snakeskin boots for a verse, you hop in the car and cruise for another... and then it's just
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    This guy has some amazing drumming videos... Motley, QOTSA, Blink, Foo. The only video of his without a backing track due to copyright: GNR.... rock n' roll. That's how you court the next generation of fans! (still rocks, though, so f you).
  3. Yeah, that’s the thing. Slash had a Guns album in ‘94... was likely close to another in ‘96... and now another in 2020. That’s what he does. The only thing standing in the way of a new GNR album... Axl’s voice Axl’s vocal melodies Axl’s lyrics Axl’s interest / inspiration / creative state / work ethic / drive
  4. But what about this box of... Pitman sub bass melod--- THROW IT AWAY! "Jamming with Axl" I want to know that someday Axl and Slash will play guitars together again. How could that not result in a cool song?
  5. The TSI cover.

    guys there's no way that was intentional this is like the f'n face on mars
  6. AFD is so crisp... really the remaster didn't do much to my ears because it was already solid as a rock. The 5.1 mix, however, takes that crispness and literally puts you in the room with them. It's a religious experience. With the UYI's as they are, there just isn't the distinctness to each player / instrument. I get that a song like November Rain probably wouldn't have been the larger than life thing it was without it's sort of "blockbuster album" production.... but it sucks it had to be a one size fits all kind of thing for the rockin' songs. I just think a song like Dust N' Bones... if it was recorded during the AFD sessions... would have been that much better of a song.
  7. The TSI cover.

    A lot of negative commentary about TSI is that it was "lazy" what does that even mean?
  8. The TSI cover.

    does this make you hungry
  9. would they really release 21 songs w/ alt mixing could we really get it i don’t want to get hurt
  10. NITL live videos on youtube

    Everybody!!! I'm a cowboy.... ♬....
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    Damn I didn't realize... haha, that clip I posted had been up for like 4 years. You can do it yourself in Audacity... some songs sound really cool (Nightrain especially). It's really fascinating how much of a shift in mood a key change can provide. Whenever I see that youtube takedown pic on this forum I just picture: Hard at work! /salute . They might have let you drink their piss after a show in the 80's, if they knew what an ally you would become.
  12. His pacemaker went off about 4 times a song when he played w/ Michael Jackson in 2001, apparently! It wasn't calibrated right -- pretty nuts. You'd never know 'cause he was business as usual playing. I like how he had to play Black or White at that show; I remember reading in an interview he thought the main riff to that song was "gay," and that he only did the pre-song guitar jam.... Fast forward he's rockin this "gay" riff live w/ a fishnet shirt on. Anyhow... haha
  13. The TSI cover.

    Canned spaghetti has an appeal of its own; you should view it as a totally different food than regular. I haven’t had it in like two decades, but it’s good... in a very specific way. And it’s also trash.
  14. Need your help!

    This is like the sleeper thread right now. Very innocuous title, yet the harbinger of hopefully great things to come!
  15. I used to think he sounded cheesy... but now I don't.... at all, haha. Not sure what changed. All the songs have grown on me. I'll take some overwrought soulful belting over middling sunset strip cliches, if we have to choose . If you wanna get Slash to stop noodling we need someone to turn to him and start belting it out into his face like Rod, haha. Then Slash will do the crouch and start foot stomping... you know what I'm talkin about!