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  1. I think if you weren't around in the 90's it might be hard to appreciate the sort of Gen-X mentality of a band's popularity being directly inverse to it's worthiness and credibility. That tension and dynamic between bands, fans and the music press informed a lot of that scene. None of the grunge bands were really comfortable with fame but that didn't mean they didn't want success. I wouldn't single out Kurt as being fake.
  2. Put it on Pornhub!
  3. With respect to Alter Bridge being cool I wasn't being too serious I just think that video of them at Albert Hall is surprisingly well constructed (better than Metallica's S&M shenanigans) and the crowd and their stage attire... they just seem like a legit contemporary band. SMKC is feeling a little tired to me... in every respect... hence the coolness remark. But this is an appreciation thread so I will vacate, haha.
  4. Why is Alter Bridge cooler than Slash's band? The Creed team? How the f did that happen. We need to fix this.
  5. That Sydney moshcam show is waaaay better than the Sunset Strip or Stoke shows. Tis the gold standard imo.
  6. Slash can't Slash! Seems more like a marketing exercise.