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  1. Good rock music has a sexuality and physicality that people lose touch with as they age. I think metal is actually more forgiving for older musicians from a look and feel prospective.
  2. Both those examples are spot on! I do agree with papashaun, though, that there is a lot of regrettable late career rock music. I'm pretty skeptical of any new Guns album. A Different Kind of Truth used material left over from the 80's and Blue and Lonesome features classic songs the Stones cut their teeth on and never recorded. It seems like a lot of bands can get more technically proficient (or at least maintain their chops) but lose touch with their ability to write. All the more reason to dig up the stuff from the 90's writing sessions, if it exists in any form (which I highly doubt).
  3. This next one's called Lick My Love Pump. 

  4. I think Axl will put out a book. I just have this feeling he'll get that late in life urge to set the record straight from his point of view. Once your world starts shrinking with advancing age... it'd be tough to resist.
  5. haha oh man really?? "My brain is fried doing all these truck designs; gotta relax. Oh yeah this looks good... mmm.... wait.... is that a November Rain rehearsal?! Those crafty sons of bitches.... Dizzy, hold my cock."
  6. You get back there and keep sifting! Hands where I can see em.
  7. Songs about GNR

    You make me sicker than the wine you drink.... Ax is so fancy.
  8. We need a "Get In The Ring" sequel for the 21st century called "Mr. Security Man."
  9. You are a sexual being.
  10. I can't comprehend how such a vital band is becoming a busted-ass KISS... makes those Slash digs at Paul Stanley ring a little hollow (even though I doubt he would book a flight on GNAir of his own volition). I think at this point I'm just hoping Dexter will come back and call us all bitch boi's one more time before I clock out permanently.
  11. New release! Plow your garden of eden with our latest creation — Nightrain. Nine thunderous silicone inches. All aboard!
  12. What the fuck is GNAir? I'm quitting this band.
  13. I'd like to dedicate this song to a cheap punk named Jake Gyllenhaal. ... they call me the seeker...
  14. In 1987, Appetite for Destruction was released... by the following summer Guns N' Roses had changed the face of music with their volatile blend of blues rock. 32 years later, the audiovisual legacy of the band is kept under tight seal by a pair of socially-retarded incels.
  15. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Combined with the fact that he can’t do anything about it.... even though he’s an “equal member.” Can’t rock the GNR Corp. boat. Fitz in GNR would be smokin!