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  1. New song Don Felder feat Slash

    It sounds like he's reading out of a rock n' roll phonebook.... Slash's solo is nice, though. Rock songs about rock songs. I feel like I need to stretch after listening to this.... so tight and lethargic.
  2. I don't hate people who are more successful than myself, personally. I find it inspiring. By the metrics I use to gauge success, Trump is a massive failure. The fact that he lacks empathy for others when it's inconvenient, as evidenced by his rhetoric and his actions, and more broadly how he labels anyone in his way a loser, stupid / uneducated and/or a failure means I'm not shy about sharing my point of view. I'm sure he can take it.
  3. People didn't hate Trump before he became president? People didn't care about him before he ran for president. He was just a gaudy self-promoting Manhattan cartoon hawking cheap suits and steaks to prop up his failing real-estate empire inherited from his dad while supporting both political parties... eventually he got a show. Why would people care enough to hate him. When you start spouting vitriolic nonsense 24/7 and become President... people start to hate you... they can't ignore you. It's not a liberal media strategy. Trump probably wouldn't be president without that media. He's not a victim of liberal media or anything else except his own narcissism. It's impressive he got elected but... there's a reason why the hate correlates with him becoming president and it's not unfair media coverage.
  4. Every time I see him say n' I imagine him jutting out a snake dance hip. Slithering across the twitter platform.
  5. No. No No No. Nobody cares. People didn't even care when Libertad came out, rightly or wrongly. VR was Contraband. VR was so of its time it's hard to explain. The last gasp of the old way.... Big hyped music video debut, crossover single, supergroup, platinum sales of physical discs. It died when it should have. Time for a new band.
  6. Don't force it. It's weak. I don't have to wring my hands about Ain't Life Grand... I don't have to slap my face and psyche myself up for It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere.... if I'm hitting the treadmill I don't wince when Avalon or Anastasia come on... If I'm trying to pickup some new guitar chops I don't have to endure Wicked Stone. There's no time for somber re-evaluations in this game, baby. You're not gonna gain some profound new love of Sugar Cane driving home next week. World On Fire > Apocalyptic Love > Jagged Little Pill > Living The Dream. Time to change the formula, boys.
  7. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    What kind of GNR fan rags on Axl Rose for speaking his mind? Did you guys learn nothing from the UYI rants?? Looks like I'm going to have to assign some remedial viewing as homework tonight. Ignore it, dispute it.... don't tell him to shut up. I dedicate this political firestorm tweet... ... to the people that tell you what you can say and what you can’t say. I personally don’t need that. I don’t need that shit in my life. Those are the kind of people that have been getting me down. They make me feel like somebody, somebody out there.... ....is Ouuuuuuut Ta Get Meeeeeee!!!!!”
  8. If they gave Matt a guest spot... I feel like he would drum the fuck out of whatever song he got to prove a point. I mean puttin’ double bass in November Rain and smashing his gong with his Dizzy’s head. It’d be relentless, scorched earth playing.
  9. Man how raunchy would it be to pull that out at this stage in the game. Slash and Ax with their bellies and hair extensions talking about busting in mouths. People in the front row just kinda looking at the ground... Axl can do his “you’re a very sexy girl” pussy grab thing.... it’ll be great. And ol’ Scarves holding down the rhythm.... let’s make it happen.
  10. Not sure it was mentioned but they took down the Mates Rehersal stuff... the UYI demos with ol’ Popcorn. Sucks ‘cause it’s really cool to hear and newer fans should get the opportunity! Axl always used to talk about being cool with bootlegs and “buy a copy of UYI and tape it and share with your friends.” This isn’t commercial stuff, don’t be greedy fucks. I say that with love in my heart.
  11. What do we want Gilby to guest on?? These are important questions.
  12. Apparently they offered Gilby a guest spot originally? But his daughter was playing Lollapolozza. They should still get him in there! Imagine some Wild Horses action... maybe Dead Flowers... I dunno what’s a good Gilby song? NITL needs more scarves!
  13. I like the Mates Rehersal version with Adler better! What a surpriseeee. Has more bounce. And I guess it’s nowhere to be found now since the great purge? Cool beanssss thanks guys. Production really takes the fun out of this one. I like it more than I used to, though... like most of the UYI stuff.