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  1. http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episode-1021-duff-mckagan Duff is out doing the press rounds! Marc Maron's podcast is usually more of a one-shot, evergreen kind of deal than a stop on a promo-circuit... I've listened to half so far... lot of retread about how much he reads () and travels around in the first 20 mins (the interview is almost an hour and a half) ... so far I liked the part about how Slash sometimes leaves his body on stage and how he had his signature sound almost as soon as he picked up the guitar -- but anyway, check it out!
  2. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    This is the unpopular opinion thread, not the GNR facts thread!
  3. You think they'd want a GNR song for a movie starring Steven Tyler?
  4. Haha. Yeah I really like Hagar totally divorced from the Van-Halen context. I can't listen to Van Hagar but honestly Dave has aged out while Sammy hasn't really missed a beat. He sounds pretty great! Guy has like four decades on me and rocks like a beast! If you watch him on Stern or podcasts he's really thoughtful and entertaining as well.
  5. Listen guys... if you travel this country... if you really go out and meet folks... there's no divide. ... gotta just get out there and play.
  6. Why are we rewarding GNR in 2019? Are people going to be talking about Billie Eilish in 2050? Maybe the whole saga of a band that pushed all the envelopes, including the low points, is something people pine for in this era of Spotify-core pablum. Gimme some drama! Gimme a saga... I want a saga...
  7. I'm all for savaging GNR where it's warranted but this isn't very cutting. Me and my middle-school pal... too cool for WTTJ... saying baby in a song, how precious.... SCOM is a power ballad so GNR are the same as hair metal. St. Louis. UYI was bloated. Chidem was a shitshow. It reads like a checklist from a pretentious blogger with a quota to fill. "At the time, the narrative around "Appetite for Destruction" was that it was a punk-rock takedown of the then-ubiquitous genre of hair metal" That's still the narrative... baby!
  8. I think if you weren't around in the 90's it might be hard to appreciate the sort of Gen-X mentality of a band's popularity being directly inverse to it's worthiness and credibility. That tension and dynamic between bands, fans and the music press informed a lot of that scene. None of the grunge bands were really comfortable with fame but that didn't mean they didn't want success. I wouldn't single out Kurt as being fake.
  9. With respect to Alter Bridge being cool I wasn't being too serious I just think that video of them at Albert Hall is surprisingly well constructed (better than Metallica's S&M shenanigans) and the crowd and their stage attire... they just seem like a legit contemporary band. SMKC is feeling a little tired to me... in every respect... hence the coolness remark. But this is an appreciation thread so I will vacate, haha.
  10. Why is Alter Bridge cooler than Slash's band? The Creed team? How the f did that happen. We need to fix this.
  11. That Sydney moshcam show is waaaay better than the Sunset Strip or Stoke shows. Tis the gold standard imo.
  12. Slash can't Slash! Seems more like a marketing exercise.