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  1. She’ll put out a song with Izzy!
  2. to all those opposed... So Fine’s solo is awesome! I have no idea what Duff says, though. Stona’man, oncesizefan justabeeman stands on his ownnn, bookeyesburn, story takes a turn, leaves a broken man!!! Think About You would be really cool... and Reckless Life. If Axl did the acoustic for Dead Horse and they did that little ending jam... how cool would that be!
  3. Live Era '16 - '20

    Yeah wow I never saw this show! Axl is super consistent and sounds pretty fantastic for modern Axl. Busting tons of moves and never out of breath. Crowd is great... didn’t seem like there were any flow killing CD deep cuts...YCBM is raspy... band seems to be vibing (that Better intro thing is cool for that, even if I don’t like that actual song haha)... its the whole package. Seems to standout compared to the NITL shows I’ve seen!
  4. I remember Slash saying he didn’t like the acoustic set during the 93 leg of UYI because it killed the energy. But then they did it in VR during the Libertad tour so who knows.
  5. Have them illuminated on the stage like MJ's Billie Jean stuff. Slowly unpacks the chaps to roaring applause...
  6. Axl's St. Louis Rant Before YCBM

    You know, they played for an hour and a half at that show... that's really not that bad... I get that it ended abruptly, but how stoked would you be to see a volatile '91 GNR for 90 minutes! Slash's mini-solo at 4:20 is sloppy Slash at his best! That's that Jimmy Page... always on the brink of falling off the rails intensity... don't really see that style of him anymore. "fuck yeah St. Louis, this is happenin'." So badass!
  7. See I always thought it was supposed to be jizz... given the theme... and the way he says it. Just me? Anyone else?
  8. I feel like Get In The Ring would have an "old man yells at cloud" vibe nowadays. Bob Who? What magazine? The music of that song still kicks ass, though. It would have been cool live at the time! All of them sharing vocals... and Slash giving that sendoff. That song works if you sell it as a total toss-off fun rock song.... it's such an easy song to trash. Sure it gets weird with the cackling laughter and shit, but every time I read critiques of it I roll my eyes... "... an attack on journalists." Aight, let's simmer down....
  9. Coma has some cool moments but Locomotive just cruises. I just f’ing love Slash’s escalating solos that click neatly right back into the verse rhythm... it just keeps building and cruising... and then a great outro! Axl is great and didn’t go too crazy with sound effects or monologues... so fun. Even the piano is really well suited... a common knock on UYI songs. Coma’s blissed out interlude and raspy outro are great, but the riff is pretty pummelling to listen to... and the defibrillator etc.
  10. It’s just about a freaky chick who likes bondage. Play the f out of it!
  11. I think there’s something to be said for Izzy just having his guitar and being in the room, you know. Just jamming chords and being the creative kindling. He’s just got that foundational musicality. Slash is kind of pummeling as a writer, riff centric... Axl as a writer seems kind of tentative... without co-writers. Perfectionism that lends itself to opus writing. And Duff... I love Duff.
  12. Yeah I figured... thanks anyway! It’s the content hoarder incel “fans” right... if their houses are as I picture them, hopefully they get crushed by an avalanche of old newspapers when they go to empty their piss bottles.
  13. I’d even take Anything Goes before anything on CD. People always trash it... but especially in the context of AFD as a continuous album.... it’s a fun, let their hair down goofy romp before they blow it out again for RQ. Got the talk box and the guiro scraping in there... like they just found a chest full of oddball musical shit... and they rock out!
  14. Haha... I mean, you’re not wrong! Less is likely always more with this band. But there’s lower hanging fruit is what I’m saying .
  15. Izzy’s chord progression in SCOM is huge! He’s not overrated on this forum, he’s properly recognized. That doesn’t mean Axl, Slash and Duff couldn’t write compelling songs together... also doesn’t mean they wouldn’t almost always be demonstrably better with Izzy. AFD with Slash doing rhythm and lead would be considerably, markedly worse, and I say that as a Slash worshipper. The album tracks with Izzy aged the best and they’d be the best kind of music for the band to pursue considering their age. I’d still want them to take a crack at a new album without him if they have to, but Izzy is always down to write songs —it’d be pride and greed likely as the cause for excluding him.
  16. I thought CD was a concept album about Slash.
  17. Honestly, expensive merch doesn’t bug me much. I look at it like the streaming paradigm shift has made music so much cheaper and more accessible for the consumer that if they wanna milk the merch cow... Doesn't mean candles and toy trucks don’t dilute your brand; that they don’t make you look like everything you were opposed on the come up, when you were hungry and dangerous and the best thing on the block. But the prices I can live with! I think Dizzy is fine! You can’t shut him out at this point! That’d be stone cold. And im not surprised Slash’s CD stuff is uninspired... it’s like doing covers only the songs don’t speak to you. At least with covers they’re usually foundational to who you became as a musician on some level. That’s why they need to co-write new shit! ASAP!
  18. Can you link this version by any chance? Never heard it!
  19. That’s a good point! AFD was “market tested” live and some of those songs hashed and rehashed for like almost one-two years on the stage? And it shows. Pretty Tied Up is so much better than on record. It’s got Michael Jackson level vocal layering haha... and those reverbs drums. If they did it in one take live in studio it would have crushed.
  20. A lot of the CD stuff is very verbose... it can be sonically exhausting.
  21. Paul Huge and the new album

    Yeah the Estranged riff should have been instant co-credit! Also his pre-solo is literally the dolphins personified.
  22. Yeah, man... the 360 tour grossed like 740mill.... the one with the insane claw stage! NITL is going to get pretty close to that by next year (565million and counting). Doesn’t feel like similar production values... It’s Perla’s fault. Damn those fun-bags.
  23. Paul Huge and the new album

    Even if you’re a fan of these leaks and Chi-Dem songs I’d hope you’d at least want them to record them fresh as a band. If the whole Frankenstein approach to music continues with the NITL it will be a travesty... not to mention a pebble drop in the music ocean in terms of lasting impact. ”nice work Slash... we did it... NITL is a massive success... here’s Paul’s tapes... you remember Paul... go figure something out with them.” Maybe we’d get some volcanic Slash rage-metal GNR... that could actually be cool
  24. I bet they'd be way better if Slash did the art direction (even though even he is not cheese-immune ). I liked the SOYL lyric video. As was said above, it's the low-grade CGI-ness of it that sucks. But whatever! Not a hater... it's the last of my NITL grips .
  25. I thought I couldn’t love him more than I do.