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  1. Gibson Slash Collection Announced at NAMM

    Just get the SD pickups. Signature gear is kind of blah. Cool that Gibson has new owners, though. Maybe it’ll get turned around. The snake pit one is still the coolest, to me. Just because it’s so rare and kinda kitschy.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    I wish that was real. Hey Slash... Yeah Ax? Looks like it's gonna be a scorcher today -- you know what I' m thinkin? BANAT (music video shot of pool floaties) BANAT (shot of a sizzlin BBQ) DUNANAT DAAAA, BUMTISHHH (shot of the the whole crew) BANANANT BANANT, DUNANNT DAAA (party ensues)
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Hah Well, I was here.... in 2004-2007 at least. That's really not at all what I'm talking about. I'm talking about how they did it in the run up to recording Appetite. Or how Metallica will write a song like Lords of Summer, debut it at a festival, realize it's kind of shit and bin it without wringing their hands about it. Songwriting is about getting the reps in, or in this case dusting-off the treadmill. I'm not talking about having a bunch of songs for CD ready to record, playing them to tepid half-filled arenas, refusing to jettison shitty material, adding more layers to songs than a lasagna stuffed with onions and kicking the can down the round for a decade. But we're not here to re-litigate that circus. I'm talkin' 'bout THE BIG THREE ERA. LET'S GO!
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    They should be like Metallica and the GNR of old -- debut and work over songs live before they actually record anything. Get into a rhythm, see what the crowds respond to.... add new parts to existing songs, do medleys. STOP BEING FUCKING BORING, YOU'RE GUNS N' ROSES. If it's too taxing then cut the runtime in half. LET'S GOOOOOOOOO
  5. Not that anyone cares or should care, but this show is going to make or break my continued fandom! The stakes are high! haha Let's gooooooooo
  6. The VR stuff is probably more interesting than GNR. I don't think he was cut in to anything interesting GNR related. Maybe an expanded anecdote about the NR Pat Boone / Debby Boone fill.... if you're lucky a couple pages on the mid 90's recording era. Who knows, though! He gives off that douche vibe, but at the same time he's been humbled enough times and never broke big enough to go full guns deluded asshole... he might be more thoughtful than people think.
  7. Bridges Burned and Lessons Learned: The Story of Big Perm.
  8. It’s weird watching how much Axl is just over AFD by ‘89. “I don’t want to live my life through that album.” You can feel the hunger that drove the UYI’s. They didn’t bury it but they did something special with those albums and the tour. I wonder if that desire still exists. I say that with respect to Chinese in the sense that... I wonder if he can just let that album stand now as it is and start clean. Or if the rest of his professional life will be in one way or another justifying and selling CD (the album, the decisions around it, the time investment, trying to do stuff with the unreleased tracks).
  9. What a badass. Did she snake dance in the halls? welcome to junior high... you know where you are?
  10. I’m just happy I was there to witness the moment GNR really broke into the mainstream.
  11. I get kind of sick of practicing guitar to AFD sometimes. He's got like 30 years of playing those songs on me, haha. You can only stretch out so much within those boxes.... hence the bowls full of shreddies on some nights, I figure . Plus... I think the worst concert in the 80's or 90's was probably way more interesting as a player than concerts nowadays... in terms of the crowd vibe... except maybe those occasional Central / South American shows.
  12. Why can't you post links or requests if TB isn't behind the take downs... what am I not considering.... if it's just some incel rent-a-cops, what is the risk? This band is now about as rock n roll as a CVS.
  13. Oh yeah? I did read it... like 13 years ago now (holy shit!). Guess I forgot . It’s interesting Slash says he begins writing songs with his drummer. I wonder how that bodes for GNR with Frank.
  14. Axl doesn’t strike me as a stoner. I feel like the whole NITL crew could use some weed... loosen up the whole enterprise.
  15. NITL is over, finito?

    I skipped, too. Myles from the vids I saw wasn’t even a good version of Myles! And I don’t really love his SMKC singing on his best days. He seemed spent.
  16. Setlist for 2020

    For sure... but don't forget to make it dead. The sort of neon amps backdrop when they do Slither is cool. Just the Marshall's with Slash's little chick logo on there pulsing with colors.
  17. Setlist for 2020

  18. For sure... but Axl never had a dearth of instrumentals, nor was Slash ever not constantly spitting out riffs and ideas like an uncapped oil well. But we'll see!
  19. It’d be awesome. Axl is so shy, though, (and Slash... why the fuck is GNR all shy guys now? What is this Super Mario Bros? boom!). I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a fan, though. Billy Corgan, Rob Zombie... lots of musicians say they listen all the time. The Steven Tyler one was great. You’re right about Slash... this interviewer was okay but no real revelations aside from the chips. That’s why I liked his appearance on Chris Hardwick’s podcast (even though I don’t listen to it otherwise) because they geeked out about dinosaurs and all this random shit.
  20. That would be the best. Send him off with some Elk meat.
  21. I like the image of a tipsy Slash being like “Ax check it out” and playing the Coma instrumental. Just an interminable power chord slog for 10 minutes... Axl just kind of looking around like... tf? And a montage of Axl leaning against the shower wall, chopping vegetables and doing this demo... trying to figure out what the f to do with it for weeks on end.
  22. Slash likes salt and vinegar chips! Already worth the listen.
  23. Nightrain is the ultimate opener. ISE is cool, but for a band at this stage of the game, open it with an epic punch in the face. I mean the train horn and that A power chord.... way better than the endless jungle intro for pumping you up! Also, move Paradise City into the main set. I know they won’t, but closing with Rocket Queen would be cool.... since it’s the epic finale of AFD. It might give Paradise a new lease on life and feel less obligated. You don’t enjoy it the same when there’s confetti everywhere and you’re thinking about getting to your car.
  24. That blues spot he did like a month ago shows he’s still got it all at his disposal.