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  1. NITL is over, finito?

    NITL is dead! Long live NITL! so many dates have tried, to say the tour has dieee-ee—ied, but baby it ain’t over till it’s ohhhh-ver
  2. I like your changes. The worst part of the OG is the Tour 2019, and that font suits the band name way better.
  3. Is this a thing? I think we’ve reached peak insanity as a community
  4. Forget the tone, his point was improvising more within the melodic ideas of the original songs. TMAC your posts always have a “I just did a few rails” vibe. Maybe it’s the emojis . /nightrain whistle
  5. New Slash interview about Smkc

    TMAC20 (OP of this thread) said in another post he heard it from a Myles / Tremonti interview on Blabbermouth about a month ago. I only have the second-hand info -- maybe he can link it.
  6. Are you making this a generational thing?? haha. Damn kids wouldn't know guitar if a Les Paul smacked 'em upside the head. And another thing!... I love Slash, he's the reason I play guitar, but I think it's fair to say sometimes he can sort of lean on meandering shredding, especially now that he's technically way more proficient. Especially on songs he didn't write... probably because they don't inspire him as much, or he's sort of searching for ideas as he's playing them. But even his own stuff... the RQ solo during SMKC really started to get a little... ponderous (Noodle-y!) . For a counter-example, the new bluesy solo spot... very emotive.
  7. New Slash interview about Smkc

    I wonder how Slash decides what goes to SMKC and what he hangs onto for Guns. I know the prospect for a new Guns album is shaky but I think Slash is preparing on his end. I wonder if it’s a quality thing, like this is too good for SMKC, or a vibe... and If it’s a vibe, I wonder what that vibe is! His conception of the GNR sound was really different in 94 vs 87, let alone 2019. Mark Tremonti got a preview apparently? And it was super groovy? That’s exciting. I wonder if Fortus can groove.
  8. Best non-Guns Slash song

    Doin Fine, What Do You Want To Be, Beggars, Mean Bone, You Got No Right... those are the songs I wish I could effortlessly tear into on guitar. someday soon!
  9. Please! And I want Duff and Axl to stare into eachother's eyes... just get weird with it. Put down the definitive version tonight.
  10. I agree! You never know, man. Nobody would have thought around Appetite for Democracy that Axl/DC woulda sounded like that. I don't know why people assume he's not trying. We don't know what's going on with him physically... he's thick but he doesn't look like Vince Neil... he doesn't get winded... Duff says he puts a lot in on vocal exercises (although Duff says a lot of things, haha). Judging by that literal impression of Mickey Mouse he did in 2016 it's obvious he's aware of the discussion around his voice, so... I don't know why he'd hold out -- it seems like he prefers rasp when all cylinders are firing! Maybe it is a finite resource kind of situation, as some people think, and AC/DC was sort of legacy defining in a way that the trailing legs of NITL are not... could be considerations of capacity for new studio vocals... we'll see!
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    This is nuts. Life would be so much fucking simpler if I was a Foo Fighters fan. I wish I could just get stoked about crushing Buds and seeing the Foos.
  12. Yeah there was some pretty great 2016 shows... That sounds pretty rad to me! I'd pay to see that. I wonder why it's fallen off. Anyway, not hating, Axl rocks.
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    *all things considered
  14. Guys we all owe KISS a serious debt of gratitude. They gave us this beautiful, swingin’ soul...
  15. So curious! Exact same place as the previous show. Axl’s voice is such an enigma . Maybe he should write a song called Smilin’...
  16. Hey man.... you’re digging too deep. I’m warning you. Walk away.
  17. Copyright Strikes....

    ... that goes for you Beta and Team Brazil, Fernando, Wanker at GNRevolution — what you pissed off ‘cause MyGNR gets more pussy than you? Fuck you! I don’t like youuuu, I just hate youuuu, I wanna watch Saskatoooon! Aww yeeeaahaah! yeah!!! Who is Margot?
  18. I really miss Axl's raspy godliness... but I don't think he's not trying. I think history has shown he does it when he can... and Duff says he does vocal exercises for like 3 hours a show day. And they do 3+ hour sets... I couldn't even talk for 3 hours straight. I know he gets a crazy amount of cash per show but... Vince Neil, David Coverdale, DLR, Jovi, Bach, Rob Halfford... I mean, they all sound like shit now, relatively speaking. The only guys I can think of that can still (sort of) get to their magical place are Steven Tyler and James Hetfield. And even then... So... don't be toxic with respect to rasp . BUT THAT MEANS WE NEED SOME FUCKING CLASSIC OFFICIAL RELEASES.
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    Glad you were listening, Mr Security Man.
  20. I’d rather Axl go on the Marc Maron podcast. Eddie is too much of a fan.
  21. I like this litho! Could see it in 86 on telephone poles. I predict they’ll Dead Horse for you guys! They need to capitalize on that flayed horse CGI.
  22. I wanna see that ending guitar jam! Axl was practicing guitar for like 10 years after they split... I bet he can shred now .
  23. Nah I hate that voice usually but it didn’t bug me for DH somehow. The post above is right about Locomotive, though.... when he switches to that low voice it’s great. He seems to be able to do that voice no problem, too, but maybe he thinks it doesn’t sound good or it sounds like he’s yelling or something, haha (since he switched to it halfway, maybe due to fatigue?). But even though it’s not raspy, it’s powerful and sounds Axl as f compared to Mickey.