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  1. That’s how much GNR fans love rasp. get out the fuckin’ lasers
  2. If you kids don’t get onboard with Dead Horse we’re going to turn right around and play The Seeker again! Possibly Magic Bus! Maybe we’ll ditch Locomotive for Behind Blue Eyes! So watch your mouths.
  3. Since they played Dead Horse.... what about Breakdown! How epic would that be.
  4. Yeah man I watched this show the other day and was like wait what?? That was pretty great! Slipped by me.
  5. I actually found the whole messiness thing endearing... couldn’t autopilot and it felt way more interesting! I don’t want them to be afraid of experimenting and trying shit out (the power of mygnr’s commentariat)! Obviously miss the rasp, but I don't think I’ve heard a GNR song where that high clean voice was better suited if he has to bust it out. It would be siiiick if Axl did the acoustic, though. Back to back with Mr. Hudson! Also nobody commented on the zombie horse cgi...
  6. I wonder why they did Bad Apples twice and dropped it like a sack of bricks. Garden of Eden I get, 'cause it's probably a pain to sing.
  7. That was funny... it was like oh shit the inner demon.... nope he's gone.
  8. haha, just like they took a risk playing a deep cut, it sounded pretty great and Slash fucked up the solo / timing was a little sketch but it didn't matter and everyone was vibing .
  9. Yeah that felt like a band warts and all. Takin' some risks! I love hearing Slash play that style!
  10. Yeah I would be happy to hear that version if I was at a show! Did they mess up abit in the transitions near the end? Not that it matters. Still wish he played acoustic, though. These UYI deep cuts are working, baby!
  11. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Has SCOM really ever sounded that great live since the 80's? What is the definitive live version in people's minds? I don't think I've ever really liked it live in any incarnation except for Ritz 88, which is the opposite of basically every other GNR song for me.
  12. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    I was really surprised when I saw how popular KOHD is on Spotify. Way more than Don't Cry, Patience and YCBM.... the ALBUM version... That kicks ass! Love Slash's descending run at 1:28. Really a highlight for them nowadays.... why don't they just write like 4-5 songs with that vocal range! Do a frenetic, punky little EP. Axl can rock that zone still apparently.
  13. Live Era '16 - '20

    I love that voice he does when he says “you gotta hunger for what you see” in Jungle sometimes. It’s super angry sounding... I wonder if that’s painful to do.
  14. I was just listening to the actual Live Era... Izzy’s playing on Brownstone is so damn tasteful! His non-gainy, rolled back tone and just that loose wrist....that rhythm under the solo.... just choppin’ it. It’s what set them apart from everyone else, man. I can’t stop saying it .
  15. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    /Poppin’ Them Thangs beat fans can bitch, if they want, but Ax’ is crackin’ them jokeeees
  16. If I somehow ever saw a laundry bag in the wild I'd fucking tackle it, rip it to shreds... then shout Welcome to the Jungle at the owner and bust outta there.
  17. I think I was distracted by how cool Axl/DC was during 2016.... I tuned out on NITL after the initial "throne" shows which were pretty lackluster and then didn't tune in again until late 2017 when Axl's voice wasn't as strong... didn't realize some of those 2016 GNR shows were pretty damn solid, lineup gripes aside... "all things considered."
  18. I'm so jealous of Metallica fans. Live streams, pro shots, inside studio mini-docs, video messages to fans, interviews, so many official releases.
  19. Yeah it's too bad all the videos I've seen are like 80's camcorder quality. The '91 shows are so different from '92... I wish we had an official release for each year of UYI. Take my fucking money it's right here!
  20. They played it twice! Setlist: Welcome to the Jungle Perfect Crime Mr. Brownstone Live and Let Die Dust N' Bones Bad Obsession Double Talkin' Jive Civil War Patience (with I Was Only Joking Intro) My Michelle Don't Cry 14 Years November Rain Matt Sorum Drum Solo Slash Guitar Solo / Love Theme From The Godfather Rocket Queen Pretty Tied Up You're Crazy (with Sebastian Bach) Knockin' on Heaven's Door ( w/ Only Women Bleed) Encore 1: Sweet Child O' Mine (With Bad Time intro) Estranged Encore 2: You Ain't the First Used to Love Her Yesterdays Paradise City Encore 3: Welcome to the Jungle There used to be a video of the closing Jungle and it was smoking! Axl was definitely on that night.
  21. Closing '91 Toronto with Welcome To Jungle for the third encore... I think that would be my show to see if I could go back in time.