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  1. Paul Huge and the new album

    Even if you’re a fan of these leaks and Chi-Dem songs I’d hope you’d at least want them to record them fresh as a band. If the whole Frankenstein approach to music continues with the NITL it will be a travesty... not to mention a pebble drop in the music ocean in terms of lasting impact. ”nice work Slash... we did it... NITL is a massive success... here’s Paul’s tapes... you remember Paul... go figure something out with them.” Maybe we’d get some volcanic Slash rage-metal GNR... that could actually be cool
  2. I bet they'd be way better if Slash did the art direction (even though even he is not cheese-immune ). I liked the SOYL lyric video. As was said above, it's the low-grade CGI-ness of it that sucks. But whatever! Not a hater... it's the last of my NITL grips .
  3. I thought I couldn’t love him more than I do.
  4. A beacon of GNR wisdom in this jungle. Slash and Duff can write a sick song in a week if they’ve got something to prove. Lets keep it fresh! Get Fortus and even Frank really invested in coming up with something new. None of the CD songs to me sound like a “band.” It sounds like individuals playing parts... I can’t get into it at all. Hopefully the NITL incarnation can find some studio chemistry.
  5. When you're known for your physicality and it starts to shift with age apparently layers become your new best friend. I got jackets on denim on vests on tees.... i wanna watch you bleed!!!
  6. I wonder if Gen-Z people can appreciate how uncool the 80’s seemed in the 90’s. Like everything — the cars, the fashion, the music, the hair, the attitude. I don’t think we have such drastic shifts of taste anymore? Like if I was my 2009 self in 2019 I wouldn’t really miss a beat. But take someone from ‘85 and put them in ‘95.
  7. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00306151165957523884 (clip of just that story). Baz can spin a yarn.
  8. Your subjective preferences are wrong. Wrong!
  9. I can't even hate a song as dumb as Sugar Cane when the guitar is front and center. It's insane how many cool chugging riffs on the low E Slash has managed to create.
  10. The new Blues solo

    You ever see that video where BB King is telling Slash he plays really well but he tells him he's playing so quiet / shyly . So funny when you think of shirtless Slash playing his goldtop running 15mph jumping off the stage ramp. Bring on the blues album!
  11. What is it with KOHD.... first the album version with the phone call, then the UYI reggae, followed by the interminable NITL version...
  12. The actually mixing/mastering aspect of the production is separate from the scale/arrangements of the songs. With Izzy and Steven being checked out, they weren't ever going to get that 5 guys in a room interplay that makes AFD such a unique thing. With that in mind UYI makes perfect sense, scale wise. The only thing that sucks is the glossy tinny sound and some of the extraneous layers... Like said above Pretty Tied Up is such a cool song, an Izzy classic, buried by production choices. It should feel loose lean and tossed off.
  13. The new Blues solo

    Man I wasn't too keen on some of Slash's recent extended solos... serving up the noodles... But that solo was intensely good. I got emotional! Perfect mix of speed, emotive quality and constantly shifting themes...
  14. Has Fortus always added that country-sounding warble to the Jungle intro? That was weird haha (Jungle was the only vid I could find ) . Axl sounded great. The band seemed pretty stiff in terms of moving around but I’d take the sound over that. I would love to see Nightrain from this show, it’s always the benchmark for me.
  15. Yeah man. Frontmen need to establish credibility to really own the stage. You need to have hits that you sing on. If you can do that, then dipping into the back catalog comes off a lot better. Otherwise you're always going to be a diminished figure... and in rock music that just doesn't work. You might be able to tour and make money on nostalgia, as many bands do, but that's a totally different (and inferior) musical universe. Matt was smart to know that cycling through all those unknowns was a bit of a lost cause, as well. You can't bring in an unknown into a band of guys in their 40's and make a huge splash. Rock is a young mans game... so if you're going to do it in your 40's you've gotta be battle tested and have some scars to bear, if you want people to go along with you. Not to mention the power imbalance throws off the whole vibe. Now we're like 15 years on from VR's inception and rock is so deep in the ground dead irrelevant... the only way for these guys to make any kind of splash is to do something with GNR and spin out interesting solo projects or collabs.
  16. Exactly right.. and Ezrin has proven chops and a hell of a resume, he’s not some forum troll. Combined with no skin in the game and an admiration for Axl’s talent, he gave his view. Isn’t that respectable? Someone said he wanted co-writing credit? It was a cynical money making scheme? I mean, maybe? Maybe he desperately wanted a second beach house? Or maybe he just had a track record and was established enough to call a spade a spade and walk away. No reason to trash him.
  17. Ezrin wasn’t wrong from a commercial appeal prospective. That doesn’t have to diminish Axl’s work as a creative expression. But the label was fronting all the money and giving a ton of breathing room... are they not supposed to give any feedback? Or get some third party appraisal of their investment? In a world and business full of hangers-on, yes-men and obsequious hired hands, the biggest favour you can do someone is give them the unvarnished truth as you see it. Props to him.
  18. So for someone who hasn't kept up over the last couple weeks... what's the thinking on the impetus for the leaks? Do people think they're from official sources to gauge fan reaction? Or did someone sitting on them just get sick of not sharing them all of a sudden?
  19. Glad you watched / dug it! Check out that whole series if you like guitar music in general. The Johnny Marr one is great, Mick Mars... Steve Lukather... Kirk Hammet...even Paul Stanley's was rockin.
  20. Man it does sound like Our Lady Peace, haha. So random. Feels pretty messy... meandering... Finck is the best thing about nu-gnr. Axl really was bored a.f. with blues rock. I just saw this with Finck it's pretty sweet:
  21. I think Anastasia benefited from a few things. - Being the first "epic" of Slash's solo career, - The fact that it was a springboard for his live solo spots - That main riff is classic Slash ala Rocket Queen and Locomotive. - World on Fire and Living the Dream weren't around when it came out... most of Apocolyptic Love doesn't really stand up to his more current stuff.
  22. See this is why Rock the Rock is the superior song. Who wants to parse all this backhanded Kardashian sniping... We're a sonic demolition teaaaaam!!!
  23. It’s a perfectly cromulent term. For their ignorance you should have dusted off a phrase everyone understands... Get in the ring.
  24. Edit: Weird are there multiple versions? Because I just heard a different one from this morning (labelled Jackie Chan) and it's... substantially better. This was originally a critical review but I actually dig this second version I heard. Still very "CD" but better than a lot of the other songs on that album. Axl's voice sounds better, too? Why was Rhiad chosen over this? Haha.