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  1. Duff stops doing talk radio. Axl has to up his cardio game to fit into his assless chaps. We get the AFD rhythm section back. Slash... starts smoking again? ... well... But that’s looking pretty great on paper.
  2. You’re inferring that they find Adler obnoxious based on your read of his behavior and a few comments. Slash was cancer, Duff was spineless, Axl was insane. People get over stuff, too. Your assertion isn’t any more likely than Axl still hates him for making him appear in court wearing a teal suit and Slash and Duff just want to be able to play baseball stadiums and thus won’t push their luck. We don’t know — but your ragging on him looks bad!
  3. Even VR's Brownstone didn't groove that hard. I gotta take a shower.
  4. Izzy is cool as fuuuuuuuuck.
  5. See but before that all the resident Modano’s were saying Slash is never coming back, Bumblefoot is actually the superior player, NuGNR is going to surpass Classic Guns, stop living in the butt-rock past, have you even tried Ashba water? ... then the impossible happens, Slash *does* come back and it *is* infinitely better. And now the smaller obstacles of rounding out the lineup seem like peanuts in comparison, yet they’d pay huge dividends in both the performance quality as well as future creative output. I’m stoked they did NITL even if I didn’t care enough to see it, but it’s certainly run it’s course. They got their cash pile and realized they could rekindle lost friendships. GNR could have this really cool artistically rewarding twilight era in a rock-devoid world ala Zep and The Stones. Sucks that it seems to be so close yet so far!
  6. They threw him out for being a junkie... problem solved. He can play, he’s cheap, he’s an essential part of AFD’s sound, he’s great to fans and NITL is a shameless nostalgia show. Slash doesn’t want Steven around? Or Duff? We don’t know! Doubt it myself but nobody knows. If he’s vocally chomping at the bit to play and posting videos constantly showing how he keeps up his chops, I don’t see how reliability is an issue as a supplemental guest for most dates. I think it’s petty to give him just a taste when a little more would be a universe of difference for him, his fans and the history/legacy of the band. You don’t have a very romantic view of GNR :). Izzy doesn’t deserve equal money, says right here on this document. Frank is a better employee, he never clocks in late. Great. Welcome to the jungle — hit it Melissa!
  7. I like your whole post! I think the mending of fences is genuine and really great. I think that’s why the Adler treatment and the lack of Izzy stings all the more. Get Adler for a couple songs every show if it’s really a health or reliability issue. I think it’s shitty to characterize him as a whiner... his whole life is AFD, man. He’s had a rough fucking ride. The smile on that dudes face behind the kit... Slash wouldn’t be playing guitar if it wasn’t for him. They’re childhood besties! Clearly whatever they’re paying him is fine with him. And if Slash and Duff aren’t into that along with Axl that’s wack of them! But somehow I doubt that’s the case. Just seems like pettiness. Especially if they’re going to not release any new music. If it’s a nostalgia act than don’t try and pretend otherwise. Embrace the history as you say! Sorum and ‘ole Scarves, too (Gilby). It’d make the 3 hour shows way more compelling.
  8. Haha... I love it. It seems like such a genuine consideration, yet it says everything about NITL. Anyway... I feel like a hater so I’m gonna ease off the gas. Axl you're fucking great!
  9. I don’t like to hate on Fortus as he always seemed like the most legit member of NuGNR... but he hams it up! Whirling dervish karate-chop strum hambonin’. I don’t like when Slash goes auto-pilot shred, but Fortus does it too and with his fingerpicking... it’s just that much worse. Whenever you watch Fortus on YouTube taking about gear or his tone preferences... the stuff he says always sounds on point, but I don’t see it on stage with GNR. What happened to just groovin’, baby. Let’s groove tonight. Every GNR fan owes it to themself to track down and listen to the Izzy channel of the 5.1 AFD mix. It’s truly a master class in less is more, tasteful guitar.
  10. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I think it's cool they're not doing GNR tunes. Still that video seems kind of lethargic to me.... Looks really nice visually, at least. Sounds kinda flat, too. Maybe it's just me!
  11. Axl said he resented (my word) the size of the monetary deal Izzy struck with management for those appearances. Like why would that bother you?? Enough to comment to the press which you hardly ever do about anything. He really views it as a meritocratic business enterprise -- his prerogative. Count those coins. Sucks, though.
  12. Did Ax feel like he couldn't perform at that level for 2 songs? Can we all agree that Out Ta Get Me at Dodger Stadium is probably the most compelling part of this whole NITL thing thus far? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if that "so you can suck me!" was directed at Popcorn. Maybe he needs that latent seething resentment... Anger is Axl's batteries . Before that show my favorite post-UYI Axl performance was Nightrain in 2006 at Download... and there's Izzy! I've got 2000+ posts on a GNR internet forum and I didn't even bother to see them when NITL came to town... but I'd pay 1000 bucks to see a show at that level with Izzy along for the ride.
  13. YOU SUMMED IT UP! I think I can refrain from reading these threads now that you've distilled it down. Again, they all have more money than they could spend at this point... Slash is going to spend the rest of his life wearing chucks living out of a suitcase until he drops dead on stage, Duff has his Starbucks money, Axl can have his lamb dinners until 2200... Embrace the insane one in a million combustible chemistry that made you and lean into it before you're all fucking wrinkled has-been's and make a final statement. It's a band not an insurance firm. David Lee Roth said it on Marc Maron the other day when speaking about his personal relationship with EVH and how it doesn't fucking matter... "Ask Nitro what he thinks of Glycerin?"
  14. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Well... whatever it is.....
  15. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    That weird sound effect on Garden of Eden. The breaking eggshell on Dead Horse. Maybe that speech at the end of Breakdown.
  16. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    How is that even possible.
  17. I don't have a 5.1 setup but I use the discrete tracks for learning guitar... it's pretty amazing how much musical depth there is to the album. Like channel 1 is all Izzy and channel 2 is all Slash, and the rest an interesting combo... hearing Izzy's falsetto in random places I never knew!
  18. I feel like doing a big UYI release is justified just as a promotional thing for the NITL tour if they’re going to continue it without new music. I’d be stoked with like a big Spotify rollout... at this point I don’t care about any of the physical stuff.
  19. Didn't that other thread with the box set designer say that the band didn't want all the do-dads but the label did? Could be misremembering... wouldn't want to see the band to get bashed more than necessary :D.
  20. There's something about Stevie, man! That's a dancin' beat.
  21. So was the absence on the box set the definitive answer to the question of whether YCBM was ever put to tape in the pre-UYI era, in any form or fashion?
  22. I wonder if they stuck around if they could have wrenched back the "coolness" by really leaning into the excess, actually leveraged the cartoon aspect as a strength and had some songs to back it up ala The Darkness. That's not the version of GNR I would have liked necessarily but... like an amplified UYI GNR... Axl full Elton John.... dolphin animatronics... massive tongue in cheek stadium shows, haha.... After like '95 when everyone was sick of Unplugged albums and flannels.
  23. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Singer sounds like Andrew Wood meets Steven Tyler... let’s let Myles rest for a round!
  24. Yeah man.... I think for a lot of famous people, if you go on a mission looking for “so and so is a dick,” you can get into a confirmation bias situation. There’s a lot of stories of him being really cool, signing really elaborate autographs, just being chill as f. Sucks in that moment he couldn’t recognize a 15yo kid super fan and have a little tact... but maybe he just fought with Perla, Scott was strung out and he was late for sound check! When I see those dudes shoving Stratocaster pickguards in his face it makes me wince. Slash is probably my biggest celebrity idol in that childhood hero sense... the reason why I’ve spent thousands of hours playing guitar... honestly I’d be afraid to meet him, haha.