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Status Updates posted by Ant

  1. This next one's called Lick My Love Pump. 

  2. ROCK N' ROLL!@

    And I won't ask questions... as long as it's yellow, man.

  3. Amusing, eh... I can live with that :).

  4. Starwars you're a badass. And not because of the name!

  5. Damn this bear market for albums without hit singles. This recession is not metal.

  6. And good day to you, m'lady; thank you kindly. In my journey through the mygnr political nether, I've noticed that the ladies (you, p4a, nameless_girl to name a few) wield a disproportionate amount of the local brain power :).

  7. Yeah on the 3rd of this month -- f'in amazing!

  8. I finally had time to read Dexter's manifesto... this band never ceases to entertain. The image of Slash as being such a calculated, petty, and manipulative guy doesn't at all jive with the image I've gotten from interviews over the years and his book. I wonder where the truth lies? Either way it's all kind of juvenile and depressing as a fan :(.

  9. Oh hey, I didn't even see your second comment! Thanks a lot, I find it all really interesting. Metallica is in three weeks, and I guess you've got AC/DC tommorow!@ Fuck yeah! I wonder if Angus still wears that damn uniform, haha.

  10. Hey :). Just floating around, feeling pretty jazzed about your country and counting the days till Metallica arrives in my city. Keep on keepin' the forum interesting ;).

  11. I like your posts because I view them as coming from a wise old turtle.

  12. Haha, likewise. And happy birthday, apparently! :D

  13. Wow, thanks :). Likewise. I was just in your profile checking out your latest stuff after reading that weird catholic church thread.

  14. Sorry for the delayed response, but thanks for the kind words. I see you as one of the sanity pillars on this bridge of.... yeah I can't think of a humorous metaphor. I'm creatively spent, man!@

  15. 5 stars, baby.


  16. Ant

    Jeez Lamer, why did you only have 1 star? Steve-o said you were ridiculous so I checked out your posts, and they seem pretty good to me :).

  17. You're one of those elite few pillars of sanity on a completely bonkers forum. But you already know that, so I'll be going now...


  18. Stop being so fake, NG! Damn!.... just kidding :). I like your posts, so keep on keepin' on.

  19. Ant

    Sweet picture Miss Mable :). You should do some more!

  20. Thanks for the comment man! I read a lot of your posts after seeing the GNR scented candle (lol), and they're always hilarious or insightful, or both :).