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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    So do we have to wait until next weekend for the next new video?
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    Well that was fun. Hopefully more soon.
  3. Axl before the show: From the rehearsal I don't think Hardschool is *quite* ready yet.... Band: 🙄
  4. This I Love remix has the best recorded Axl vocals since 1993
  5. I've done an Oklahoma - let me know if anyone wants to hear it with lyrics
  6. Terminator - Dark Fate

    So, Terminator Dark Fate appears to have surprised some people yesterday by screening in place of T2. Just wondering if anybody has seen it, is there any new GNR music in it? Or any references to GNR? I know Slash said there wasn't but that could be a decoy to keep the surprise. Seems like a huge missed opportunity if GNR didn't put a new song in it, but maybe they didn't like the movie?
  7. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I'd like to see Axl and Myles do Eye on You. Axl can do the Macdaddying while Myles does the 'Nnn hay hay's.
  8. Might have a go at Zodiac 13 and Quick Song...will post here if I get round to it
  9. Just realised that sometimes when you yawn, it sounds like the beginning of Atlas Shrugged
  10. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    A Poem For The Chairman Chairman, Chairman your prose are delightful, your deeds are impeccable and for them we are thankful. But your mathematics is an area that leaves one bemused, how can one’s fours come before twos? It seems you are leaving the best until last. That's all well and good but I do have to ask, will this weekend complete the disc sets of many? We're all dying to hear Axl's voice more already. You see, I'm just a fan like so many out there, who've heard rumours and snippets, over the years. Like you I've no time for hoarders' hives, amassing their honey - while somebody's fucking their wives. You’re doing us a service, by sharing the gold, even after disc 2 there's more to unfold? I'm excited to hear this won't be the end. Tracks from later eras will surely ascend, Into the ranks of GnR fame, Think Axl's voice in 2010, could it be that good again? I do hate Communists, their Commanders and Chairmen, but for you and The General, I'll make an exception. The Linesman. (from Reddit)
  11. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    All this moaning about the setlist being basically the same. Don't you guys realise it has been a different setlist every night for these past few shows? Or are you all blind to Axl's genius? It's subtle but I'll show you: Show 1: Setlist A (No Alts) Drums up 1.5Db Show 2: Setlist A (No Alts) Drums down 1.5Db Show 3: Setlist A (No Alts) Guitars up 0.7 dB Show 4: Setlist A (No Alts) Drums and Guitars at Regular Level Show 5: Setlist A Drums Up** (Version Tom Likes) I'm really excited for the next show, we are definitely going to get Setlist A (No Alts) (Doubled Guitars)!!
  12. If the MyGNR staff have spoken with Beta recently, does that mean Axl is aware of the leaks? Would love to know what he or Beta have to say about the whole storage locker leak saga