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  1. Wonder if Axl will read the comments on Sky Arts Facebook page because most people saying he sounded really bad in the comments
  2. Considering how good Axl is on SOYL and how much energy it brings to the band and the show, I wish they would play more fast tempo tracks, Perfect Crime, Back Off Bitch, Shotgun Blues etc would be great He go the tempo right yep 🤘
  3. 2010 is my favourite year for Axls voice. If only I knew some 'downloading motherfuckers' who could furnish me with a copy so I can listen to it at work tomorrow.....😉🥀🔫
  4. Anyone know any good bootleg web sites? 😉
  5. Any streams for the Encore? I don't wanna miss Oh My God and Perfect Crime
  6. When Axl used rasp in that Jungle it was more like a shout than controlled i'll take that over all clean any day though!
  7. Yep lots of rasp on Brownstone
  8. Suspense on this forum is great haha! Kill it Axl!!
  9. I am too! But I can literally only get through like one or two songs (Jungle and YCBM) with the same amount of volume and rasp as Axl before I lose my voice/start cracking/shaking. Am I doing something wrong? I only practise once a week. I always thought you have to practice like at least every other day to build muscle so your voice can hold notes in songs like YCBM with such amount of rasp without faltering. I can sing them clean no problem, it's the power/volume with rasp that is hard.
  10. Axl's vocals sounded like he had a cold/sore throat in Berlin, like at the Bridge School Benefit concert. That combined with not being able to hear himself properly/shouting to try and hear himself contributed to the over distortion resulting in cracks/dropping high notes. If he still has a cold he won't be much better tonight. But hopefully by Download cold/throat problems will have gone and he will be on top form again with something to prove. That's the kindest interpretation. The worst is that he either hasn't rehearsed for a while so his vocal muscles aren't used to hitting those high notes any more or he has worn his voice out with the epic power vocals he used in AC/DC and needs a good rest. I hope it's just a cold and that tonight he will kick ass! Either way, GNR songs are some of the hardest songs to sing ever.