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  1. 27 more albums???????? LMAO yeah right...they havent done 1 in 30 + years

  3. Im sorry but a thousand dollars is a bit steep for what they are offering in the locked and loaded set... this feels just like the vip packages the more money you can bleed out the more shit you get an i mean shit... I feel GNR or whoever is behind these sets is just fucking the fans money dry...however as gnr fans we have waited so long (soooo very long) for any type of music release that of course we are going to drool over this stuff right? i can barely afford the super deluxe set and i am PISSED AS FUCK.. that they didnt include the vinyl remaster with that set...LOL SO you have to buy the vinyl separately and if you want that cool shadow of your love t shirt you have to buy that separately as well.. so if you get the super deluxe set AND the vinyl it will come to 214 WITHOUT shipping,,,if you also buy the t shirt with the vinyl and super deluxe set that comes to 249 without shipping....Ill skip the shirt and just get the super deluxe set and vinyl... however i will NOT be able to buy anything for myself besides the things to survive for a very long time...why they couldnt have gone the metallica or led zeppelin way where they could have made an awesome box set (just 1) filled with everything and made it affordable for everyone is beyond me. so i have a question i hope someone can answer...has anyone ordered from the gnr site before? do they usually deliver in a timely manner? also does anyone know how much shipping is on these? thanks so much..and sorry again for the rant.
  4. I dont know what this all means but hell i would be happy with an Appetite For Destruction deluxe box set with vinyl, cds ,a photo book dvds of live shows from that time, unreleased material etc. No reason GNR cant release a box set like Led Zeppelin did with their albums or what Metallica has done with Their first 3 albums so far. Those box sets are fucking awesome.
  5. #RipNetNeutrality

  6. OMFG THIS IS THE GUNS N' ROSES I LOVE....Thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Bass hardly a difficult instrument to play...really?????? just because (some) basses have less strings then a guitar doesnt make it any easier...im guessing you dont play bass????? try playing at Geddy Lees speed or Steve Harris speed and then tell me "Bass is hardly a difficult instrument to play" as to the original question to this post id like to say Duff is a good Bass player he has unique sound and odd timing Which NOT EVERYONE or as you say "chimp" could just learn ....most people miss or dont even hear his unique fill ins...i agree with most who say he is the best bass player for Guns N' Roses.
  8. Still touring into 2018 with no new music? geezus....i hope they get in the studio in the 5 or 6 months they have off and record SOMETHING...I mean holy shit i never seen a band tour for almost 3 freaking years with NO NEW MUSIC... unfortunately im starting to hate this band what they are becoming!
  9. What happened to GNR?

    Im sure slash is waiting for this to be over...im sure it gets boring as shit to keep playing THE SAME songs for 2 years in a row..Guns N' Roses need new music...i cant stress that enough....if you continually live on past songs ..it eventually just crumbles...bands release new music to i dont know ...GROW..to see what works what doesnt...to see what the fans like (oop wait this is gnr we are talking about..they CLEARLY dont give a shit about their fans) ..so never mind!
  10. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Im sorry but i never in my life seen someone like Steven Adler who wants to play their instrument so badly with a band he helped make huge...only for that said band to do a half ass reunion and treat him like dog shit wrapped in cat shit yet he still thanks them...regardless of what Steven did in the past it is so much easier to forgive...IMO steven seems to have such a great outgoing fun personality who seems to enjoy playing the drums more than ever...why they cant just bring him back and let him play is beyond me...cos that is clearly all the guy wants to do is play! as for steven being unreliable or whatever else anyone thinks as to why he cant be givin a full chance at a tour ...umm perhaps you all forgot the uyi tours when axl would "maybe" show up or maybe not or maybe he would come on stage and leave for a tantrum halfway through..yet everyone seems to have forgiven him for that..right?
  11. LMAO...Thanks for the laugh...and damn does this sound interesting ...a GNR box set???????? holy fuck wouldnt that be amazing!...or ANYTHING NEW released!
  12. you are absolutely right the music is what it should be all about but if that person is singing about one thing and you meet them and they are an asshole for no particular reason it puts a damper on EVERYTHING! you are then essentially just listening to a fake and phony at that point..
  13. Just my 2 cents.... I guess Slash is too good to take pics with fans...you know the people that made GNR who they are. So im reading a lot of BS in this thread... If someone doesn't want to be famous and known and recognized...perhaps they shouldn't pick a career where they CAN be those things! IE oh poor slash..getting asked to take pics..ugh.,.. why the fuck should any fan feel weird or guilty or any other way for wanting a pic or an autograph?????? THAT was the dumbest thing ive read here..as GNR fans we get treated like shit and played with enough by all the BS... There are some bands (and i know this is going to come as a shock to some of you) who actually do care about their fans who dont charge and arm and a leg to just get close to them ...who will sign and take pics with their fans all day.. (and not make you feel bad about it) ...
  14. What Bono Said....hit the nail on the head!
  15. who gives a shit about Axls voice that drummer is too fast...and obnoxiously horrible!...maybe that's the reason Axl sounds bad to some of you cos of that damn drummer...i know when lars from metallica drums fast james tries to keep up and he sounds horrible too!