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  1. The set list is a pot they pick from , there's been alt songs on them forever and a day including HS last time
  2. Never seen that pathetic phrase by people who have no argument they can articulate be used in such a irrelevant manner before 🤣 go on I'll give you the punchline, say it again to this. 🤦‍♂️ The image of the AFD cross that was created by... Ooh hang on let me take my blinkers off for a second..
  3. Yeah they did flash a photo of all of them at the end, they were regular citizens who dont have a load of imagery that can be used in the same way.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    We are here..
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    So how comes tribute bands like this pile of dog excrement can stay up when the music isn't theirs ? I love how the Jerry Sadowitz look alike on guitar is playing a different song to everyone else half the time and the fake USA accent of the singer, oh my days all
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    Pulse ps fucking appropriate track for this thread LOL
  7. GNRCentral is getting worse. Can we ban it?

    Dreadful site that's gone down the tubes with its negativity and click baiting to try fill the gaps. A band doesn't have daily news like a news network would have so I guess they are click baiting to stay in $$. Have tried to block it coming up on Google for myself and YouTube but that's easier said than done just to not have to look at the rubbish they write/say, look forward to the day it's gone. ps If you are watching GnR Central, go find something better to do.
  8. Vengeance, danger etc the guy is an idiot not a rampaging psycopath they need to pander too because they are scared of him , oh my days, so much drama 🤣
  9. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Madagascar is great as is Better especially with the Slash twist. No way is he managing Eden or Don't Damn Me live !!!!!!!
  10. Sales data matey. Facts not opinions. We are so off track here, bottom line, that stuff was not Rick or anyone elses to leak. They knew exactly what they were doing. The band should not now have to do anything in response in terms of music release. This is exactly the same as movies leaking. If a band chooses to do a release campaign that looks like leaks or similar, that's a whole other ball game
  11. Back onto the topic of the attention seeking guy, not only does he rustle up $15k for music , drive 19 hours (none of this smacks of innocent behaviour) when challenged, rather than be concerned or eat a bit of humble pie, he baits the band and runs around self promoting what a big shot he is. I dont know whether he leaked anything or not, but he doesn't seem innocent and if he keeps prodding he may find himself having to explain himself in court.
  12. They embrace the internet within the parameters they should, not in a manner where bootlegs of private material get leaked by chancers, that's not the internet that's the wild west. Why do you think Apple Music/Spotify all exist and the artists now make fuck all on record sales ? I came from the 80's so i know all about standing in line to buy a new record, recording off thee radio, all that stuff. The artist absolutely was the victim of Napster, A&R is now fucked, record label investment in artist development is now fucked, a #1 record meaning anything like it used to is now fucked. Everything is about a quick buck, low spend, look at music videos these days vs what used to be the norm, money got sucked out of the industry, it has been redistributed to the elite through touring and merchandising, VIP' tours, meet & greets etc etc. Oh i know what i am talking about because this is my industry. And who do i know still downloading things illegally ? Ever heard of torrents ? Your generalisations are incredulous. Entire albums shit, no one downloading illegally, artists not suffering from people stealing their work, please do your research before interjecting . https://ibb.co/C9XMVHr https://www.visualcapitalist.com/music-industry-sales/ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/oct/09/more-than-one-third-global-music-consumers-pirate-music https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/11/17963804/music-modernization-act-mma-copyright-law-bill-labels-congress https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-200-best-albums-of-the-1980s/ https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/100-best-albums-of-the-90s-152425/
  13. This isn't embracing the internet, embracing the internet doesn't mean ignoring the rule of law, taking someone elses unfinished IP and deciding to distribute it because you want to, without the consent of the creator is just outrageous. Remember what Napster did to the music industry and revenues on music sales, then you all bitch why music on the most part is so absolute shit these days and concert tickets so high, why there are merch grabs everywhere too..... There are repercussions to these types of thoughts.
  14. Yeah now you're showing ID , RFID tracking as you go from section to section, places like Coachella all are doing this already, Download to name a few. Even cashless festivals using RFID and linked to your own festival profile are all the rage these days. This kinda stuff https://musicfestivalsrfid.com/
  15. Baiting for more publicity, he needs to be starved of the publicity oxygen he's attempting to obtain
  16. Yup many, they tend to take photo ID to obtain the wristband to gain access. But that wasn't the point of the response, the debate was about whether a festival would ban him or not, not if they would succeed in keeping him out I think he has managed to achieve this utopic position from his actions "“I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.”
  17. Not the case in the case of intellectual property that was not a rights transfer. This is accidental not a deliberate sale. So let's say you bought a box and in it were the new Star Wars movie masters 'accidentally'. Does that mean you can now publish the movie and own the rights to it?
  18. I saw the imbecile claim that he had the right to do this because the band refused to release new music. WTF ! Cascade that logic across your life , then assume that any thoughts or ideas you had are no longer your own because in Rick Land you should just give the people whatever they want because they want it. I would beg to differ, the copyright of the songs rests with the creator, the physical disks themselves are worthless. It's not like they think they bought the music rights, it's a bunch of CD's. An auction house wouldn't have touched this with a barge pole
  19. Absolutely, it's all about the kudos of "Look at Me" and now it's blown back, but think someone is enjoying the attention yes they can, if the headline act moans about this do you really think a festival would side with 1 attendee with previous ?
  20. If there was no intention of monitizing the 'locker contents' why would you commit to spend $15 grand on what could be a load of shit ?
  21. Lol really ? Thought that was diabolical