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  1. 26 years ago today- the end

    "Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years. Face up, make your stand. And realize you're living in the golden years."
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    You're being obtuse. Adler has never shown the propensity to act as a mature adult. Rather, he acts like a petulant child who isn't allowed another chocolate-chip cookie from the jar. Would I love to see the AFD 5 on stage together? Absolutely. Is it a reasonable expectation given the way Adler behaves? No, it isn't. He couldn't even handle guest appearances, and went on a media tour with his mother whining about Guns N' Roses. We don't have to deal with Adler on the regular. They would. And they clearly don't want him around. I like the current lineup.
  3. I got mine from GNR's official site. It's annoying there's no number to call. So I am stuck waiting Universal's response. So your door is the same, huh? Did you address that with Amazon or you were more concerned with the vinyl? Amazon usually has very good customer support.
  4. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Agreed. I would love Izzy to be there. But in terms of mainstream appeal, I can guarantee some folks confuse Fortus for Izzy. He was never on the celebrity status of Axl and Slash, who were the two faces of the band.
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Izzy wasn't even advertised. There was literally nothing for GNR as a business to gain from his appearances. So, yeah, I'm sure when Axl found out after the fact how much Izzy demanded for his three-song appearance, he was a little surprised. My impression of it was Axl just thought Izzy was showing up to jam, like an old friend would. Of course there'd be cash tossed his way either way. And the thing is, I'm not sure they' would have even wanted to advertise an Izzy appearance back then because Axl said that they never really knew if he'd show up or not.
  6. I received my LAL box set in the mail. It definitely looks awesome. It bugs me though that the skull and crossbones on the door was glued on slightly crooked. Slopes downward. I emailed customer support about it and am awaiting a reply. I am not about to return something and likely pay a fortune in shipping for the return. I am curious if they can send me a replacement right door with a skull and crossbones that's actually aligned properly. The main reason I wanted this was to display the cabinet. Now every time I look at it, I'm like goddamn it, it's crooked. For something that retailed originally at 1k, that should definitely not happen.
  7. This is the first time I'm hearing the Niven Izzy rumor. I don't buy it. I do think Izzy can and probably will eventually randomly show up to jam just like he used to. But I don't think the market is that different for "classic reunion" vs nitl "reunion." Most people just know Axl and Slash, and that's enough for them. No one who missed the last round of shows is suddenly gonna run to the box office (figuratively since we buy tix online now) screaming "OMG IZZY IS BACK." No disrespect to Izzy at all. I'd love to see him live someday. But again, we're the minority here. We're on a GNR fan board for god's sake.
  8. This is just not true. All they need is a little time between US legs. People want to hear the hits. We're the minority.
  9. The things I want most from the big box are the box itself and vinyl. I justified the purchase in my mind for LAL by viewing the box more as artwork for the home. And I may hang some of the vinyl in the crib too. Super Deluxe for $40 is a steal, IMO. Great deal you got.
  10. I did it and I already have buyers remorse. However, I did the AFFIRM option which gives me 0 percent for six month. Or $20 in interest if I pay it in 12 months. I can slow pay this bad boy. I figured for $399 plus GNR coupon code, plus tax, it's not that bad. I really love the cabinet and will display it. My total was $381.54 after shipping (free) and taxes ($20).
  11. Is the cabinet made of wood? I'm asking because if it is, it sort of helps me justify the price. I paid freakin' $400+ for an end table for my living room. That's just a generic end table. If this is a wooden cabinet, I am gonna custom-build a stand for it and park in my living room next to my TV so everyone can come over and think I'm crazy.
  12. Is this the cheapest it's been? I really wanna pull the trigger, but the greedy side of me wants to hold out and see if it drops to $299.
  13. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Sorry, I still don't believe it. Nothing really adds up. And Raz is just a Trump bot now. Can't take anything he says seriously.
  14. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    They weren't though. They were on the rise and by her own admission were about to get signed to a record deal. You don't think there were hangers on surrounding the band back then? They played killer shows, had all the drugs and parties, and were making a name for themselves getting record label attention. Edit: And, AGAIN, this quote is taken from Watch You Bleed, from my understanding, which is loaded with factual errors. But even if it's an accurate quote, your premise that it's some sort of admission of guilt for sexual assault is ludicrous.
  15. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Look how many athletes or celebrities have been falsely accused. When there's money to be made or notoriety to be gained, a celebrity is more vulnerable to false claims. I happen to think Dandy Pie here is full of it. In her statement, she acts like she saved GNR by not going forward with the claims back then, and now she's miffed that they aren't thanking her for their success. Duff probably blocked her 'cause she's harassing him on social media. By her own account, Duff didn't even do anything except, I guess, piss her off with his record.
  16. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Are you purposely being obtuse here? Or perhaps there is a cultural divide and American English isn't your native tongue? Axl's statement simply meant he was going to control his sexual urges simply to not put himself in situations where he can be accused of rape. He was not stating that he curbed his supposed "rapey" tendencies over the accusation. Are you freakin' kidding me? He was basically saying the situation sobered him up and opened his eyes. Celebrity was on the rise and he didn't wan to put himself in situations that left him vulnerable to accusations. Please stop with your nonsense.
  17. Had GNR's Illusions lineup stuck around in the 90s and continued to evolve, or had GNR's new lineup released Chinese Democracy in the late '90s, I really do think they would continued to been huge and not fallen the way of other bands from that era (Motley Crue and Poison and Warrant and Skid Row). GNR's sound transcended that genre, especially with the direction of UYI. Motley Crue was still releasing stuff in the '90s but they were more famous at that point due to Tommy Lee's marriage to Pam. Maybe the mainstream media and fans wouldn't have accepted a GNR without Slash only a few years removed from the Illusions tours. But when other big bands at the time were such garbage like Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Linkin Park, etc, there was a place for GNR to rule the roost.
  18. Yes. Underrated in terms of critical acclaim, but not necessarily widespread appeal (the success of NITL shows people love GNR). Underrated due to many viewing them as "just" a hair band. Or others thinking they have just a couple good songs (the big radio hits). Or just in the way Axl had been derided in media for so long it created a certain narrative around the band. And lastly, they had such prolific output in such a small number of years before fading away entirely for a decade. GNR are not given their due for being in the lineage of the Stones and Aerosmith and sort of turning the strip sound on its feet. While Nirvana is wrongly credited with helping kill hair metal, GNR were the ones who blew up on the scene with their brand of rock which left pop bands like Poison in the dust. But this can all be perception. When they came through America for the NITL stadium tour, suddenly everyone I knew in my feed was going to these shows. The buzz about Slash's return to GNR helped generate a ton of fanfare. But yeah, being a huge GNR fan, in some hipster circles, is almost like this ironic notion. F that. GNR forever.
  19. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Exactly. And he was stating he wasn't going to act on these sexual urges do to exhibiting caution (over opening himself up to false accusations) moving forward.
  20. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    That could simply mean after he was accused of rape, he started being more self-aware of his celebrity status and tried not to get himself in situations where he could be falsely accused of sexual assault. It isn't at all an admittance of violence against women. (Edit for typo.)
  21. Yeah ... Yeah ... I'm salty I copped the Super Deluxe at the original price, whatever it was (can't recall) for it to fall to $40 now. Reason being, as much as I loved it all, it basically got packed in the closet never to be seen again. Same would happen with Locked N' Loaded if I bought it. It's why I couldn't justify a grand. I know it'd end up tucked away somewhere taking up space.
  22. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Nah, it just appears suspicious to others because you stated how difficult it is hearing GNR songs on the radio or seeing Axl's face in the media. Yet a couple years ago, you willingly posted videos on social media and sought out GNR posts to comment on. And now suddenly there's a book/podcast you're promoting, right?
  23. You come across as the type who wishes your mother a happy mother's day on Facebook instead of calling her to say I love you. Stop with your nonsense.
  24. In what way is this Axl's or Duff's or Slash's fault exactly?