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  1. Nintendo Switch

    The 64 is still the console I play the most, second to the PC only. I don't really care much about graphics, otherwise I wouldn't play Dusk or Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. Both great games that have blocky graphics.
  2. DOOM Eternal

    Okay... I tried to play and... it's Overwatch... Sigh... That's definetely the worst MP a Doom game has ever had. Seriously, why the fuck would someone choose the revenant?
  3. DOOM Eternal

    Why? All that dust will be there again in 2 days
  4. DOOM Eternal

    Check it out:
  5. DOOM Eternal

    Did you guys play that Doom 64 that came with the game? It has some lost levels on it and, believe it or not, they give us some lore that links doom 64 to doom 2016. It's official Doom 64 is Doom 3. The timeline would be: Doom (and the Ultimate Doom) > Doom 2 (which includes TNT evilution and Plutonia)> Doom 64 (3) > Doom 2016 (4) > Doom Eternal (5) I'm not sure, but I think Doom 3 is a retelling of Doom 1, with that in mind, it goes like this: Doom and Doom 3 (and Ultimate Doom) > Doom Ressurection of evil > Doom 2 (which includes TNT evilution and Plutonia)> Doom 64 (3) > Doom 2016 (4) > Doom Eternal (5) What do you guys think? Is Doom 3 and RoE part of the timeline? Perhaps it happened between Doom 2 and 64? Maybe between 64 and 2016? I still have my Doom 64 on my old N64, and I still play it!
  6. DOOM Eternal

    Just found Daisy in exultia. Maybe it was her ghost? Or Doomguy going crazy.
  7. Gotta agree with you. Eternal feels a little mediocre on some parts. The combat, which relies heavily on scripted glory kills and chainsaw to get health and ammo (and that gimmicky flamethrower for armor), feels like they tried to shoehorn too much stuff and sacrificed quality. My biggest issue is the maps. They are too linear and you can't go back after some checkpoints. You know, classic doom was all about map awareness and how you used the entire map to engage on combat, here they are always locking you up in small arenas (not as much as doom 2016). It gets old fast. Sure, Classic Doom had some of those too (mostly on sandy's levels), but this concept was used more as a trap to surprise you. In Eternal you come to expect it. Anyways, let's get to modding.
  8. DOOM Eternal

    Well, I played it and... it's not bad, but it didn't impress me as much as I thought it would. 2016 had its flaws, mainly the level design full of arenas. This one kinda adresses the boring arena layout from 2016, which, was the only flaw on a otherwise great SP campaign, but at the same time the levels feel kinda uninspired this time around. I'm in a loss for words to exactly tell you why I like Doom I and II's levels better. The movement received a big improvement with the air dashes, kinda like unreal, except you can do it on the air without the need of a wall to kick. Combat would feel a lot better WITHOUT the glory kills. Just like in Doom 4 (2016) They are cool at first, but after the 100th kill animation it starts to wear out. It doesn't help that melee attacks seem to do no damage to enemies that aren't staggered. The biggest problem is that you run outta ammo kinda fast and just have to use the chainsaw (which is still a scripted weapon) everytime you need ammo and it feels gimmicky at times. Oh, well. At least I'm playing on PC so I can mod glory kills and the scriptchainsaw outta the game. I don't really dislike the glory kills, but you end up using it on every single enemy, even lowly-cannon-fodder-zombies because it gives you resources. Soundtrack and art direction are the high point for me. Some nice 8 string metal tunes and classical designs making a comeback make for a nice fanservice. This game is also more colorful and less dark, which is a breath of fresh air for an industry stuffed with shooters featuring poorly lit enviroments and dessaturated colors. The story is... who cares really? I would give it a 7.5/10.

    It sure did. Just shows how poorly planned and made the whole thing was.
  10. The Gear Thread

    Took me a while to realize what changed. I thougt they would go for a new angle for the headstock, PRS-like.

    It is also now officially the worst reviewed SW movie going beyond even I. Not that I really care about what critics have to say...
  12. DOOM Eternal

    Okay. I did pre order it. It is a Bethesda (parcially) game, but I'll take the risk. I was rather displeased with their most recent entries, namely, Quake Champions and Rage 3 (thank god I did not fall for fallout 76), but this one seems different. I guess I owe them my goodwill after Doom 2016.
  13. Scom Rq Wttj Nightrain Patience Don't Cry (alt lyrics) Coma Civil war You Could be Mine Ain't it fun? Omg Better TWAT SoD Atlas Shrugged There. 4 songs for each era, 1 recent leak, 1 soundtrack song and 1 cover from TSI?
  14. Which resonates with you more- music or lyrics?

    Music. I consider the vocals as an instrument as well, so they matter as much as the bass, guitar and drums.

    Vector Prime. Just sayin'.