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  1. I guess they would have released CD and everything would be pretty much the same.
  2. Dealing with abandonment?

    Hmmm... beats me, I just shrug it off, because I usually don't cling to others at all. I simply forget about them, that's how I do it, but that doesn't seem to work for you. Everybody has their own way to deal with this kinda situation, you just have to find your own.
  3. It's empty. 4 boring small dungeons or divine beasts, too many irrelevant puzzle sheikah shrine things. Weapons that break every second. It's just like modern Elder scrolls it fells less like a game and more like one of those "activity center games" for little kids. You go around pick up flowers Interact with the ambiente, like flying around the octo balloons and some piece of furniture. It's cool but it gets boring real quick. Of course it has a main quest, but it is relatively short and bland. Opening a chest on BOTW is pretty underwhelming cuz you already it's gonna be some disposable loot and weapons that will soon break, unlike a cool new piece of equipment, since you get everything by the beggining on the sheikah tablet
  4. Sonic mania is the best Sonic I have ever played. Sonic time twisted is also pretty good. It's a fan game. If you liked mania, you will probably like this one too. Since BOTW is so bad I'm definetely not buying the DLC's. Right now I'm scratching my head on how Bethesda, the company that is desperately trying to snatch ubishit's title of greatest unfinished game releasing company is giving all signs that they will release a bugged game as it is going to early access in 2 days... oh, boy. At least the latest wolfenstein is pretty damn good. I really can't see Mario Odyssey being a bad game, there's simply no way Nintendo would destroy it, even with a giant empty boring world, like BOTW.
  5. The Gear Thread

    Now that's one smoking hot super strat. Congratulations it's a beauty and I bet play as good as it looks.
  6. Maybe they're all tired and don't wanna anymore risks.
  7. Were you expecting new music at Rock In Rio 2011?

    I can't remember.
  8. Good lord... how is Bethesda still allowed to publish and develop games? There's only bugs for you. Beta testing for them is simply depressing. Can't even downnload the goddamn patch now. Their last beta build lasted for ONE DAY before it was patched again.
  9. Who comes out with new music first?

    Tool, logically speaking scenarios that already happened are more likely to happen again. In other words, TooL.
  10. DIO Returns [The World Tour]

    OMG, a DIO VOCALOID, now my dream waifu is ready!
  11. Teens watch a man drown

    Wtf? Even if you don't feel capable of helping because you can't swim, you could at least call for help.
  12. Man, Quake Champions Beta is Deader than a new Gn'R álbum.
  13. RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park / STP)

    My god... on Chris's Birthday. WTF?
  14. That the Apetite for Democracy tour will go on forever and the reason Izzy is not on board is Money.