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  1. Gotta agree with you. Eternal feels a little mediocre on some parts. The combat, which relies heavily on scripted glory kills and chainsaw to get health and ammo (and that gimmicky flamethrower for armor), feels like they tried to shoehorn too much stuff and sacrificed quality. My biggest issue is the maps. They are too linear and you can't go back after some checkpoints. You know, classic doom was all about map awareness and how you used the entire map to engage on combat, here they are always locking you up in small arenas (not as much as doom 2016). It gets old fast. Sure, Classic Doom had some of those too (mostly on sandy's levels), but this concept was used more as a trap to surprise you. In Eternal you come to expect it. Anyways, let's get to modding.
  2. DOOM Eternal

    Well, I played it and... it's not bad, but it didn't impress me as much as I thought it would. 2016 had its flaws, mainly the level design full of arenas. This one kinda adresses the boring arena layout from 2016, which, was the only flaw on a otherwise great SP campaign, but at the same time the levels feel kinda uninspired this time around. I'm in a loss for words to exactly tell you why I like Doom I and II's levels better. The movement received a big improvement with the air dashes, kinda like unreal, except you can do it on the air without the need of a wall to kick. Combat would feel a lot better WITHOUT the glory kills. Just like in Doom 4 (2016) They are cool at first, but after the 100th kill animation it starts to wear out. It doesn't help that melee attacks seem to do no damage to enemies that aren't staggered. The biggest problem is that you run outta ammo kinda fast and just have to use the chainsaw (which is still a scripted weapon) everytime you need ammo and it feels gimmicky at times. Oh, well. At least I'm playing on PC so I can mod glory kills and the scriptchainsaw outta the game. I don't really dislike the glory kills, but you end up using it on every single enemy, even lowly-cannon-fodder-zombies because it gives you resources. Soundtrack and art direction are the high point for me. Some nice 8 string metal tunes and classical designs making a comeback make for a nice fanservice. This game is also more colorful and less dark, which is a breath of fresh air for an industry stuffed with shooters featuring poorly lit enviroments and dessaturated colors. The story is... who cares really? I would give it a 7.5/10.

    It sure did. Just shows how poorly planned and made the whole thing was.
  4. The Gear Thread

    Took me a while to realize what changed. I thougt they would go for a new angle for the headstock, PRS-like.

    It is also now officially the worst reviewed SW movie going beyond even I. Not that I really care about what critics have to say...
  6. DOOM Eternal

    Okay. I did pre order it. It is a Bethesda (parcially) game, but I'll take the risk. I was rather displeased with their most recent entries, namely, Quake Champions and Rage 3 (thank god I did not fall for fallout 76), but this one seems different. I guess I owe them my goodwill after Doom 2016.
  7. Scom Rq Wttj Nightrain Patience Don't Cry (alt lyrics) Coma Civil war You Could be Mine Ain't it fun? Omg Better TWAT SoD Atlas Shrugged There. 4 songs for each era, 1 recent leak, 1 soundtrack song and 1 cover from TSI?
  8. Which resonates with you more- music or lyrics?

    Music. I consider the vocals as an instrument as well, so they matter as much as the bass, guitar and drums.

    Vector Prime. Just sayin'.

    It was a last resort because it was a flagship they were sacrificing. Now just put an engine on a weaponised projectile and send it flying towards the enemy at lightspeed. Done.

    Pff... "fine" then why don't they just use it all the time. Just strap a huge engine to a chunk of metal and launch it then. Even if it was hard for Holdo, it was because she had no computer to calculate (which makes it even dumber for her not relaying this task to a droid with machine precision). If computers can calculate coordinates for lightspeed-travelling vessels not hit each other, then it can calculate how to hit them, and engineers would've surely researched that, since it is so effective and pretty much criples the utility of star destroyers. It's not about being cool, it's about being incoherent.

    What happened in the old movies? A miserable detail like an accent? An incest that was properly handled and that characters had no way of knowing it anyway? It being not planned as a Trilogy at first because of budget limits? You want to compare that with the weaponized light speed? Rey being able to be a better lightsaber duelist than a guy who trained all his life WITHOUT any sort of training or doing Jedi mind tricks also without training? They falling into some quicksand wormpit insearch of a mcguffin and then finding said thing and an abandoned, but still functional ship? Luke acting out of character (even his ACT0R was like "I don't agree with nothing in here")? The whole throne room fight where they had to erase a weapon from one of the red guys's hand so he would not kill Rey? Palpatine surviving and screwing up the OT's achievements? Palpatine being able to amass two armies, a giant sith fleet with planet destroying technology and another death star without anyone noticing? Rey being the daughter of nobodies at 23:59 and then being Palpatine's long lost granddaughter at 00:00?

    And that's a pretty bad point since they tie this loose end in 6 and it was caused in first place due to the fact it wasn't planned as a trilogy and it wasn't planned as a trilogy due to budget limits (nobody wanted to bet on it) and it being a movie that was largely discredited and expected to fail. A completely different scenario from what Disney was given. Seriously, nobody expected the OT was going to be a hit. That's why "Star Wars" only became episode IV A New Hope AFTER Empire Strikes Back was almost ready to hit the theaters. Also, A New Hope almost didn't come out due to problems caused by the delays on the SFX caused by ILM. In fact, the notion that IV was going to bomb was so spread between the staff, that even the actors were goofing around betting who had the dumbest lines on that space mumbo jumbo. Those are some well known facts for Star Wars nerds and even with all that crap they still managed to release an unassuming flick that became a blockbuster that changed pop culture forever.

    What plot hole? The incest? They didn't know and Obi Wan was not around when they kissed on 4 or 5. It's not really a plot hole. Sure he could've told that Leia was his sister when they saw her on the hologram, but he was clearly trying to keep it low so Luke wouldn't discover Vader was his dad. Sure, they being siblings wasn't planned from start, but back then Star Wars was a movie nobody wanted to bet their money on and even Lucas was expecting it to fail, which is why Splinter of The Mind's Eye came as a possible plan B sequel with a much more simple and monotonous setting in order to have a lower payable budget. A very different situation with Disney who picked up SW as a household name.

    Yes, but it cripples their achievements. After starkiller fired, and with the knowledge we now have that Palpatine is behind it all and with a new fallen Skywalker, we were back to where we were by the begining of episode IV. With the prequels, Vader was still Vader, him being a crybaby when young is irrelevant, he changed into Vader nevertheless, Palpatine was still Palpatine, Obi Wan was still Obi Wan and so on... Thanks to the sequels, Luke is not the character who went thru the hero's journey and achieved his objectives anymore and saw light in Vader, he's a grumpy failure that tried to kill his nephew, even if he was going to give up, he went all the way there, completely out of his character and what his more mature and resolved self from the EU would never do. Vader also had the short end, his prophecy was no more. Palpatine survived and so on. The prequels did not touch that.