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  1. Amazon Fires

    Well yeah, the video I posted earlier. Here's another source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/noticias.r7.com/brasil/primeiro-mes-de-bolsonaro-registra-queda-dos-indices-de-criminalidade-20052019%3famp It says violent crime was reduced by 24-25% Here, I used google translator and there's not much translation noise: Despite the result, homicide rate is still high The number of murders, killings (robbery followed by death), cargo theft, vehicle and other crimes were reduced in January, Jair Bolsonaro's first month as President of the Republic. The data are from Sinesp (National Information System for Public Safety, Prison, Arms and Ammunition Traceability, Genetic Material, Digital and Drug). This is the first time numbers have been released in a standardized and official manner. Nine crimes included in the report: rape, vehicle theft, willful murder, personal injury followed by death, theft of the financial institution, cargo theft, vehicle theft, murder and attempted murder. In January 2018, there were 58,059 registrations. In 2019, 44,207: reduction of 23.85%. The only state that did not enter the statistics was Paraná, which had not made the data available. Murder cases fell by 20.63% (3,600) compared with January 2018. The killings fell by 11.87% (141 cases in 2019). In 2018 Brazil recorded an average of 24.02 homicide victims per 100,000 inhabitants. The world average is 6.4 per 100,000 people. The number of reported rape cases fell from 4,096 in January 2018 to 3,663 in the same month this year, down 10.57%. Vehicle and cargo theft dropped 28.5% (16,172 cases) and 27.3% (1,521 cases), respectively. Already theft of vehicles totaled 18,170 cases, presenting a reduction of 13.55% in the month analyzed.
  2. Amazon Fires

    Well, yeah. Violent crimes were the ones that decreased sharply. Anyways, you're gringo then? Not from here? Coming here and asking around is not a good way to measure crime and stuff.
  3. Amazon Fires

    No. You're not believing the scientists. I showed you NASA's report on it and they say it is within the usual range and they have a way bigger datapool. The INPE stuff I brought here also showed you that it is just slightly higher than 2016. I showed a report that this is not even a record within this decade, 2010 is the record holder and even then it was not considered a HUGE deviation and was within our yearly expectations. You're being stubborn, imature and ignorant. When you're wrong just be the better man and admit it. You're ignoring all the stats we're giving you and misinterpreting what you brought. Inpe only said queimadas had an 83% increase compared to 2013. THAT'S IT. It didn't say it was a huge deviation. The media blew it out of the water. All you're doing is saying that queimadas rose this year, which is true, but we're showing that it is within the usual range and not even all time high for the decade and you're ignoring it.
  4. Amazon Fires

    Actually crime has taken a huge dip after he became president. That has been on the news a month ago. As for poverty, there are no new data from IBGE right now, other than that poverty rose in 2017 and 2018, before Bolsonaro became president. Poverty has been on the rise since 2014 when Dilma managed to make Brazil go thru its worst recession in recent history: pichost PIB here stands for GDP. It is showing how it progressed through 2010-2016. What are your sources to claim that?
  5. Amazon Fires

    Not to the point of having the french commander-in-chief cry for sanctions. That is for sure. Kasanova King is right. It took a conservative for y'all go ape shit over it.
  6. Amazon Fires

    No, the biased media turned it on an alarm. INPE had similar levels on 2016 and nobody said anything about it. 2010 we had the record queimada of the decade and you say it is not important data. These queimadas happen every year and just like NASA said, and they are surveiling it for way longer than INPE, aknowledges it's within the yearly standard. Which is why this is not noteworthy.
  7. Amazon Fires

    Lula stepped out in 2010, the record holder year for queimadas in this decade, how do you explain that? 2016 came very close to this year and it was his protegé, Dilma, on her second term that "let" that happen. That screenshot is from BBC Brazil, but you can read on the bottom: Fonte: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) Which means: Source: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) It was taken from INPE. Also, I already adressed the business thing, it will bring in investment on the region such as the railroad I mentioned earlier.
  8. Amazon Fires

    Anyways 2013 and 2018 are pretty close too. So the numbers are pretty close. It is still a ridiculously small timeframe when you have a decades-old stuff to compare.
  9. Amazon Fires

    Yes until I came upon their site and the data itself.
  10. Amazon Fires

    Also, we have another agency that is charged of protecting our enviroment, IBAMA. According to their report this fire ain't nothing out of ordinary and ambiental crimes have decreased noticeably this year.
  11. Amazon Fires

    Huh... no. That's not what INPE has stated. There was a 83% increase since 2013, when they started monitoring (which is a very little time frame, hence NASA's data is that relevant), Which makes it around a 10% increase from Dilma's last year on govt, the previous record owner and it is nowhere near 2010's 500% increase from 2009. It is also nowhere near previous decades also, when we started advancing towards the north. We're not ignoring it, the 83% increase goes just right with what NASA said. We are using NASA as well in this case because they have a database that comprises a much larger timeframe and they show it is nothing special really. Yes, Bolsonaro is trying to bring companies to the area, so they can invest on it. That's why the north region voted for him to begin with. They were pretty much forgotten by the left, living in misery. They don't have sewage and some of the people need to get a boat or swim thru rivers to get access to schools, health services and to work. They want better life conditions and transportation and Bolsonaro already started working on the North-south railroad, which will also include the transamazonian railroad. Bringing foreign capital is the best solution considering the leftists left this country broke and made Brazil a junk investment. You want us to stay a miserable third world country forever? It's "queimadas" not "quinmadas". "Queimada" means burn or burned, in this case it is used to describe any form of fire, be it criminal or natural wild fire. You got that wrong also. Seriously, dude these fires happen every year, especially on these dry months. If you check that last link on my first post you'll see it from august 2010. It doesn't help you that mainstream media is shitting out 30 years old pics from amazônia, even celebrities are guilty of that, such as Jaden Smith.
  12. Amazon Fires

    Yeah, since LAST year. If you looked at the last link I gave you, you would see 2010 had it worse with 90000 queimadas, which accounted for a 500% (FIVE HUNDRED) increase compared to the previous year, 2009. This was during Lula's term, BTW. That budget cut actually hit international NGO's that are now rioting over the easy money they lost, money that came from our taxes, BTW. "Non govermental" my ass.
  13. Amazon Fires

    The fires are happening. Like they do every year. Is it really record breaking? No. Some of these fires may also have criminal origins. https://climatechangedispatch.com/nasa-amazon-fires-below-average/ https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/145464/fires-in-brazil They have found around 75000-72000 points of fire in amazonia this time around. It is not even a record for this decade. Here is an old article (in Brazilian portuguese, sorry) from 2010 showing we had 90000 of those back then: http://g1.globo.com/brasil/noticia/2010/08/cresce-numero-de-focos-de-incendio-no-brasil.html ("Mil" in portuguese means thousand not a million, therefore 90 mil means 90000).
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Dear god and I thought sonic live action was nightmare fuel. Not even in my full gayness I can manage to like this, but thanks anyway.
  15. Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso

    I'm 27, Btw.