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  1. Avicii

    Well, that’s not really fair. He suffered from pancreatitis in 2013 along with several other healt issues. He was pressured for years by the management and his entourage to keep touring at an insane pace although he hated it because of anxiety (he didn’t even like performing), depression and physical pain, and he was on lots of pain killers to cope. He then annnouced his retirement from touring in 2016, much to the dislike of people around him - there was a lot of fame and fortune involved which everybody seemed to enjoy except him. Through the years he seemed more and more depressed, pressured, weak, almost a walking skeleton due to his health issues.. All this is followed very closely in a recent documentary that seemed almost like an obituary even though he was still alive when it was released. Nobody knows the cause of death yet but painkiller OD or suiciude seem to be everybody’s guess. Either way he did not party himself to death - he was obviously unhappy and in physical pain.