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  1. I mean in the sense that it wasn’t a finalized version. If you consider This I Love leaked then you’d have to say the entire album did. One month or so prior to album launch every song had been heard in full except This I Love, Scraped and Sorry. Not taking into consideration every demo version. Chinese Democracy - Demo/Live/Radio ad Shacklers Revenge - Demo/Rock Band game Better - Demo/Harley Ad/Live Streert of Dreams - Demo/Live/Radio Ad If The World - Demo/Body of Lies Soundtrack There Was A Time - Demo/Live Catcher In the Rye - Demo Riad N The Bedouins - Demo/Live IRS - Demo/Live Madagascar - Demo/Live/Radio Ad Prositute - Demo Which leaves Scraped, Sorry and This I Love as just album leaked version which is common for to be released material. Which we had the video ads, the click track versions then the MySpace versions, then the 320KBS rip of the album. So technically everything on the album leaked prior to actual release.
  2. Prositute leaked from Skewl and Shacklers leaked as Chicken Dinner before Rockband 2
  3. I think they meant what songs officially on the album didn’t leak prior to the albums release. Scraped, Sorry and This I Love. But that’s a matter of outlook. Before the album officially dropped on 11/23/08 every song was out there due to the album streaming on MySpace. Then before that there were clips of songs from the “semi political” video ads that leaked.
  4. I don’t think he meant her. There’s another group that comes up from behind after as Axls passing through the check. It does look like Sasha though from quick glance
  5. Well in defense people like having that hot subject that creates buzz for their book. IF there was a book that claimed he had an affair with a man it would create buzz for that book. Especially if the person is a has been. It all depends on how low a person is willing to go for limelight. I’m not saying it will happen or he is in fact gay. On the subject of relationships it is a possibility is all I’m saying. I think him losing Stephanie and Dylan it hurt him so deep he was afraid to get close in that nature again with another. That and I think he’s in a good place now and getting close and getting hurt isn’t something he wants to risk after the damage that had been caused in the 90s emotionally and in the courtroom. I don’t think it’s a secret or anything myself. It’s his private matter, if he wants people to know what’s going on in his life he can say if not his choice. Personally I don’t care about his personal life. I admire the art, not what is behind the door.
  6. Well it depends. Cheese and Toast could be the names of 2 guys who were at the club. Or “chomping on cheese on toast” could be slang for something... or it could be taken literally lol I don’t know too much about that club. But in the end who knows. I’m not saying he is I’m not saying he isn’t. But “evidence” points in every direction. Just got to wait for someone’s tell all book that spills the beans... like Adlers book lol
  7. In 2010 Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose reportedly partied at a gay club in London after his band’s controversial performance at the Reading Festival over the weekend. The singer was spotted at the ‘Royal Jelly’ gay night at Bungalow 8, where he was later seen chomping on cheese on toast at 5 A.M.
  8. Not to mention the gay club partying
  9. I know there’s a several audio shows from 91-92 and a few from 93. Mind if I ask what show or at least year the NITL SBD is?
  10. RIR 2001 and 92 Freddie Tribute are my favorites. Otherwise I don’t like the song.
  11. Well said. It’s sad it has come to the point of doing this. The sad thing is we probably won’t be given any answers. Assuming we are acknowledged we will probably be left with more questions than before. Whether false threats or sincere threats it’s sick and disturbed the lengths people will go to. We’re all fans sharing our common interest with each other. Yet there’s people who have to take the joy out of it for everyone. My sympathies to everyone who has been affected by these “people”. I agree though the lack of information and releases has basically created a monster that is getting worse and worse each day. They need to put an end to this immediately. Over the years I’d come and go from the GNR communities. When things are good they’re good. But when it gets bad it’s torture to be around and it’s not something I want to be a part of. They say they’re always watching the major boards and etc. But if this is what they will allow to happen to the people who kept GNR alive and cared throughout all the bullshit.. It leaves very little reason to stick around. I hope something changes but hoping with this band gets harder and harder.
  12. GN'R Ex-Guitarist Busted for DUI SWEET MUG O' MINE!

    Only Ashba could be drunk enough to blow a stop sign.
  13. The evader clip is made from scratch. He listened to cellphone clip and remade what he could make out. Think of it as a “reconstruction/reimagining” version of the cellphone clip. Same basic structure but nothing from cellphone version is actually in evaders version. He deciphered the lyrics the best he could and recreated everything in his version with multitracks and music programming.
  14. And if we’re lucky... we might have another this year! A little ditty about moving to the city
  15. Well it’s definitely fake and the vocals are definitely Axls. Since the vocals were pieced together from the ChiDem multitracks. But this was just a straight remake/interpretation of the cellphone recording. As for the length, the actual studio version of the song most likely is longer than 3 minutes. In my opinion it’s probably closer to 7 or 8 minutes.