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  1. Very true. It certainly could come down to legal rights. If they could manage to find a way to split the money or buy someone out it would make for good “free money”. If given control to call the shots after they wrap up the tour at the end of the year I’d either book 1 final SA run or close the book on NITL tour. In January - March, assuming they could secure the rights to have a streaming service. I’d begin running billboards, each billboard focusing on a different era clearly stating the years that would be part of the service. Give Nightrain members 1 month early access to test the service and then go for a launch once any bugs or server issues were fixed. It’d promote the service, Nightrain membership and allow people to “relive” the experience of shows they seen. The only problem most people don’t view Guns N Roses as a living organism. They have different lineups that they hold dear. Which is fair, but restricts a lot of things they could do.
  2. I can understand the reason to release it with a live recording and I can understand the reason not to. Personally I would have preferred it included a show as well. I was mainly sticking to the media that was presented to us in the releases. The 2 disc edition makes no sense to me even from a casual fan POV. In my opinion the casual fan is going to buy the 1 disc version or digital version. Assuming they buy it at all. That being said, if they could have got ahold of the community and discussed it. I’m sure they could have talked about uncirculated shows from that time period and surprised everyone with its inclusion in the set. But if they have plans for the live archieves (wishful thinking) I can understand not releasing any shows in it. I know this is off topic but if they wanted to make some more money they have several options. Create a digital service like the WWE network for example. Charge a monthly sub fee and allow unlimited streaming and constantly update with new shows after each tour and add the back log throughout all years. Have exclusive interviews and backstage videos etc. Or license out physical video rights for release or start MOD releases for shows like some of the Warner Archieve releases. I feel like there would be enough people willing to make purchases to justify any of the options.
  3. For me the book is interesting. But if I were to get it it’d be a while from now. I’m thinking <$90 then after I did that I’d pull the 4CDs and blu from the set and make new cases. More than likely get a 5 disc Blu-ray cass and maybe slap together art for it. The art prints are neat since I collect lithos. Temp tattoos, tickets to shows I didn’t go to and a replica flyer mean nothing to me. That being said I will add I believe they went about this all wrong. I think most would agree this is how it should have been released. 1. AFD Remaster 1 disc + Digital Download of SOYL and MTTC acoustic 2. AFD Remaster + All Disc Demos/Outtakes 3. AFD Deluxe with Book, 4CDs, Blu, and Vinyl 4. AFD Locked N’ Loaded Edition To me I believe this would have made mostly everyone happy more or less. But who knows I could be wrong. But had they done it this way I would have easily paid $39.99-$49.99 for the second option.
  4. I might be the only one who paid attention to these things but.. the way that guy turned the books pages was annoying and how much his hands were shaking. More on topic: It’s a neat set. Worth $180 to me? No. I’d been more inclined to get if it included the 12 song lithographs as well. But a big factor is the fact they built the CD holders into the book. I honestly thought we’d come far enough in this day and age to know that’s a no no. Especially considering it mangles blu-rays since it’s easy for dust to get in and every time you slide in and out it scratches. Those CDs are fucked.
  5. Fly GNAIR

    I totally quick glanced at this at first and thought it said “served whiskey and crank with GNR the whole flight”. I need some sleep lol side note: several pages back I remember a comment about people saying they should send someone on the flight. Have them wear an Iron Maiden shirt. I didn’t scan through every page cause to be honest I don’t care.. But too late Fernando’s instagram has video of Del James wearing a Iron Maiden Legacy Of the Beast shirt.
  6. I went with Shout Factory because I know their work with their Horror Line of movies. Also they released Slash: Raised On The Sunset Strip. Knowing how popular GNR is I’m certain they have enough things the could make that would sell for solid profit. Plus I imagine getting the rights for concert would be cheaper than getting the rights for a movie. So in this case it’d be win win. Depending on the way stuff sells and if GNR gave the rights of usage I believe the market would be there for live show releasing. Plus turn around time on them would be quicker than a movie especially when you leave off bonus interviews and etc. If we started a campaign of emailing companies and getting the attention of management/Fernando it’s possible. I know Shout Factory is open to suggestions when submitted if there’s enough demand.
  7. Best bet would be some sort of contract license agreement where an indie label would purchase the rights for distribution in physical media. I always thought it would be interesting if a company like Shout Factory were able to get a deal. They could start out by contracting Making Of Trilogy. Scan and transfer everything for a Bluray release. If the work was liked they could go in and do Tokyo 1992 and go from there if they were able to make money off the releases.
  8. I don’t care for album version of Scraped but I do like the live version from 2010. I do have to admit. With how different some of the demos are I’d be curious to hear different incarnations of ‘Lies They Tell’. I’d like to think an earlier version is less of a jumbled mess.
  9. I think the Izzy song ‘Ain’t It A Bitch’ could have been a pretty solid Guns song. Have a little reworking on the lyrics, throw in a few background Axl vocals and have him come in on the choruses. Either way a good song Guns or not
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I’ve been off most the day but didn’t they give permission for YouTube links? Since that’s a “their problem” and not “ours”? Unless someone posted a actual download link and it was already removed, if so ignore me haha.
  11. Reminds me of those one fakes people kept posting back in the day. Closing in on You, My Favorite Pillow and Love and Laughter.
  12. It’s certainly hard to pinpoint things properly especially due to the randomness of how it went down. Wagszilla is on to something cause at the time when the original 10sec CITR clip leaked it was stated that there was 3 songs there. I do remember Atlas being claimed and I thought it was said Checkmate was. Also I believe the CD Mike got with IRS had 1 other song on it that was never played.
  13. Wasn’t Checkmate sourced from the same tape as CITR w/ Brian May?
  14. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    They aren’t leaked *yet*. Just in the wild in certain people’s hands.