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  1. Marco Beltrami

    No but it was mentioned The General track name wasn’t there. I don’t know about Seven being confirmed there or not though
  2. Marco Beltrami

    The topic of Marco Beltrami is a good one to bring up. Based off the tracks he contributed to: Soul Monster, Thyme, Street of Dreams, Madagascar, This I Love, There Was A Time, The General and Seven. Kind of makes you wonder if The General and Seven are on the rough mix tapes under alternate names/working titles.
  3. Yeah I’d say everyone is. It’s best to just sit back and wait for clarification. I’m done posting from here on out. If anything happens I’ll stop lurking and join the party.
  4. I’ve been reading it several places. That’s why I mostly said it in a partial believing manner. It’s good to believe and doubt at the same time
  5. That’s an option but it’s not deniable enough. Personally what I would do is this. I would transfer the CDs in a lossless format and transfer all files onto a data dvd. You’re legally allowed to make copies for personal usage as long as it’s not given to anyone or sold. I would then give or lend the original CDs to a trusted friend who would disperse them anonymously to a person in an “untouchable” country. What happens from there is entirely deniable because “my hands” weren’t in it. But that’s me and if I wanted to share.
  6. That doesn’t always work. People have been caught that way do to computer log files and camera footage.
  7. Well if the rumors are true and things have been silenced and nipped because of Team Brazil and other parties.. there is still technically options that could see the material leaked.. If the CDs were rightfully purchased originally due to a storage locker not being paid and auctioned off. The person who bought the storage locker technically has legal ownership of the DISKS themselves. Selling the files would not be legal but by rights the disks shifting hands is completely legal. So if the original disks from the storage locker that was legally sold ended up in someone’s hands.. technically they can do what ever they want with the original disks. Including “giving them away” to someone. What the person they give them away to does is then on that person and no other party previously associated with the disks. Just saying there’s loop holes for everything. You can’t control the actions of another. The only safe way to leak the disks is treat them like a “Flat Stanley”
  8. I know people have had their hopes up but in defense nothing was promised. There’s people who say stuff to fuel the fire and wishful thinking expectations but in the end assumptions have brought on the feelings getting anymore else. So hopefully no one starts criticizing others over this. I’m sure we will hear more information on certain specifics but to think everything would be unloaded just like that is a huge miscalculation. To actually leak anything would require preparations and I don’t think people realize how much time could go into that to do it right and anonymously to the comfort of the “supplier”. Not to mention copying over and organizing and sifting through everything. It’s not the simplest task. Yes someone could probably get away with hosting a stream and having someone play some of the music as a guest in a private periscope group for several people. Who then could record the audio and share that. But when it comes down to it any actual leaks of legitimate files aside from a small handful is not smart if you think about it honestly. No matter how bad someone wants to hear songs.
  9. The guy just copied the info from pictures Walter22 posted a few pages back
  10. Someone could always broadcast on periscope and have something "playing in the background. Then delete the broadcast after since they don't save them to servers unless you make the choice to do so.
  11. I nearly cried from laughing at the crying woman caption
  12. To To extend myself, and lend you my hand But you had to play it cool, had to do it your way Had to be a fool, had to throw it all away too hard school, And you thought you were here to stay, If that were true, it wouldn’t matter anyway, As tempers fade, and lies forgiven..
  13. Depending on the differences any CD session song could potentially be “easy”. They can be masked as multitrack fan edits. But yes the 2000 Catcher In The Rye demo would be the easiest. Due to the existence of that song having leaked already a higher quality version “could have already existed” so that’s possible. Hardschool also could have been shared before it was turned over back in the day which is why that could be considered a “safe/easy” leak.
  14. The “easiest” things to have leak at this point are Atlas and Hardschool. Especially Hardschool because that song has a history of existence for over a decade. Anything else would be too risky. Snail mailing copies on data DVDs with no return address could potentially be an option to make it more wide spread. From there others could disperse it more. Unless someone does something crazy and just says screw it and dumps everything at best 2 songs are the most that can leak right now. The rest would require a couple weeks to months to do it properly. Assuming I understand the current situation properly. Which I could be entirely wrong.
  15. I’d like to say I’m shocked but after all these years I’m not. Literally speculation, assumptions and entitlement has turned things sour in the last few hours. It has become quite a chore to read through the last dozen or so pages. There’s so much to consider before doing anything and this “Now, now, now” mentality is the wrong attitude.