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  1. I understand getting excited and wild because you're seeing Guns N' Roses. I don't understand people pushing to get in front of you with their elbows and crushing people to the point of being unable to breathe. That's what happened in Paris. I had to kick a guy's leg to make him stop. He didn't. It ruined the show from the get go. That's why it was bad. Further more, all the people around me didn't know any songs and I was on the 3rd row. I don't understand.
  2. I've attended Lisbon, London night 2 and Paris. Lisbon had the best crowd, London had the best setlist and Paris was the worst show I have ever attended.
  3. 07/07/17 - Paris, FR - Stade de France

    Worst show that I've been to crowd wise. Got into a physical fight with a guy that was causing havoc. It was really bad. Will elaborate more later.